My Weekend


This is what I did during my weekend. There was a lot of work that needed to be done to the trailer. For example, carpeting, cleaning, taking wallpaper off, etc. We got most of it done this weekend while leaving bits of freetime. This weekend we got alot done, almost to the point of moving in!

On Saturday, my family and I worked on the outside of our trailer. We did lawn work like mowing the lawn, power washing the trailer, and fixing the flower beds. While doing all of that, I ran back and forward to my grandparent’s house to get drinks for my family. On any other day, the work would be so easy, but it was so hot out to want to do anything. Afterwards, my mom, her friend, and I went to Olly’s to get me new carpet for my room. I got to choose my own carpet so I choose a 12 x 15 turquoise carpet. I love it but it was more on the expensive end. That was my Saturday.

On Sunday, it was more of a inside work day. We were cleaning my brother’s wallpaper, but then it started to peel off. So then we had to remove all of the wallpaper. My mom had to use the exacto knife to cut away the small parts we couldn’t peel off, like near the light switches. The good thing is that my brother’s room is so small. Later in the evening, my aunt came over to help my mom install the carpet. While they were doing that, I rode my bike over to my friend Autumn’s house. We played football, lit up sparklers, and did races with our bikes. That is what I did on Sunday.


This is what I did during my fun and hardworking weekend. At first there was a lot of work that needed to be done to the trailer. We got most of it done this weekend while leaving some freetime. This weekend we got alot done, almost to the point of moving in! This was my fun hardworking weekend.







Autism Awareness


         April is autism awareness month is April. Autism (ASD) is a developmental disorder that can affect a child from interacting with others. The 3 main types of ASD is Pervasive Developmental Disorder, classic, and Atypical autism . This affects 1 in every 63 children in the United States. You can support children with autism by donating to support programs, wear light blue, or even a simple act of kindness can do the trick! Show your support now and give back!



Spring Is Here!

     What is the weather like in your community. Today our weather is not that hot, it is 43* F (6*C) with some sunshine. Even though today isn’t the best, it is supposed to be hot Sunday. What is the weather like in your community? Is it hot, cold, sunny,cloudy, snowy, or rainy? Please comment below. Some of my favorite springtime activities are planting flowers, playing with my friends, and eating ice cream. It is a great season to burn off energy. So this is my spring experience was so far, how about yours? Comment Below!  

What My Predicted Life Would Be Like In 50 Years

                                 What my life would be in 50 years.


        This is what my life would be in 50 years. I will be 62 years old working as a school as a personal nurse or teacher. I will still live in Pennsylvania so I could still see my family. Also I might move to a area like Terry Hill, but never the city.


    I would live in a blue and white 1 story house with a upstairs attic in a town. I would have 2-3 kids and some grandchildren. I’ll get to bake with them, play with them, and take them places that I never got to be. I would have curly, wavy hair, brown eyes, clothes and a apron on. On the weekdays I would in work, and on Saturdays I will sleep, bake, cook, watch tv, and travel. Then on Sundays I eat breakfast, go to church, shop for groceries, vist daughters/sons, take a nap, eat dinner, and watch tv with my husband.


   I will have a pretty easy life when i’m 62 or 63  50 years from now, if everything goes as planned. To really be honest no one knows how their life is going to be in the future, because life changes everyday. So in conclusion, this is what my predicted life would be in 50 years.


What would your expected life in 50 years? How old would you be? What would you do?                      What would you look like? Comment below!


Tulsa, Oklahoma In The 1960’s


          Back in the 1960’s, Tulsa Oklahoma was very different from today. It was full of gangs like the Greasers and the Socs, Tusla had segregation laws, and a shifting economy. Back then, Tulsa Oklahoma was a tourist city, and many people moved there because of the lake that was made to produce hydroelectricity. This is more about Tulsa, Oklahoma in the 1960’s.


          In the 1960’s, Tulsa Oklahoma was a big city, but it can be dangerous at times, which means that you have to be careful, but otherwise, it was a normal 1960’s city. In 1960, the city population was 261,685 according to the  U.S. Census Statistical Abstract HS-7s. The city’s elevation level was 722 feet above sea level and Tusla covered an area of 196.8 square miles. This city  is the 2nd largest city in the state of Oklahoma. Monte Cassino School and Bishop Kelley High School are both schools that was found in Tulsa in the 1960s. Another school opened in the1960s in Tulsa, the Will Rogers High School.   


          In 1964, segregation laws changed after African American. President Lyndon B. Johnson sat in the East Room of the White House with Martin Luther King Jr. and signed a law, the Civil Rights Act of 1964. This set federal standards that prohibit discrimination of race, color, religion, gender, or national origin.


         In the 1960’s, Tusla had a economy shift to increase income. Tulsa’s income had risen to 85 percent in 1960’s. Manufacturing employment had increased from 65,600 in 1950 to 86,600 in 1960. Personal income remains well above the national average in the 60’s. Fighting poverty, and improving education put Tusla, Oklahoma in a favorable position to seek federal support, because Tusla  had plenty of poverty and badly needed regional development.


