March 19

Hot Head

We are doing a project that is very different than the others, we are making a two person story. By that I mean like both me and my partner are the narrators and are going to be put inside the story arguing about how its to girly or to much stuff that boys would do that girls wouldn’t like. Like making a really cool guy on a motorcycle that’s engulfed in flames, but my partner the girl, wouldn’t probably like that. So she would say “Why don’t we do a princess?” I will say “Because its too girly” I don’t know my partner yet or what their character will be like (we/my whole class is making their own character and then my teacher partners us up boy and a girl) I can tell you what my character will be like though.

He has four arms and is very big, strong and intimidating. My characters hair is fire. Also, his tongue is like a reptiles. His eyes are cat like, their vertical instead of a sphere. He wears all leather to hide the fact that his skin color is red. When he travels places everybody is scared of him, but he just wants to make friends. The best of all of his appearance, is he rides a . . . hot pink tricycle with black flames. His name is Hot Head. That’s what my character is going to be like, hope you like him.

March 1

Aurora Lights

I just read an article in class about the six layers and the last one is the aurora. I wanted to make a connection because in my opinion the aurora borealis  lights in the north pole are pretty cool. The Aurora is an amazing light show caused by collisions between electrically charged particles released from the sun that enter the earth’s atmosphere and collide with gases such as oxygen and nitrogen. The lights are seen around the magnetic poles of the northern and southern hemispheres. About 6000-7000 people go to see them every year. I think that that is really cool that its only created by collisions between electrically charged particle to make a really big light show.

             This is where I got my information
March 1

“Fixed” Chapter: 1 The Haunting


                         Chapter 1

                      The Haunting


Once upon a time, there were two boys named Ethan and Ryan. They were in 6th grade. They were both in the highest math and reading class, so they had lots of homework. Ethan and Ryan were neighbors and they would do their homework together, even though they weren’t supposed to. One spoopy Halloween night Ethan went to Ryan’s house, but Ryan wasn’t their, Ethan didn’t want to just look around Ryan’s house but it was his friend. Ethan didn’t want Ryan to be in trouble so he cautiously walked into his house, Ethan heard the TV was on so he looked in the living room but nobody was in there. There was nobody in the house, Ethan got scared because there was always two cars at there house and both cars were still they’re!


Ethan began to get suspicious so he looked around the house one more time. But more carefully, he looked in the kitchen. There were very little scratches, as he walked through the house the scratches just got bigger and bigger. Ethan searched the whole house except for Ryan’s room. There was nothing there no scratches, no nothing. Ethan looked everywhere yet couldn’t find anyone. He turned around and saw Ryan’s closet, he was very scared but, he had to open the closet. Ethan opened the closet and both Ryan and Ethan screamed. Ethan asked Ryan why he was in the closet, Ryan was about to answer when suddenly he got a massive headache like pain it grew worse and worse. Ethan was scared to death and didn’t know exactly what was happening. The massive headache suddenly stopped. All Ryan said for many many minutes was “it is still here”. Once Ryan was done chanting “it is still here” they both decided to look around the house. Ryan and Ethan looked through the bedrooms, the living room, the toy room, the kitchen and the laundry room. When they were about to leave, Ryan saw the basement door cracked open a bit. They both went into the basement and surprisingly saw a…. Rabbit? Ethan started to chuckle then both started to leave the basement. When they reached the stairs they heard a growl. They looked back and they saw this huge shadowy creature. Ryan and Ethan looked down and saw the poor rabbits corpse lying there. They both ran out of the basement and the house. “I CAN’T BELIEVE MY HOUSE IS HAUNTED” said Ryan. “It’s all fake” said Ethan “The rabbit, the monster the scratches, they are all fake”. “Then why did it take my parents” said Ryan “WHAT?!” yelled Ethan, surprised and scared at the same time. “RUN!” Ethan yelled. (Both Ethan and Ryan ran) “Why are we running” Ryan asked while they were running outside of the house across the street to Ethan’s house. Ethan saw the shadow creature but it wasn’t running toward them it was walking slowly toward them saying wait, but it wasn’t very normal. So, as Ethan and Ryan went into Ethan’s house there was another scary/shadowy creature waiting at the door.

