Food Truck Performance Task

In 5th grade we have performance task for each marking period, and this one is about owning a business. This time  it’s a food truck business! And were learning about people who succeed in a business like Bill Gates who started Microsoft, and Milton Hershey who invented Hershey chocolate.  to see more like the business plan and slide show click on these links.


Google Slides

Business Plan


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My Career


                               Primary Special Education Teacher

                                  Written by: Emily Maldonado


         There are many steps to becoming a Special Education Teacher.  You need a highschool diploma,bachelor’s degree,and continued training.So this is about what steps of schooling you need,or some things to prepare you for this job.

       To start early,  you can do some volunteer work before graduating high school, like at home, in a neighborhood, help in classroom, church services, or even volunteer at a Special Education Classroom .  This will help you work well with other students.  Even being kind, patient, and having good manners can help you prepare to work with other students and adults.  Then you will need a highschool diploma to do this job.

     Next, you will need to complete an undergraduate program at a college or university.  You will need a Bachelor’s degree in Special Education.  You will need to go to college for 4 years to get that undergraduate degree.That’s what you need to get a undergraduate degree.

    Afterwards, continued schooling/certification.  You will need to do more school to get more training and/or more certification.  Like a Master’s or Doctorate’s degree.  You also have to earn additional college credits.

    Finally after all that schooling you can be a certified Primary Special Education Teacher.You first graduate high school, then bachelor’s degree in Special Education,then continued education . These are the steps of schooling to get to this career.




1st Resource

2nd Resource

3rd Resource

4th Resource

5th Resource

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End Of The Year Blog Evaluation #STUBC17

  • How many posts did you write?
                                                                                                         70 post in all
  • How many were school based, your own interests or set by the challenge?

 15 post own interest

25 post #STUBC17

30 school based

  • How many comments did you receive from classmates, teachers or overseas students?

 responses 17

mentor 1

overseas 32

  • Which post received the most comments? Why do you think that happened?
 Interview In The Newspaper got the most because it received the most comments because it was most interesting and every time and had lots of detail and got specific I comment I used that URL the most.
Which post did you enjoy writing the most and why?  My favorite post was hurricane Sandy 2012 because I added lots of information and it told the story and all the countries it hit and all the damage over 233 people died,also it was the most interesting.
  • Did you change blog themes at all and why?
 Yes I did because I did not like it and the new one is easier to see all my sidebars.
  • How many overseas students do you have on your blogroll
 5 students and 5 classrooms
  • Which web tools did you use to show creativity on your blog
 Glitter fun,calendar,clock,bunny lab.
How many visitors I got  416 visitors
What I liked about the student blog challenge  I liked that I can connect with other students and see other and learn other cultures.
pictures by pixabay,DO NOT COPY.
Made in 2017 by Emily MaldonEJ

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How To Make A No-Sew Blanket

You Will Need

  • 1 1/2 solid color fleece

  • 1 1/2 design fleece

  • Scissors

  •  Ruler (12 in)

  • Sharpy


  1. Cut the hard edges off (on dotted line)
  2. First Cut The Corners (8×8)
  3. Cut up on each side about 8 in
  4. 1 in apart from each slip
  5. Take 1 strip at a time and double knot them but not so much or it will turn out like a circle blanket
  6. Trim each edge so they all are the same length
  7. If circler loosen knots


Enjoy Your Blanket


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#Wk 9 STUBC: Comment report

First I vised Leaila Eby’s blog (Leila Eby’s Blog) and visited her post #STUBC17 My Family.I liked that she gave like every single name and hobbies.

Next I visited Emily’s blog at (Emily’s blog).I read her picture sentence.The best thing about it was she used addibution for each picture and it is short like a sentence

Then I visited Joe’s blog ( Joe’s Blog) and read Funny Things About The Playground.It was so funny.


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Hurricane Sandy 2012

Hurricane Sandy is one of the famous hurricanes in american  history.It was the most coolest and harmfulness hurricane in the Atlantic American Hurricane season in 2012.Hurricane Sandy or “Sandy Sand Storm”hit in New York (Under Pennsylvania). Measured by diameter(wind measurer), with winds spanning 1,100 miles (1,800 km).

   They spend over 75 billion dollars trying to repair the damage.At least 233 people were killed.The path of the storm was through 8 different countries.Sandy developed from a (tropical wave) in the western Caribbean Sea on October 22, quickly strengthened, and was upgraded to Hurricane Sandy six hours later.October 24, Sandy became a hurricane,

     Hurricane Sandy first moved slowly northward toward the (Greater Antilles).Then it made landfall near Kingston, Jamaica, re-emerged (combined,joined together again)a few hours later The Hurricane Traveled into the Caribbean Sea .Then  Sandy hit Cuba (All About Cuba).Early on October 26, Sandy moved through the Bahamas.(All About The Bahamas).On October 27, Sandy slowly weakened to a tropical storm and then restrengthened (lower in strength) to a Category 1 hurricane. Early on October 29, Sandy curved west-northwest (the “left turn” or “left hook”) and then moved ashore near Brigantine, New Jersey, just to the northeast of (Atlantic City), as a (post-tropical cyclone) with hurricane-force winds.

Damage was Major. winds left 70% of people without electricity, blowing roofs off buildings, killed one, and caused about $100 million in damage. Sandy’s outer bands brought flooding to (Haiti), killing at least 54, causing food shortages, and leaving about 200,000 homeless; the hurricane also caused two deaths in the (Dominican Republic). In (Puerto Rico),  there was flooding and wind damage inland, destroying  15,000 homes, killing 11 people, and causing $2 billion in damage. Sandy caused two deaths and damage estimated at $700 million in (The Bahamas.)

  In the United States, Hurricane Sandy affected 24 (states), including the entire eastern seaboard from (Florida) to (Maine) and west across the (Appalachian Mountains) to (Michigan) and (Wisconsin), with some severe damage in (New Jersey )and (New York.) Its (storm surge) hit (New York City) on October 29, flooding streets, tunnels and subway lines and cutting power in and around the city.Damage in the United States amounted to $71.4 billion. In Canada, two people were killed in Ontario and an estimated $100 million  in damage was caused throughout Ontario and Quebec.

Categories What It Means
1 Not That Bad
2 Severe
3 Major


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