Deforestation Is Happening!

  I think deforestation is a concern that kids should worry about.Deforestation is the clearing of forest on a large scale.It occurs mostly in tropical rain forest. If deforestation continues,it will take less than one-hundred years to destroy tropical rain forest.


      Kids should worry about deforestation because if all the rain forest get cut down by loggers,all the animals will come extinct.If we cut down trees it will let Carbon Dioxide into the air.


         The biggest cause of tropical deforestation is subsistence agriculture,converting the land into pasture for livestock or to grow crops to provide for one’s family.  Some may argue because to grow crops they need a flat surface of land they need to cut down more trees to lead to deforestation.



       Also there are other multitude purposes for deforestation like both direct and indirect for deforestation.For example to improve transportation routes, access to loggers,settlers,and large scale commercial activities. Kids should worry about deforestation because to create stuff such as farm land,they need to cut down trees.

     Deforestation is a concern that kids should worry about because if it continues at its current rate,it will take less than 100 years to destroy all rain forest. If we cut down trees for requirements such as paper and farmland, all of the rain forest will run out.  


pictures from pixabay