The Homework From Mars

Homework from Mars                                

By Kaylie,: ,

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Derek: ,

Maddie:  ,

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 Part ONE

The Beginning


Once there was a boy named Elijah and he could speak English and Spanish. He wasn’t a boy for homework so he would usually just say that his dog   ate his homework .He also had  an imagination that got him into trouble.and that is where our story begins.

In class they were studying decimals and they were one week away from ending their unit and instead of  having one sheet of homework a day they got 1 packet for the weekend, and for the rest of the week  until the day of the post test and the packet was big so our teacher said to do at least 2 pages a day for homework. But there would be big trouble if he said the whole week he didn’t do his homework because his dog ate it. So he had to do it. Elijah asked what company made the homework and she said she didn’t know because the principal gave it to us, and told us not to worry about it.

She said,”It’s not like it’s gonna eat you or anything it’s a sheet of homework.”

“Then Why did it just make a noise.”Said  Elijah.

“It did not make a noise.”Said  Ms.Gotham. That’s just an excuse so you don’t have to do your homework. Then he looked away for a second  and then when he glooked back Ms.Gotham was GONE and all he saw was her necklace on the homework packet he thought that she gave it to him but that is not exactly what happened.

When he got home he looked inside his backpack to do his homework for the first time, and when he seARCHED FOR HIS FAVORITE PENCIL IN HIS BACKPACK IT WAS NOT THERE. tHEN HE SAID TO HIMSELF THAT TOMORROW  HE WOULD GET A NEW PENCIL AND DO HIS HOMEWORK.

tHE NEXT DAY When he got his pencil the only thing in his backpack was his homework nothing else.Then elijah called his cousins Brandon,  Sarah, Kaylie, and lily . Once Brandon, sarah and Kaylie were there they took out the homework from the backpack. they looked at it for a while and then it started glowing they were so scared. Then they decided to stay up all night to make sure it did nothing or if it was just a vision.

When they were up all night they saw a message next to the homework that said,”Beware at 7 past 12, say these words and you’ll know why.”next to the paper was these words al ha ha you are under my spell. When they said the words they looked on the sheet of homework and it had a little Voice that said,”Beware and don’t look back when you hear something, for it may come after you, and find all the rest of the 15 notes, someone made and hid in your house before 7 past 12 or something bad will happen,sincerely homework creator.”

               PART TWO

                    The Search


Soon they heard a sOUND and they almost turned back, but they remembered they shouldn’t. aND THEN THEY KEPT ON WALKING AND THE BASEMENT DOOR WAS OPEN, AND THEY FELL DOWN THE STAIRS BECAUSE IT WAS PITCH BLACK. They turned on a lantern and searched for a note, “ Hey I think I found one.” Brandon said they all ran over and read it. And it said,”Beware you better find more notes faster because per each extra note you read the thing will come after you faster so hurry up.” Then they went to the attic and they searched and searched it took a while but elijah said, “ Guys guys I found a note.” it said, “ the other notes you must find are underneath the clock that winds.” and then they heard a noise, “ dan dan dan dan dan da n n n dan dan dan dan dan da da dan dan dan dan dan dan n n n dan dan da da da Dan! then Kaylie said “ ,GUYS c c c cc CLOWN! It wasn’t any ordinary clown it was a ghost clown.The clown chased them back downstairs. Then somehow it disappeared. Then they found the note that was under the wind up clock.The notE read,”you found three notes so far,don’t look under the car. You need to find notes faster go look for the homework’s master Beware!!” Then they went around the house and searched and then Elijah said,” it might be in the old abandoned warehouse, and besides this is creepy so it must be there because that place gives me the creeps.” They searched and searched then Brandon found a room and it had a little lantern hanging from the top of the ceiling they searched and Kaylie found a desk they looked and the creator of the homework was standing on the top of ceiling. They saw sharp claws, and a huge body that had fur. It’s ears were furry and looked like triangles. They were so scared and didn’t know what to do. They looked around the room and then Kaylie whispered “Look, there’s a cage!” They got it and slowly crept up to the Creator. When they were close, brandon threw the cage on the Creator. He threw it so hard it slammed on the ground and got stuck. And That was good,  since then they wouldn’t have to hold it.  

