What My Predicted Life Would Be Like In 50 Years

                                 What my life would be in 50 years.


        This is what my life would be in 50 years. I will be 62 years old working as a school as a personal nurse or teacher. I will still live in Pennsylvania so I could still see my family. Also I might move to a area like Terry Hill, but never the city.


    I would live in a blue and white 1 story house with a upstairs attic in a town. I would have 2-3 kids and some grandchildren. I’ll get to bake with them, play with them, and take them places that I never got to be. I would have curly, wavy hair, brown eyes, clothes and a apron on. On the weekdays I would in work, and on Saturdays I will sleep, bake, cook, watch tv, and travel. Then on Sundays I eat breakfast, go to church, shop for groceries, vist daughters/sons, take a nap, eat dinner, and watch tv with my husband.


   I will have a pretty easy life when i’m 62 or 63  50 years from now, if everything goes as planned. To really be honest no one knows how their life is going to be in the future, because life changes everyday. So in conclusion, this is what my predicted life would be in 50 years.


What would your expected life in 50 years? How old would you be? What would you do?                      What would you look like? Comment below!


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