                           To Be Continued



Producers: Derek and Brandon

Author: Derek and Brandon

Thinkers:Derek and Brandon

Characters: Ethan, Ryan and Ethan’s Parents

February 15

Chapter 8: Saving Ethan, The Shadow

          The Shadow, Chapter 8: Saving Ethan  


Lately, on The Shadow Ryan and Herman had to save Ethan from the shadow king. While, in the process, they realize that Ethan  had somehow gotten brainwashed or possibly had his memory erased. They knew they had to save him before the brainwash effects were permanent!


Ryan, Herman, and Ethan reached Ryan’s house. Ethan was starting to wake up, but they had to come up with something before he woke up. They put him in a closet with food and water and started to plan how to save him. Then Ryan and Herman decided to show him some old pictures to jog his memory, but that idea didn’t work, it just made him madder. After a while of thinking, Ryan said “ Open the closet.” “ What why!?” Herman replied. “Are you insane!” “Who knows, but I have to save my friend, so open the closet door.” He said firmly. “ Ok, I trust you,” Herman said softly.


Herman opened the door for Ryan, and Ethan came out of the closet. He jumped at Ryan, but before he laid a finger on him, he stopped, he couldn’t bare to hurt his best friend. “Wait, what?” Ethan said.  “Ethan you’re back!” Ryan said excitedly. “ What are you talking about, I was here the whole time, wasn’t I?” Ethan said confused. “ I’ve got a lot of explaining to do,” Ryan said thankfully.


After all of them regained all of their brain power they practiced all of their powers. “Ryan and Ethan I need to tell you something, you know how all of this time I’ve told you that I haven’t had any more powers, well I have two extra powers, sorry I didn’t tell you, I do feel bad” Herman said, “ The powers are freeze blast and lightning bolt.”


In unison, both Ryan and Ethan screamed “WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL US THIS” “ Seriously!” Ryan said angrily “ I thought we could trust you!” “ You can, I just didn’t want to overwhelm you with a bunch of powers.” Herman said sadly “ Well you could’ve at least told us about these powers, you didn’t have to give them to us!” Ryan said roughly “ Now that that’s all over with,” “ I CALL LIGHTNING!” Ethan said before anybody else could say anything.


“Thank you for forgiving me,” Herman said happily “ I never said I forgive you, I just want lightning.” Ethan said harshly. “ Ok, fine, But I hope one day you can forgive me.” Herman said sadly, “ I’ll give you lightning,” Smoke started to swirl around Ethan, andhe started to levitate in the air.Lightning was forming around him, like usual, he got a little burning sensation is his chest, but it wasn’t as bad as it was when he got his first power.


Before he knew it, the sensation was gone, he was on the ground, and there was no smoke surrounding him. He shot his hand up in the air, and a little spark came out of it. “ This was much cooler in my head,” Ethan said, “ Well you need training,” Herman said “ Oh yeah, I forgot” he remembered. “ Now it’s my turn,” Ryan said “ I want snow” “ Ok then” Herman replied. A blizzard of snow was swarming Ryan, he started to float off the ground.Once again, he felt burning in his chest.


When it all was over he did the same as Ethan and lifted his hand in the air, but when Ryan did it he blasted a full out snowball that was huge. “How did you do that?” Ethan said. “No clue” Ryan replied, “ Well it’s not fair, I should be super good at it too,” Ethan said very distraught. “ If you want to get better, Ethan you have to train.” Herman told him, “ Uh… not training” Ethan said grumpily, “ Yes training!” Herman said fiercely. “ Don’t you forget, you’re the one who kept this huge secret from us!” Ethan also said fiercely. Herman did not reply.


After all of them stopped arguing they started training. Herman pulled up the training course out of nowhere again. “Also, how do you do that?” Ethan asked. “A lot of practice” Herman replied “Like, a long time of practice”. The training course that he pulled up was of flour bag dummies, he made enemies out of flour bags, that was for Ryan because he has the snow power. But, for Ethan he had steak, he would zap the meat until it was perfectly cooked, it took lots of precision.  


