December 6

Chapter 5: The Shadows


Chapter 5: Powers


Previously on The Shadow Chapter 4: What,  A Shadow Dog? Ryan and Ethan got powers from their new friend, Herman, ( The Shadow Dog/The Shadow), there are still 2 more powers for Herman to give to Ryan and Ethan, They have to get the hang of their powers or else their lives might be at stake in the future.


“Ok, who is going to get levitation powers?”Said Herman “ME ME ME ME ME ME!” said Ethan “Wow, chill out” said Herman. “Ok, sorry I just really want to levitate. How many feet off the ground can I levitate?” said Ethan “As high as you want too” said Herman. “I’m ready” said Ethan (There is smoke all around Ethan, and then, he starts slowly lifting up in the air) “AAAAHH, help me, HELP ME!” said Ethan, Herman said “You’ll get the hang of it, it’s ok” Ethan starts levitating so high that neither Herman or Ryan could see him. Then, all of a sudden they heard a faint yell,  “AAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!” and then, they could see Ethan falling out of the sky.


In almost half of a second, Ethan was right in front of them, scared and then he said “I COULD’VE GOTTEN REALLY HURT! WHY DIDN’T YOU HELP ME”  Ethan said. Herman said “Did you get hurt?” “No” “Ok then, Ryan you get Transformation” Herman throws a smoke bomb at Ryan, Then Ryan starts transforming from different creatures and then it stopped) “How do I use it?” said Ryan. Herman said “Think of an animal and imagine you being it, imagine what it feels like, where it lives, what it eats, all of those things factor into what and how you transform” So, Ryan starts thinking of a Lion. Then, out of nowhere he turns into a Lion. Herman says “DO NOT DO ANY TYPE OF A BIG ANIMAL UNTIL YOU HAVE MASTERED THE ART OF TRANSFORMATION!” “Your body can not handle anything bigger than itself, so please listen to me, and practice animals smaller than your own body until you master the art of transformation, or else it could lead to serious damage, most leading to death!” “Both of us are amateurs, could you help us out?” Ryan said filled with hope, “Of course, the only way I can really help you is by making sure you train, but that is on you, not me” Herman said. Lots of smoke started to drift around Ryan’s backyard, all three of them ran outside, once the cloud of smoke drifted away there was suddenly a training course. But, it was no ordinary training course, it was a shadow training course, The Shadow Children use it to train with their powers. “Wow” Ethan said in awe. “This is where you will be training every single day” said Herman, “COOL” Ryan said. “How about we get started, can we start know Herman?” Asked Ethan, “OF COURSE!” Herman replied.


Both Ryan and Ethan went onto the course. There was a huge wall that was almost as tall as the Empire State Building, but for some reason nobody else could see it. Herman says “I put an invisible forcefield around the whole training course so that nobody else could see it” “This was a job for me” Ethan said, he lifted up his  right hand and closed his eyes. Ethan started to raise his hand, and as he did the wall lifted too. Ryan quickly ran under the wall and Ethan slowly followed him trying his best to keep the wall in the air. “Next up was… a cage of bulls?” Ryan said. “Yep, that’s for you” said Herman “It’s for me, I got this. Am I supposed to teleport?” he said, “Yes, what else would you do… turn into a bull” Ethan said. “DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!” Herman said. A cloud of smoke started to surround Ryan he felt himself starting to break through the air and land on the other side, but he remembered that he had to teleport Ethan with him. Then, Ryan thought that he might be able to teleport Ethan with his hands and not have to go back. So, Ryan lifted his hands, “What are you even doing Ryan?” Ethan said. Smoke started going around Ethan so he got scared “WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?” He said one more time before he appeared next to Ryan. “OM MY GOSH, HOW ARE YOU DOING THAT?” Ethan said. “I don’t know!” Ryan said scared and surprised. Ethan appeared next to Ryan and both were very confused, “It doesn’t matter how far you are from something, you can still teleport them, that statement is true for almost every power” Herman said.


“So I can levitate anything no matter how far I am from it.” said Ethan. “Well, kind of, You need to be able to pick that thing up without levitation powers, actually if you want to levitate a bull, let’s say it’s about five hundred pounds and you can pick up about two hundred and fifty pounds then the other two hundred pounds the levitation spell will pick up for you. Do you understand that? It’s like dividing the pounds by two.” said Herman.