Kaylie crept in front of the Creator, and saw it was a sleeping bat! “What! This can’t be the creator!” Brandon said with frustration. “Well, this night has been pretty crazy.” Sarah said. “Maybe it’s an alien from mars, and it’s disguising itself as a bat!And the homework is from Mars too!” She exclaimed.”  

Then Elijah said, “naaah probably not.” Then they continued the search for the creator, but then brandon said,” Maybe it’s in the abandoned house next door.”

THey went up to the abandon house, which had abandon everything except for the dog house.  THe dog house was a dog house mansion, and yes, there was actually a dog in it. “Awww, He’s so cute!” Kaylie exclaimed. Then the dog saw Brandon and jumped on him trying to give him kisses and say hello with body language.  Brandon fell over and rolled away from the dog saying “Stop it! Stop it! You’re tickling me! He He He!” When Brandon stopped rolling he found a note. “Guys I found a note!” He exclaimed, and then read it out loud. “The creator is under the dog house, BUT you must be as quiet as a mouse Or you will regret it dearly.”   



                 PART THREE

                   The CREATOR


They went into the dog house/mansion, and searched for a button.  “This is so not fair! I can’t find a  dumb button!” Brandon yelled, stomping his foot on the floor. When his foot hit the floor, the floor tile moved down a little bit. Then the wall in front of him slid  apart in the middle  to reveal a secret staircase. “Wow…..” They all said.

After a moment of standing still in awe, they nervously went down the stairs.  “I’m so scared!” Kaylie whispered. Finally, they reached the bottom. Brandon was in front, so he motioned for everyone else to  stop, and he leaned forward to see if anyone was in the room. What Brandon saw shocked him so much, he almost screamed.  The creator was a Giant mutant bat!!  He motioned for the rest of them to go back up the stairs and once they had all gone up, Kaylie asked “What did you see?” “I saw a GIANT MUTANT BAT!!!” Brandon told them all  nervously. He was really pale, and then he whispered “I don’t feel so well.” Then he fainted.

When he woke up they went back down and then the creator spit up one of the notes, and when the creator wasn’t looking, Elijah ran over, grabbed the note, and ran back to safety.  Brandon read the note out loud  it said  “  for you have found the creator,                   

the “animal” you have to find is such a hater  that he has created something evil that will eat anything in it’s path. (over)”   So they turned it over to find more writing.  This time it said “ How to stop this evil thing and it’s creator

  You must go to the place described below in a riddle,where you all will  get weapons (also described in a riddle) to dEFEAT THE HOMEWORK AND THE MONSTER that created it. By defeating the homework, you shall also defeat it’s creator with this spell. “Hear ye, hear ye, gone now from this planet now are you, forever away shall ye stay, and any other of yer kind.”


             .     .       .    .        .

They searched and searched but couldn’t find it, but right when they were about to stop searching the homework jumped out of the corner and scared Brandon half to death, “AHHHHHHHHH!”

Everyone thought it sounded like a girl screaming. They asked Kaylie if she screamed. She said no. Brandon said, “ I did.”

“Ok let’s get that homework,” said Elijah.

They ran to it screaming. And Brandon with a slightly higher scream.

Then when brandon was just about to kick the homework it disappeared and brandon slipped he was in pain but he was okay “I’m ok.” brandon said “we need to find the weapons to defeat the homework.” so they walked and walked in circles trying to find out where to go to find the weapons then Lily came up with a very clever idea. “you know how this day has been crazy? well maybe we are thinking too hard. We’re thinking we need to go somewhere crazy, but it is probably somewhere simple where we would never look. Since we’re thinking too hard.” Lily Explained.

