Farwell Student Blog Challange

I made lots of progress over the last 10 weeks of the Student Blog Challenge.Here is my progress report.

I wrote 39 post.9 for STUBC(not counting this one).And 23 for my teacher.There were 8 post that got the most of the comments.I think that happen because those are my best posts.My favorite post was My Thanksgiving Tradition.These are the ones that got the most comments,On The Fields Of Strawberry Lake,Christopher Columbus Voyage Of A Lifetime,and Goals For 4th Grade.They all got 4 comments .The one page I wrote was goals for 4th grade.I think they got the most because those are through the year, I improved through each one.

I got 10 comments from students,14 from overseas and 0 from teachers.6 from classmates .I responded to 8 comments .I have 127 visitors.98 from the United States .20 from Australian from Canada:1 from United Kingdom: 1 from Japan:2 from Quatar. I visited 30 blogs .

I have 8 widgets,I do not think that I have too much or too little . I use my recent post one so they do not need to scroll down.I use my comments to see new ones.I use my STUBC badge to show I am apart of that . I have my visitors to see how much I increased. I have my avatar to show who I am . And class blogs for my class mates.And global classes to visit and same for Global Students .

I changed my blog theme at home to show some holiday spirit,also it seems more organized . Farewell Student Blog Challenge until next year