There was a wall, a huge wide wall. “This is transformation, right?” Ryan asked “Yup” Herman said confidently. “Well what do I do do here?” Ryan asked being confused “Take a second and think” Herman said. “OH, I know now!” Ryan said, he turned into a worm tunneled under the wall and came out the other side. “Wait, can I turn Ethan into different animals also?!” Ryan said hopefully “ Well, YES!” Ryan closed his eyes smoke traveled around Ethan and when the smoke faded he was a worm. He followed the path of dirt Ryan made when he tunneled through because this was his first time transforming and he didn’t want to accidently take a turn or even turn around. Ethan came out the other side and changed back to himself. “You can’t change to different animals, but when you are done using the transformation you can change back to yourself without Ryan’s help.” Herman said “Ok” Ethan said. There was another wall, but not as big, yet you still couldn’t jump over it. Ryan closed his eyes thought for a moment then knew what he would turn into, a Hawk. A cloud of smoke surrounded Ryan and Ethan, when it faded they both were eagles. Ryan and Ethan started to flap their wings faster and faster until they started to lift off the ground, they flew over the wall and landed on the other side. They turned back into humans, they were about to take a step forward, but Another cloud of smoke appeared right in front of them and they knew it wasn’t Herman and just then they realized what time of month it was… October and October means Halloween!

December 1

The Shadow: Chapter 3

                       Chapter: 3

                      A New pet?

Previously on The Shadow, Chapter 2: Ryan and Ethan are running from Ryan’s house into Ethan’s house but what they didn’t know was that they the shadow was already there and now they are thinking of ways to escape Ethan’s house.


CHAPTER 3, A New Pet:


After spending an hour thinking of plan after plan they finally thought of the easiest, simplest, thing to do. RUN OUT THE BACK DOOR! It was so simple so easy yet in their minds it was questionable and they couldn’t decide if they wanted to take more time to think of a more full-proof plan or take the risk and run to the back door. They decided to run. Without any hesitation they sprinted over to the back door, unlocked it, opened it up, and ran. Ran, ran, ran, all they could do is run. They went down one then two then three then four blocks until they suddenly were seven blocks down and they didn’t even realize because they were so scared they couldn’t feel their bodies aching from all that running. They spent the night at one of their friends houses and once it was day time they went  back to their own homes. When they got back there was no shadow, everything was back to normal Ryan’s parents were back there were no scratches on the walls. Everything was back to normal.



Ryan and Ethan had been living their new… old lives. Everything was normal. The first couple months they both were happy but missed the adventure. Now, they barely even think about what happened. They would go to school, come home, do their homework together, go back home, sleep, and start the process over again. It was a boring life, but it was nice, and certainly not filled with evil shadows and being terrified. Until one day, Ryan and his parents decided to get a pet. They decided to get a dog. They went to the pet shelter. And looked for the perfect dog for their family. They looked at many many dogs yet none of the family members really liked them, until they saw this one dog. Fluffy black fur, perfect size, perfect everything. They decided to get the dog, but Ryan this sick feeling in his stomach about this dog. Their was something about it he just didn’t like or maybe couldn’t comprehend, but he ignored it. Ryan thought the dog would grow on him. After a couple weeks he stick could not enjoy being around this dog, no matter how much he tried he just couldn’t. He thought it was just him being stubborn, until one fateful night Ryan couldn’t sleep, no matter how hard he tried he couldn’t sleep. He was going to get up to get a sip of water, he lifted his legs, but they wouldn’t budge. Ryan opened his eyes and saw the dog sitting there. It was staring at Ryan, so many thoughts were going through Ryan’s head. The more Ryan would lift his legs, the harder it would get to move. The dog’s eyes turned red, and at that point Ryan knew that that is no ordinary dog, it is The Shadow. He was so afraid he got out of the dogs clutches, Ryan was so scared that he just turned in the other direction and ran, he ran to Ethan’s house. Once he got to Ethan’s house he knocked on the door 5 times, then he waited. After a while Ethan’s mom answered the door and said that he went on a trip to Tennessee, she said that he would be back tomorrow. Ryan was very afraid because he thought The Shadow would hurt him. So, he ran all the way back home and went inside, but The Shadow wasn’t there, Ryan turned around and saw the dog, shadow, shadow dog. Ryan knew it wouldn’t help to just stand there so he reached out his hand to the Shadow Dog, it didn’t move, it just sat there. Ryan started petting the dog and it jumped up and started licking Ryan. it all came to Ryan, the shadow that kidnapped Ryan’s parents and the shadow that was waiting at Ethan’s door are two different shadows. The shadow that was at Ethan’s door was just waiting there, like a good dog. When Ethan gets back Ryan needs to tell him this HUGE news!


To Be Continued On Chapter 4

Producers: Derek and Brandon


Authors: Derek and Brandon


Thinkers/creators: Derek and Brandon

November 15

Chapter 4: What, A Shadow Dog?