So they went into Elijah’s room, and looked everywhere. Finally, there was only one place left to look;the closet. Bum Bum bummm. So lily bravely stepped forward, and opened the door. As soon as she opened it, they saw a portal. Brandon was just about to suggest they jump in, when the portal started sucking them in like a magnet! “This is CRAZY!!” Elijah yelled. “This is AWESOME!!” Brandon Screamed. And then there was a loud sucking sound, and then there was nothing. No portal, no kids, no sound. Just darkness.





The Netherlands


Brandon saw nothing for what felt like forever. he felt like he was falling down, down and as he was falling he was spinning. It make his stomach queasy. Brandon tried to call to the others, but when he opened his mouth no sound came out. After a little while, he gave up doing that and tried looking for them with his hands. But when he tried to move them, they didn’t move. Finally, there was a sound like someone had been holding their breath and just let it out. He saw a lot of red, and then everything went black. “Brandon! Brandon! Brandon! Brandon! Brandon Wake up!” He heard, first fuzzy and far away, then clearer and closer, and annoying louder. He tried to slip back into the comforting darkness, but it was gone. “BRAndonnnn! Wake up!!” said the voice, even louder still. “What!” Brandon yelled back, opening his eyes. Oh good you’re awake.” Kaylie said, looking relived. “Where are we?” Brandon asked. “Um, the netherlands?” Kaylie said sounding unsure. “ Wait, like from minecraft?!” Brandon asked, sounding excited. “Yes, considering the facts that there are red blocks, 2 dimensional things of fire, and lots and lots of lava.” Kaylie said flatly, as if it were obvious. Which, if you looked around, it was. But brandon hadn’t done that yet so it wasn’t obvious to him.


CROOKED OLD HOUSE AND ELIJAH SAID,”lET’S GO CHECK THAT HOUSE!”  They started walking toward it, and as they did, the theme song for JAWS started playing!  (Here is the theme song  )

Brandon was getting really nervous because the song because it was very intimidating. Elijah got so nervous he fainted from sarah and kaylie had to carry him since brandon was feeling very weak.Lily was studying some mushrooms (to see if they were edible) and hadn’t noticed that everyone had started walking off. Brandon was still weak from when he fell into unconsciousness earlier, so he yelled “Lily help! I need support!” When lily looked up she screamed back “Guys! Stop walking! That’s a hypno witch’s house! Turn around and get back here!” Lily’s yelling woke Eligha up, and he was about to turn around, but it was too late. They were all  already under the witch’s spell, except for brandon, who had fallen over.  Brandon was about to call to Lily again, when a spark floated from a nearby 2 dimensional fire, and landed on brandon. To anyone else, it would have done nothing. But Brandon was so weak, it felt like punch to his skull, and he fell unconscious again. Meanwhile, Lily was trying to make a super long fishing pole so that she could grab her friends away from the evil hypno witch. As she was making the pole, Brandon woke up. He felt different, almost like a sorcerer He could cast spells and he had powers.  He turned around and saw  that his friend’s eyes were completely black and glazed over.  

So, to try and get them back from the dreamland he thought they were in. he did something funny. (it turned out to be the witch’s trigger object to stop the hypnotism spell). Brandon did the chicken dance! As he did, he realized that feeling he had was telling him he now could do spells! All the sudden,His friend’s pupils shrunk, and the glaze disappeared.

