New Holland Pet Parade!

Hello again, it’s that time of year, New Holland pet parade. For those that don’t know what that is, it is a 2 mile parade with pets every year on the first Saturday of October. Last year I got first place and best of show. Last year I did a Halloween theme with my dog Abby. We do not have her this year so i’m using my bunny Tutu. This year we are doing a magician theme, the bunny is going in the hat on the float. I’ll keep you guys updated on the parade. Any questions comments or concerns leave a comment below.

*Thank You*


324 Fiesta Karakol Cultural Parade 1 Ground Based 2018 at Baclaran, Paranaque Glendale Lapastora via Compfight


2 thoughts on “New Holland Pet Parade!

  1. Hi its matthew and I love the detail and effort you put in this. although I wish you would of put more detail of what it was like during the parade. Also i wonder what the other people were like and what animal they had

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