         In conclusion, back in the 1960’s, Tulsa Oklahoma was very different from today. It was full of gangs like the Greasers and the Socs, it had segregation laws, and an shifting economy.  This is what Tulsa, Oklahoma was like in the 1960’s.


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Happy Read Across America Week!

This week is to recognize our one and only Dr.Seuss. He was a rhyme writer for little kid books like Wacky Wednesday, Hop on Pop, Green Eggs and Ham. Here is our school’s (BBES) schedule.


Monday: Wear a hat

Tuesday: Dress as your future career

Wednesday: WaCky WeDnEsDaY- wear something wacky

Thursday: Twin day- dress like someone else!

Friday: Dress as your favorite Dr.Seuss character. (Horton, Cat In The Hat, etc.)


Have a good Read Across Week and remember to READ!




Is Fast Food Healthy?

 What do you think ? Do you think fast food is healthy or unhealthy ? Possibly reading       this article about how fast food like McDonalds, Tacobell, and Burger King can be healthy, you might change your opinion on whether or not fast food is healthy.

       You were probably told that fast food is unhealthy by your parents, friends, or teacher, but that isn’t always the case. There are plenty of healthy fast food options like salads, grilled chicken, and all vegetable options. Some items in fast food like vegetables can actually benefit your health. Fast food is healthy depending on what you order to eat.


       Fast food has a wide range of choices with fruits and vegetables that you might not even know about. This can maintain healthy blood pressure and has no cholesterol. Many fast food chains have mostly or all vegetables meal options. For example, Burger king has a veggie burger with all vegetables and no meat. In addition, Mcdonalds gives the option of apple slices in their Happy Meals, and Salad Works has tons of fruits and vegetables like lettuce, olives, spinach, to create your own salad. This allows customers to control what they’re eating on their salad.


        On the other hand some people may argue that most fast food has fat, sugar, sodium, and chemicals. However, there are so many options that have a minimum of those ingredients. You can order a fruit parfait at McDonalds that only has 2gm of fat, 5mg of cholesterol, 22gm of sugar, and only 75 mg of sodium (salt), compared to a McDonalds Small Chocolate McCafé Shake that has 15gm of fat, 60mg of cholesterol, 75 gm of sugar and 260 mg of sodium (salt).


       In addition to healthy fast food, many restaurants are making changes to their menu to make it healthier. Some of the changes are adding fresher ingredients, adding options with little or no trans fat, and making kids meals healthier by adding options of fruit. For example, McDonalds is adding more options of fruit and milk in their Happy Meals. Instead of soda and fries, you have the option of replacing it with low fat milk, and a pack of apple slices or a Go Gurt.


     Some may argue that not all restaurants have those options. But the more popular ones like Burger King, Chipola, and McDonald’s have these healthy meal options. So even though their whole menu might not be healthy, there are still those healthy food options that you can choose like salad or low fat white milk.


     Fast food has a variety of healthy options.  Based on recent student research, McDonald’s has 9 healthy options, Burger King has 11 healthy options, and Taco Bell has 10 healthy options on their menu. Some of options are the 2 Power Menu veggie bowls from Taco Bell and Garden Grilled Chicken from Burger King. Salad with Grilled Chicken which contains 340 calories, 15 grams of fat, 6 grams of saturated fat, 100 milligrams of cholesterol, and 770 milligrams of sodium. Compared to a Big Mac from McDonalds, a Big Mac has 563 calories and a salad with Grilled Chicken from Burger King only contains 340 calories. In conclusion, the  salad with grilled chicken is a more healthier option. So If you want to eat healthy, you can pick any of those healthy fast food options.


       Some consumers may argue that unhealthy fast food stills outweighs healthy fast food options, but there are still plenty of healthy fast food options that you can choose. The 2 Power Menu Veggie Bowls from Taco bell, salads from Subway, fruit parfait from McDonalds, and low fat milk from kid meals are all healthy meal or snack options consumers can buy. All of these are low in calories, sugar, and salt (sodium).


      Therefore, fast food is healthy depending on the meal choices you make. There are many fruit and vegetable options that you can choose from that increment your health. With many options with low fat, sodium, sugar, and cholesterol, fast food can be healthy.




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Outsiders- Do You Think Darry Loves Ponyboy?

Yes I think Darry loves Ponyboy. I think that he treats Pony that way because Darry loves Pony and he is just trying to protect him. Yes Darry can get rough at times, but it is unintentionally. For example, when Pony gets jumped by the Socs, Darry shakes Pony to see if he is Ok. He also pushes Pony on his grades and safety because he wants Pony to do well and stay safe, and have a better life than Darry is having now. He doesn’t do this to Soda since Soda Pop is older than Pony. Darry also doesn’t want Pony out that much on school nights so it gives Pony time so can get his homework done, get to bed, and do good in school the next day. This is why I think Darry loves Ponyboy and treats him the way he does.

Snow Poem


                                                 Snow- O                                                                                                     

Snow is dancing all around,

Like a blanket on the ground,

Snowballs booming in the sky,

Sledding faster than the light.

Snow days are so much fun,

Better than the dancing sun.

Yet it may be cold outside,

But snow is a big joy ride.