They all looked at brandon, and started laughing. Then, a long rope fell around them, tightened, and pulled them backwards. It all happened so fast, Brandon didn’t have time to cast a spell. The rope loosened, and Brandon turned around to see lily!  “Come on Guys! We have to get out of here! That witch is E-V-I-L!!” Lily told them. So they ran until they reached a lava lake, and then Brandon Created a spell boat that could withstand lava. “Come on Guys! Let’s go!” Brandon said. As they crossed the lake, brandon sped it along with a spell. Once they reached the edge, as soon as everyone got off the boat disappeared. They walked for a little while and then they stopped to rest. Then all the sudden, a monster started charging at them and roaring! Kaylie, Elijah, and sarah stared at the monster, and when it came close they turned into stone. First Elijah, Then Sarah, and right before kaylie, “Stop” Lily yelled from behind the monster, and the monster stopped. “That’s my shark tooth!” Lily yelled. She yanked it out from his back and hung it around her neck. Instantly, the monster calmed down. The monster said that he was sorry he said that he had a splitting headache because of the pain in his back from the shark tooth, and no one would listen to him when he said he needed help. After they chatted for a little the monster, Mr.Geiman, said “I’m glad I got to meet you all, but now I have to leave. I think my wife needs an explanation.” He was just about to leave when a spark came out of the shark tooth and landed on lily’s head. she was dizzy for a few seconds, but then she felt like Brandon had felt when he got powers. But these felt different.Something in the back of her head told her that she could hypnotize, and a few potions.  Then out of nowhere a monster came running up to them it looked just like the monster they just fought the monster said “oh no! That’s my evil twin brother and he is actually evil I was just mean because I had a headache but he is actually mean I have to go. Bye!”. The evil monster was coming up at them lily was just about to hypnotise him but then he disappeared and then appeared in a different spot then brandon hit him with a freeze spell and he was frozen in place then a spark came out of him and hit kaylie. She felt nauseous for a few seconds and then she had the ability to disappear.Brandon shot a ball of fire at the frozen monster. The ice melted. Then Kaylie started to turn invisible and reappear all around the monster,and he got dizzy. Then He got so Dizzy that he fell to the ground.  “Uuh, where am I? Why isn’t there a house nearby?” said the monster. “Wait, like a witch’s house?” asked Brandon. “Sure” Said the monster. “Oh.” they all said, knowing what had happened. “Well, we have to go. Bye” brandon told the monster.

           Then they walked away. After a while they came to a   Nether Fortress!!! Once they were in, Brandon put Force Shields around all of them just in case they found blazes or wither skeletons. As they wandered around the fortress, they kept hearing “Hmm” and  Hmmph”. Finally, they went into a room, and there were a bunch of villagers in it. One was sitting on a nether throne. “Hmmmmm! Hmmphh”(“What are you doing here? Guards surround them!”) said the villager on the throne. “What?” said Brandon, since he didn’t speak villager.

        The guards rushed at them and formed a circle around them. Brandon drank a potion of other language understand, and motioned for Lily to do the same. As soon as they swallowed, they could understand the villager. “We’ll translate.” Brandon told the others. “What Are You doing here?!!” The villager king asked again. “Well it’s really complicated.” brandon explained to the king while Lily translated to everyone else.

“Tell me everything.” the villager king told Brandon. So then Brandon took an hour to tell the Story to the king.

“Tick Tock Brandon,” Kaylie said tapping the face of her watch.

Brandon wrapped it up, and the villager king believed him. “I shall make you honored guests.” Since you have endured so much.” Well Lily’s potions always malfunctioned, so instead of drinking the potion of Other Language Understanding, her potion had turned into the potion of “Unspoken Lies Are What You will Hear”. So she would hear what the person was thinking, instead of what they were saying. So when the Villager King said “I will make you honored guests” Lily heard “ THose people will make a fine feast. And they’ll be easy to trap after their long journey.” “What!!??” Lily Shrieked. “Oh Why thank you, your highness.” Brandon said at the same time. “You’re okay with becoming a feast!” Lily yelled at him once they were in their guests room. What do you mean? He said we are honered to be your guests.” Brandon replied. “He said “THose people will make a fine feast. And they’ll be easy to trap after their long journey.” Lily told him. Brandon, knowing that her potions could change in mid-use, said “Can I please see the potion you used,” Lily pulled it out of her duffel bag that she’d made from nether reeds. Sure enough, her potions label had changed with it, and it now said “unspoken lies are what you will hear”.

“Well, that’s nice. Now we can know what villagers and people are thinking.” Brandon said.  