      Chapter 4: What… A Shadow Dog

Previously on The Shadow, Chapter 3:A New Pet? Ryan got a new dog, a very suspicious dog, and soon found out it was… THE SHADOW DOG! Ethan was away and he had to wait for a day until Ethan got back.


(One day later) “Ding dong”,Ryan ran down the steps, so fast he almost fell, he flung open the door and saw Ethan “it took you like 2 seconds to open the door, why are you in such a rush?” Ethan said in a surprised voice. THE SHADOW DOG ran up to Ethan and Ethan started to pet it, “Awww, it’s so cute” he said. They went upstairs and the dog followed, Ryan wanted to hear about Ethan’s   trip so bad he almost forgot to tell Ethan the crazy news. “You know that dog over there” (he said as he pointed to the dog) “Yep, it’s so cute” said Ethan. “That dog is the shadow that was at our door” “WHAT! No way!”


As soon as both of them looked at the dog they got a chill. They went downstairs and the dog sat at the door just like the shadow from a year ago. A huge cloud of mist surrounded THE SHADOW DOG! And then it turned into THE SHADOW! It was very blurry and it looked like it came out of a rejected power plant. Then, Ethan and Ryan ran upstairs, but THE SHADOW said “Wait I don’t want to hurt you.” So, Ethan and Ryan slowly walked back downstairs and looked around the corner.


They walked down the hallway and to THE SHADOW. Then They walked down the hallway and to THE SHADOW. Then, THE SHADOW Started walking down the hallway to, but not fast. So, Ethan and Ryan were scared and right as they got face to face with THE SHADOW and then THE SHADOW said “Hello” Ethan and Ryan scaredly said “Hi” At the same time. Then, THE SHADOW said “I wasn’t trying to hurt you 1 year ago. “That was my brother who took your parents, sorry” said THE SHADOW. “I can show you some of my powers” said THE SHADOW, “OF COURSE” Ryan and Ethan said in unison. (THE SHADOW showed them what he could do) He could levitate objects with his smoke he can throw, when he did there would be a tornado like cloud of smoke under the object as it rose. Also, THE SHADOW could throw smoke bombs, it would make a ball of smoke and then throw it, but he would have to charge it up. When the ball of smoke hit another object it would explode and make smoke everywhere.


The third power was teleportation, he would make a cloud of smoke around himself and when the cloud faded away he would be gone. The last power is transformation, a cloud of smoke would go around him like the teleportation, but instead of teleporting, when the cloud of smoke faded away he would be a different creature or object than before. “How do we know you’re not lying, huh” said Ryan. “If I was lying you would be covered in smoke right now” said THE SHADOW, “true” said Ryan. “So who wants teleportation” said The Shadow. “ME!”said Ryan, Ethan was 5 seconds late. “Ok so you will kind of feel a burning sensation in your chest when I give it to you, because it the smoke forms inside you in your chest, ok” said The Shadow. “Ok” said Ryan scaredly. (The Shadow puts up his hands and makes Ryan levitate and he looked like it was hurting, but he didn’t show it) “And done” The Shadow said. “So how do I use it?” said Ryan “Try to reach down into yourself and just put it in front of you.” said The Shadow. Ryan looked forward and smoke started going around him and nothing happened, but after his first try he did it but he got inside the wall. So The Shadow had to make the wall levitate so he could get out. “So I get smoke bombs?” Ethan said. “Yes” said THE SHADOW. “How do I use them?” asked Ethan “Well like I said before, you have to dig down deep into your heart and feel the smoke within you” said THE SHADOW “Ok, but instead of calling you THE SHADOW can we call you Melvin.” said Ethan. “NO!” said The Shadow. “How about Herman?” Ryan said. “Well, my family called me Sherman, but Herman is a wonderful name, why not.” Said THE SHADOW. (So, Ryan and Ethan both call “THE SHADOW”, Herman now.


                                                                 To Be Continued On Chapter 5

Producers: Derek and Brandon


Authors: Derek and Brandon


Thinkers/creators: Derek and Brandon

November 15

Informative Writing Piece: Poverty

Poverty is when people don’t have enough money to buy needs. Their are things that you don’t need like video games or electronics in general. But, their are thing that you need to live. Here is an example: lets say Jared, Jared doesn’t have enough money to buy food, clothes, shelter and water. Also, that would mean he might have to live on the streets. That is an example of Poverty. Also, almost half the world ( over 3 billion people) live in poverty. That is a very bad thing.


