The Blue Ball Extra Red Ribbon Week


Red Ribbon Week at Blue Ball Elementary

By:Lily and Emily  

Drug Awareness

It’s Red Ribbon week at Blue Ball.It is a healthy drug free runs through  October 23-27th.The main of drugs are Chewing tabaco,Alcohol,and Cigarettes.

What were wearing

On Monday we are wearing red.That is the color of the ribbon.We wear it to remind us to be healthy and drug-free.Tuesday we are wearing our shirts backwards to turn our backs on making bad choices and instead make good choices.Wednesday we wear something yellow to bee safe at blue ball elementary.Thursday we walk to school to sneak away from drugs while  also wearing crazy socks!And now Friday,wear blue and grey are school colors to get in the spirit of making good choices and being drug free!What’s good about the week.

win_20161027_102121-2We all are wearing the same thing.That make all of us feel like we are all in it  in it together.We feel like we all are trying to get people to not do drugs or start drugs.It is good to feel that you are working together to help the world not to do drugs.

Don,t Drug.

We shall never do drugs.It causes lots of health problems.Stay helthy all year!Even though it’s not Red Ribbon week every week we should still be drug free.


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