Just then, a guard came in the room. “Come with me it’s time to eat” He said, and Lily heard him add on in his head “You!” Then he turned without a word and started walking away. He assumed that they would follow him, but they didn’t. As soon as he turned the corner, Brandon slammed the door closed and locked it. “Okay guys we need to stay together so we know what the cannibal villagers are thinking. So that means keep Lily in your line of sight at all times, unless she goes into the bathroom. But still keep your senses on high alert, just in case a villager tries to steal her.”

“K” everyone replied. About an hour later Lily announced “ I’m going to the bathroom, so No one freak out if you hear noises K? I’ll scream someone’s name if I need help, got it?”

“Yep” Said everyone. While lily was washing her hands,She heard a noise at the window. When she looked up a female villager was looking at her, and then she held up a baby. The women villager said something, and Lily  Heard “Oh I hope that girl helps me!” So lily opened the window and the female villager tumbled in, with her baby. “Are there others coming, that are with you” Lily asked. “Yes!”    “How Many?” Lily asked. “ To many to count,” said the female villager. “Can you at least tell me how many you estimate there are?….Oh and by the way, what’s your name?” Lily asked her. “ At least 200 villagers are coming. They don’t agree with the king’s opinion that we should eat you. My name’s Melody. My son’s name is Harper.” Melody replied “Thanks.” Lily said with appreciation and respect in her tone. “I’ll let the others know.” “Follow me out, and stay behind me.” Lily told Melody. As she left the bathroom, melody followed a  step behind her. “Hey guys good news! We have a villager-” Lily yelled, but then Brandon interrupted “What Where!” “Relax, Brandon. She’s a friend. So are 200 others who are coming. We need to be their shelter.”Lily Explained. “They do NOT agree with the king.” She Said sternly, before anyone could interrupt. “It’s okay now Melody” Lily said, and a villager with a baby stepped out from behind Lily.

“Whoa, what just happened,” hollered Kaylie.

“Sorry,Kaylie gets frightened very easily,” Lily said to melody.

“ What is your name?” Kaylie asked.

“Her name is melody, and her baby is harper.” Lily said.

“Quiet lily I want to hear if that is her real name from her.”

“Yes,My name is Melody,” Melody said. “Wait, what was that?” Lily said as there was a pounding sound from the bathroom window. “That would be the others.” Melody told her. “OTHERS!! There are others!!!” Kaylie screeched. “Yep.” Lily said matter-of-factly. Melody thinks there’s at least 200 of them.” “But… But… We’ll never have enough room! Or food!  Or water!” Kaylie yelled VERY upset. “Oh yeah. I didn’t think of that. Oh we could have brandon enchant our rooms so that there is more room!” Lily Exclaimed. “Sure thing. But I’ll have to collect the ingredients, since I’m running low.” Brandon told her. “Okay. Sarah, Brandon and I will go look for the ingredients while everyone else stays here and helps the villagers. Deal?” Lily announced. “Deal!” they all said in unison. Then they left. Then they wandered around and, after a while, they found a  dungeon. But they didn’t think they would find someone. But then they found two people and they ask their names and one said “My name is Moses.” and the other said “My name is Derek.” then lily gave derek armor. He pulled out a pen and pressed a   button, and it turned into a sword. then he pressed another button that made the sword turns on fire, and then wings came out of his back.Then derek said “i’ll help you with anything you want lily.” Then Moses came out of the shadows and activated his armor. It  was black with spikes on the shoulders and helmet. His power was Dark magic. “Sup People’s”

“Wait, how are we supposed to get you guys out?” Lily asked. “I’ll jump at the bars and break them!” Sarah suggested. “Knock yourself out.” Brandon told her. Then sarah jumped at the bars, and a spark fell on her head.  For a split second she felt dizzy. Then the world came back into focus, and she knew what had happened. She’d been given the power to turn into a cat and control cats. So she decided to turn to a  cat right then. “Meow” She cried and morphed into a cat. She reached forward and her new claws cut the slim bars. Derek was free! Then she reached out her other paw and cut the bars to moses’s cell too. Once she got both of them out of their cells she said “let’s go” then when she went away with sara, derek and moses followed her out of their cells.