“Did  you know that you can shoot balls of lightning?” Herman said, “If you get a lot of practice then you can shoot a ball of lightning, you will  have to make sure you aim before the enemy is because it is a projectile.” “What does that even mean?” Ethan asked. “It means that when you get very skilled with shooting lightning you can shoot a ball of lightning that does way more damage than your normal lightning zap.” Herman replied,


“Ryan you have a special ability to make an ice block around you for forty-five seconds,” Why do I not have anything cool!” Ryan asked. “Maybe if you let me finish, you have a special ability to make an ice block around you for forty five seconds, but the catch is that it will heal all of your hurt spots on your body while your in the ice block within the forty five seconds” Herman replied. Also, you can throw snowballs that will freeze enemies.


“Ethan!” Ryan said “ Zap me” “Wait, what!, no way!” Ethan said very confused “ Do it!” Ryan said demandily “ Fine, but this is going to hurt me more than it’s going to hurt you” Ethan replied “ Probably not” Ryan said. Ethan zapped Ryan, “ Ahh!” Ryan said in pain. Ryan put up the ice block around him, after, he felt no pain at all. “ Wow, That really does work” Ryan said positively.

Ethan shot a lightning bolt at one of the pieces of meat, it was too raw. He shot a lightning at the next piece of meat, yet it was burnt now. “ This is never going to work!” Ethan said while being very frustrated. “ Try one more time, I believe in you” Herman said, “Fine” Ethan replied. He shot at the last piece of steak, he hit it so perfectly it looked delicious. “ Yum, let’s dig in!” Ethan said. Just as Ethan was going to cut a piece off, the shadow king jumped out from behind a bush and then Ethan started zapping the shadow king, Ryan started throwing snowballs at him to freeze him and Herman started zapping him as well…


                                                                      TO BE CONTINUED ON CHAPTER 9

Producers: Derek and Brandon

Authors: Derek and Brandon

Creators: Derek and Brandon

Editor: Erika

February 3

My New Genius Hour : Baking

My question for my genius hour is, What type of tastes go good together and don’t? I have done some research on one site that has a video saying that you can  make on easy cupcake recipe with endless flavor. They are called crazy cupcakes.  They normally start with a sweet sponge, the recipe in the video I’m about to show you will be how to make the crazy cupcakes and I will be making all of them and tasting them to find out how good they taste, if so why do they taste good and if they taste bad why to they taste bad.

January 29

Economy Concepts 1

Supply and demand happens in everyday life so when you grow up your going to need to know what that is and this post will help. What is supply and demand? Supply and demand is when supplies are very low price and there are a lot of that item then the demand is high because they are worth less money. When the supplies are low and there are any left, then they cost more money. Why? They cost more money because as the items or supplies get scarce then they go up in price because their are very little of that thing.


Example: In our class we all need pencils to write, its a need not a want. So, they are one dollar because their is a lot of that item. Once everybody gets a pencil, instead of them being one dollar they will be four or maybe five because there is little of that item. Then we have highlighters yellow, orange, pink and green. Those would also be a want, but me and my friend decided for me to buy two and her to buy two also so that we could both share.

January 29

Genius Hour: Computer Programming

For my genius hour now I will be doing things on computer programming and some research.  Why? I want to be a computer programmer when I grow up so I’m wanting to learn some of it while I’m in school. Today I’m going to be explaining what you do as a computer programmer and how to be a computer programmer. Computer programming is when you program or make something on the computer. There are a lot of different types of programming, but I suggest Java Script. Java is a general-purpose computer programming language that is concurrent, class-based, object-oriented, and specifically designed to have as few implementation dependencies as possible. I got my information at

January 29

The Shadow, Chapter 7: Captured

         The Shadow,Chapter 7: Captured

Previously on The Shadow Series, The shadow army has arrived, and they are trying to ta Ryan and Herman run the same way away from the shadow army, but Ethan noticed while he was running he accidently was running the wrong way. So, Ethan decided to turn back towards Ryan and Herman, but ran into Shadow Soldiers so he was forced to run the opposite way of Ryan and Ethan.             


