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                 Hope you had a fun summer! Did you go on vacation, to the beach, visit family? How where your feelings of the first day of school? What School do you go to? Comment below!

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Clean Energy Quiz

                                            Clean Energy Quiz

After taking notes from the article “Clean Energy”, take this 6 question quiz about clean energy. This quiz is recommended¬†for 2nd- 6th graders. You may review the notes and article from previous post. Leave your answers in comments, and I will reply back with your scores. Good luck!¬†


  1. Match the type of energy to what produces that energy

A  Solar Power                                                      a Water Wheel


B  Hydroelectricity                                               b Wind Turbines


C Wind Power                                                       c Solar Panels


2. What is Hydroelectricity?





3. What is Solar Energy?





4. What is Wind Energy? 





5. What is clean energy? Choose the best answer

a. Renewable energy

b. Energy that is healthier for our environment

c. Fossil Fuels

d. None of the above


If you picked d, explain





6. What did you learn from this lesson?




Clean Energy Part 2- Article

                                                        Clean Energy

      Clean Energy include solar energy, hydroelectricity, and wind energy. This energy is better for our environment. Hydroelectricity is clean energy that is ran off of water. Their is this big wheel that spins the water into electricity. Wind energy is energy ran off of wind. This is made using a wind turbine. The wind goes into the turbine, then it spins, then you got energy. Then you have solar energy, energy from the sun. This is made from solar panels. The sun hits the solar panels then you get clean energy. Clean energy is better for animals, humans, and our environment. So next time you use energy, try one of these 3 options.


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Clean Energy

¬† ¬† What do you know about “clean energy”? Can you name 3 types of clean or renewable energy. A article on clean energy will be posted. This is just a pre review. Comment down below your answers. Thank You!

Guided notes for article Clean and renewable energy.


 Word Box

Environment   Hydro Electricity    Solar Energy   Wind Energy       Clean      Water     Turbine     Sun
Solar        Panel         Humans        Animals            Environment


Clean energy is any energy that is good for the _____________________.

This includes ____________________,___________________,_____________________.

Hydro electricity is _______________ energy that is ran off of ________________.

Wind energy is made with using a  wind _________________.

Solar energy gets energy from the __________ using  __________ ____________s

These kind of energy is better for ____________, _______________, and our  ______________________.



Death Comet?

¬† ¬† The Death Comet is shaped like a skull that hit the earth on Halloween at 11:14 pm. This was first observed by the University of Hawaii’s Pan-STARRS-1. This is no alien, instead it is a comet.¬†The¬†comet¬†velocity¬†pasted at an unusually speed of more than 78,000 miles per hour and came within 310,000 miles of Earth, nearly as close as our moon.¬†While N.A.S.A viewed the close flyby as a scientific opportunity to study the space rock‚Äôs physical properties in detail, N.A.S.A worried it would crash into Earth, killing thousands of people. Though it did not harm anyone¬†the name¬†‚ÄúDeath Comet‚ÄĚ still stuck.¬†We are not supposed¬†to¬†encounter¬†the ‚ÄúDeath Comet‚ÄĚ again until 2088, its second visit is¬†generating¬†as much excitement as the first one. However, the researcher argues that there is no scientific reason that it should be called the “Death Comet”. Maybe that is why N.A.S.A calls it the “Great Pumpkin”.¬†¬†


¬† ¬†It’s second return is supposed to come back for round 2 on¬† November 11th . No worries because scientist think it is a dead comet.¬†This comet will keep at a safe 24-million-mile distance from Earth, reported¬†Mother Nature Network.

Christiansen, Diane. ‚ÄúSpooky “Death Comet” Will Fly By Earth Shortly After Halloween.‚ÄĚ DOGOnews. October 23, 2018. Accessed October 26, 2018. https://www.dogonews.com/2018/10/23/spooky-death-comet-will-fly-by-earth-shortly-after-halloween.https://www.travelandleisure.com/travel-news/a-death-comet-will-be-making-its-second-appearance-in-november

Global Goal Quiz: Intro Into A New World

      This is about the 17 global goals. Yes, this quiz gives the answers to me, but I will share the results in either a pie chart, bar graph, or maybe a tally chart. No Private information is included or shared in quiz. The results will be shared after at least 25 people respond. This quiz only takes 2-3 minutes at most.

Quiz Link ( press end arrow to start)




New Holland Pet Parade!

Hello again, it’s that time of year, New Holland pet parade. For those that don’t know what that is, it is a 2 mile parade with pets every year on the first Saturday of October. Last year I got first place and best of show. Last year I did a Halloween theme with my dog Abby. We do not have her this year so i’m using my bunny Tutu. This year we are doing a magician theme, the bunny is going in the hat on the float. I’ll keep you guys updated on the parade. Any questions comments or concerns leave a comment below.

*Thank You*


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     If you have any suggestions or ideas for a story or article comment below. It could be a part 2, slide show, specific topic, etc. If I write about your suggestion I will give credit to you in the end.



A Look Back In Time Play Part 1

In The Classroom


Teacher: Lincoln blah blah blah. slaves blah blah blah


¬† ¬† Zach:¬†I can’t wait til tomorrow!


Trix:  For school, why?


Zach: No, for the annual game convention


Riley: There are going to be people and games nationally and globally. I know a family that wanted to go in Australia and they came to the USA for a 3 hour convention.


Trix: No wonder it’s the best! Way better than school.


Zach: Agree to agree.


Teacher: why are you guys talking? Saturday detention!


(All three students) Uhh!


Meet the cast:







FriendsCreative Commons License

Riley and  Zach

(left)         (right)




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Back In Time Part 1 Of Part 2 : In Detention

Teacher: You will clean every  room in this school!

Trix: Even the supply closets?

Teacher: Every one!

(All three students) UHHH!


Corazón de Agua.



Riley: This is all your fault Zach

Zach: You joined me so it is your fault too!

Riley: NO!


Zach: Look, I found something.

Riley: What is it?

Trix:¬†It’s a 300 BC Rolly con

Riley: What’s that?

Trix: A really old version of pokemon. My great,great,great,great,great,great,great grandma has one. But now she is dead.

Zach: Maybe it is the person who made this school he is really old.

Riley: Maybe it’s our teachers :).

(All three laughed)

Zach: Well lets turn it on

Riley: Dumb loading screen.

(All Three): Ahhhhhhh!














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