Meeting Evil in The Jungle


They gathered Elijah and Kaylie, and suggested the villagers overtake the king. Then they left the nether fortress. Soon they had left the nether. After a while, they reached the jungle. They were just walking normally through.

“MMM eggs my favorite breakfast I guess I’ll make some eggs.” A stranger said, not too far away. “ OOOO a bunch of strange persons. I will just walk up slowly and quietly and. Whack one” “EAT FRYING PAN!!”. The stranger screamed and swung the pan at lily. “AHH” Lily screamed. “Oh no! Lily are you okay?” Kaylie asked her. “Uhh, which one of you said that?” Lily asked, as 2 kaylie’s stared at her and Birds were flying around her head. “Who did that,” Lily cried with tears in her eyes.

“Oh sorry hey it is you guys,” Said the stranger, “My name is Maddie.” “Would you like to have some tea?”

“ Sure.”       Everybody said. “Especially since we couldn’t find any clean water near here.” Kaylie said. “Okay just let me go in my kitchen.” Maddie told them. Then she opened a door and said “Attack!” And monkeys raced at them all. Then they ran away since they saw bananas. “Time to release Big daddy.” Maddie yelled. Then a gorilla  came stomping out into the clearing!

“STOPPPPP!!!! “ yelled brandon.

“Hoo ahoo” Yelled the gorilla, and, looking confused, looked at maddie. “Just keep Goin- AHHHHH Oh no AH

HHH!” Maddie yelled, suddenly interrupted. “Ahhmmph! Mmph!” Lily yelled, and Kaylie covered her mouth in mid-scream and dragged her into the foliage.  

Then Moses walked into the foliage looking for them and see’s the Gorilla. The Gorilla was about to ram Moses when derek went flying into the Gorilla screaming “Die little banana runt!” The Gorilla just flicks his finger and knocks derek away like a little  banana peel. Then Moses comes in with his shoulder down and grapples with the gorilla. while the two giants are fighting derek comes again saying “You little stupid little whatever but ahh how dare you throw me!” Derek starts punching the gorilla. The gorilla was distracted by derek and moses and derek knocked the gorilla over and wrapped him in a banana jail.


After all of that chaos they finally get out of the Foliage alive, instead of not getting out and staying in the foliage and being the foliage’s prisoners. When they got out they all went “FEW!”      “Wait, where’d Maddie go?” Lily asked, puzzled. “Uhhhh” Said everyone else. “Why don’t we check her house?” Moses suggested. “Why don’t we leave her alone?” Brandon said flatly. “We can’t do that” Screeched Lily. “She tried to kill you!” Brandon yelled. “She could be hurt or kidnapped right now.! You heard her scream.” Lily yelled back. So they went into maddie’s house, and as soon as lily entered, she realized she might have just made a mistake. Then she heard “Eat FRYING PAN!!!” and braced for the impactful pain. But nothing came. Lily opened her eyes, and saw maddie right in front of her. She tried to slap maddie, but her hand went straight through maddie’s head! “ Whew” Lily sighed with relief. “Hey guys, I think maddie’s in trouble! This is just a hologram.  “or she might be a ghost.” Said Moses Creepily. “I can check with my dark magic.” He continued. “Really?” Everyone else asked him. “Of course! It’s Dark  Magic, so I can use it on everything and anything evil.” Moses explained, exasperated. “Or Cruel.” He quickly added so he wouldn’t have to hear a lecture from lily. “Okay, here it goes.” Moses declared after hearing that everyone else agreed. He mumbled under his breath, and a purplish blackish light surrounded him, “maddie” and everyone else. Then the light suddenly disappeared.


Part 6

The dark magic leaves “for good*”


“Wait, what just happened,” said  kaylie.