Ryan and Herman were running, like their lives depended on it, because their lives did depend on it. A couple of soldiers were close to them, and there were many more further behind them. They had to come up with something quick or else they wouldn’t get out without being caught. Ryan saw a factory, a very big factory, he decided that was their only way out of this situation, so he grabbed Herman and jolted for the factory. Herman said “Do you have superhuman strength or something?!” “Because it sure seems like it” “Did you get another power like… super strength?” “ No, I just have a lot of spare time so I go to the gym a lot” He replied.


They got into the factory, and it turns out the factory was abandoned. “ I guess Ryan’s instincts were right” Herman whispered to himself. Ryan tugged Herman under a counter. “ Gosh, you don’t have to be so harsh!” Herman said. As soon as Herman screamed at least five to ten soldiers came up and dragged them out from under the counter, and covered their faces with their hands. When they took their hands off of Ryan and Herman, The two of them were in a cell. “I TOLD YOU THIS WAS GOING TO HAPPEN HERMAN!” Ryan yelled. “Maybe if you stopped yelling that would be nice” Herman said in return “  Yelling isn’t going to get us out of this situation, but I know what is.” “ What could that be then?” Ryan said confused. Ryan and Herman both had to think of a way to break out of the prison cell they were in.


They were in a corridor that had many other cells in it. Also, out of the corner of Hermans eye he saw something that had made him moonstruck. “No… it… it… it can’t be” Herman said, what he saw was Ethan standing next to the shadow king without squirming or yelling for help. So, Herman Knew what that meant, Ethan either became friends with the king, which is very unlikely or he was brainwashed. Herman and Ryan had a plan that they really wanted to do. They would use both of their teleportation powers to teleport out of the cell into the nearest cell to the end of the corridor.

Next, they would find a good spot and ninja teleport. Herman explained to Ryan that it is just a quiter way to teleport so that people or things cannot hear you. Ryan was practicing for 15 minutes in the cell, until Herman said he had perfected it. Then, Herman and Ryan teleported quietly behind a barrel so that they could hide. Herman and Ryan were awestruck by what they saw. Like before Ethan was standing next to the king, motionless, like the king was his friend. “Why would he do this to us?” Ryan said. “ For self gain, that’s why” Herman said doubtfully. “ We can’t wait any more, we have to get out from behind here and save Ethan!” Ryan said heroically.


They jumped out from behind the barrel, but what they didn’t expect was that there were three guards standing on each side of the king, including Ethan. The guards were about to rush towards Herman and Ryan, but the king told them not to “ I want to see their friend hurt them” He said.  The shadow king gave Ethan orders to capture Ryan and Herman, and he did not hesitate he pounced at them, but before he knew it, they both teleported out of the way. Ethan stepped up his game, and he through a smoke bomb, neither Ryan, Herman, or Ethan could see. Ryan came up with a brilliant idea, he turned into a bat and used echolocation to find his way to Ethan. He transformed back into himself, and right after grabbed Ethan’s arms, so he couldn’t punch, Herman followed along, he grabbed Ethan’s legs. Then, oddly, he touched Ethan’s head, sent a small shockwave through it, and it sent him to sleep. “ WHAT THE WHAT!” Ryan yelled “ I’ll explain later” Herman replied.


Herman through another smoke bomb to make sure that the king couldn’t see them, so they ran out, holding Ethan. After they got out of the building, they starting running to their horses so that they could ride back to the barn. Once they hopped on their horses they rode for one and a half hours to make it to the barn. “Where’d you get them o’l horses” the farmer said. “They were your horses that we fixed up” Ryan said. After they had a brief talk they went all the way back to their homes. They had nothing to do but ride, just ride…


   To Be Continued On Chapter 8


Producers: Derek and Brandon

Authors: Derek and Brandon