“My powers went down for some strange reason,” Moses said shakily.

“WHy,” Lily said with fear in her eyes.

“I think it is because I haven’t used my powers in A LONG TIME,” mOSES SAID.      


“It could have been because it isn’t a  ghost, Or a pixelated hologram. If the hologram is in possession of a spirit, then I can’t connect to it.”  Moses explained to everyone. “That’s it! I bet maddie became a spirit!” Lily exclaimed, snapping her fingers with excitement.      “I’m getting tired” Kaylie said. “All right. let’s make camp.” moses told them. “I’ll get the food and firewood!” Lily volunteered. While everyone else set up camp, Lily wandered into the woods. Suddenly, maddie was in front of her! “Ahh!” Lily screamed and swung her  axe at maddie, and then maddie fell  over. “Few! she’s dead.” lily whispered.   Suddenly,  Lily Heard a sound like a gong, and then she  couldn’t move. “Oh, I’m not dead.” She heard and it sounded like maddie. “What did you do?” Lily asked, afraid. But she couldn’t say it, so she thought-said it. “Oh, i just possessed you.” Maddie replied sweetly. “WHAT!” Lily thought-screamed. Then kaylie burst through the nearest bush yelling “Lily are you okay? I heard you scream!” “Oh yeah I’m fine.” Maddie made lily say.  “Hey come over here I think I saw something cool.” Lily exclaimed. As  kaylie walked over in the direction lily had pointed, Lily pulled out a bottle of tranquilizer and a needle, which she had no idea she’d had.  Then, before kaylie could do anything, she jumped on her and gave her the tranquilizer shot. Then maddie left lily’s body and quickly gave her a shot too. After that, maddie floated over both of them, and smiled evilly.  


“Guys, where are lily and kaylie?” Elijah asked everyone in the morning. No one knew. Moses searched with his magic,while everyone else looked for clues with their eyes. When brandon couldn’t find anything he said “I bet they’re on Naboo again.” “Yeah, you actually got that right. Apparently a spirit  kidnapped them, but that’s all I can find out though.” Moses explained. “To naboo then!”



The spirit, a random person, and Naboo


 “Where  are we” kaylie asked lily who was tied up behind her. But, since she was gagged, it sounded like ‘mwr mar mwe?’ Lily actually understood her and answered with “no idea” which sounded like ‘mwo myea’. Then, a hidden door slid open and mADDIE FLOATED IN. kAYLIE AND LILY WOBBLED LIKE GONGS, AND THEN SAT STOCK STILL. “wHAT SHALL WE DO MASTER.” lILY AND KAYLIE ASKED MADDIE IN unison” They looked around, and then said ‘sup’ to each other. Then maddie said “find you your friends and put them into a trance.”

Kaylie and Lily started walking away looking for their friends. Later, they were walking and on the path they saw a person and it raised its hand and cheviots fell from the sky all around her. She growled this “ Who are you, and why are you here at my camp,” The stranger said.

“I am Lily and this is Kaylie,” said Lily

“Not to be rude but who are you?” questioned Kaylie trembling with fear. “ I am Emma Lord of the Cheviots, and why are you in my camp?” said Emma stretching her bow and fitting an arrow in it.

“Please don’t hurt me I am too little to die,” Kaylie screamed.

“Ok, I won’t hurt you, but I want to come with you,: said Emma, “ If you do it no harm will come to you, but  if you don’t then off with your headS!!!!”     “Okay you can come with us.” Lily sighed. “Fine. But, remember what I said about your heads!” warned Emma. And then they marched all the way to find Lily’s and Kaylie’s friends. Emma was lucky that Maddie’s order wasn’t to Tranquilize anyone they saw on the way that wasn’t a random. Then moses popped up behind a bush and was watching them having that whole conversation.He set off watching them  and popped up in front of them not knowing that they were told to Hypnotize anyone of their friends. Lily quickly put moses into a trance and told him to put everyone else in a trance but Emma even though she was good.

To be continued …

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