1 billion children worldwide are living in poverty. According to UNICEF, 22,000 children die each day due to poverty. The statistical evidence on children living in poverty confronts us with a stark reality: millions of children are poor; they lack access to safe drinking water, essential vaccines, education and nutrition; they are at risk of being exploited and abused. This reality calls into question the commitment of governments, the private sector and the international community to act upon the Millennium Development Goals and “A World Fit for Children” agenda. We know what needs to be done; what is needed is the will to turn words into concrete action.

October 30

The Shadow

                          Chapter: 2


Lately on The Shadows, Chapter 1: Ethan and Ryan are in a rush to try and escape from the creature that stole Ryan’s parents and keeps following them, but what they don’t know is that it is now in Ethan’s house. Chapter 2:, Ethan and Ryan are right in front of Ethan’s house and they opened the door and the Creature was right in front of them. It looked like it was made of smoke and it was wavy, but it had really red eyes. The eyes of the creature were very, very, very red, almost like they were staring into Ethan and Ryan’s souls. After 20 seconds of them just looking at each other, Ethan and Ryan ran really fast through the creature and they actually just went right through it. Once Ethan and Ryan got into the house they went upstairs and into Ethan’s room. Then, Ethan and Ryan slammed the door shut and stayed at the door pushing it in so the creature didn’t get in. 5 minutes went by and nothing happened, so they slowly crept downstairs and they found the creature. The creature was lying in front of the door, it looked like it was waiting for something. Ethan and Ryan went down the stairs and when they hit the last step “CREAK!” The creature turned around so quickly that it was like a flash of red, it just stood there watching them. Next, Ethan and Ryan just looked at it back, but after about 15 rough seconds it looked away and Ethan and Ryan sprinted as fast as they could into the living room. They tried to be as silent as they could because the door lead into the living room they hatched out a plan, one of them would jump out in front of the… ghost, ghoul, Ethan and Ryan couldn’t keep calling the thing this so they simply came up with a name for it, THE SHADOW. One of them would jump out and distract THE SHADOW. It would move off of the door and start to inch toward whoever went, once THE SHADOW was far enough away from the door the other person would open the door up and run, the person who was distracting would start to run and go out the back door. The one question was, who was going to be the distractor. None of them wanted to, so they decided to finish their debate with rock, paper, scissor, shoot out of 1. The first time they both chose scissor, the second time they both chose paper, but the third time Ryan chose rock and Ethan chose paper again. Ryan lost so he would have to go out and distract THE SHADOW. Ryan built up the courage and jumped out in front of THE SHADOW. When he did THE SHADOW didn’t move, all it did was look at Ryan. after a couple seconds, Ryan jumped back into the living room and told Ethan that the plan didn’t work. THE SHADOW didn’t even flinch when Ryan jumped, but what it did do was jump at Ryan. THE SHADOW about 5 feet and landed right next to Ryan…

 To Be Continued On Chapter 3

October 27

Chapter: 1 Haunting


                         Chapter 1

                      The Haunting


Once upon a time, there were two boys named Ethan and Ryan they were in 6th grade. They were both in the highest math and reading class, so they had lots of homework. Ethan and Ryan were neighbors and they would do their homework together, even though they weren’t supposed to. One spoopy Halloween night Ethan went to Ryan’s house, but Ryan wasn’t there. Ethan didn’t want to just look around Ryan’s house but it was his friend. Ethan didn’t want Ryan to be in trouble so he cautiously walked into his house, Ethan heard the TV was on so he looked in the living room but nobody was in there. There was nobody in the house, Ethan got scared because there was always two cars at there house and both cars were still there!


Ethan began to get suspicious so he looked around the house one more time, but more carefully. He looked in the kitchen, there were very little scratches, as he walked through the house the scratches just got bigger and bigger. Ethan searched the whole house except for Ryan’s room. There was nothing there no scratches, no nothing. Ethan looked everywhere yet couldn’t find anyone. He turned around and saw Ryan’s closet, he was very scared but, he had to open the closet. Ethan opened the closet and both Ryan and Ethan screamed. Ethan asked Ryan why he was in the closet, Ryan was about to answer when suddenly he got a massive headache like pain it grew worse and worse. Ethan was scared to death and didn’t know exactly what was happening. The massive headache suddenly stopped. All Ryan said for many many minutes was “it is still here”. Once Ryan was done chanting “it is still here” they both decided to look around the house. Ryan and Ethan looked through the bedrooms, the living room, the toy room, the kitchen and the laundry room. When they were about to leave, Ryan saw the basement door cracked open a bit. They both went into the basement and surprisingly saw a…. Rabbit? Ethan started to chuckle then both started to leave the basement. When they reached the stairs they heard a growl. They looked back and they saw this huge shadowy creature. Ryan and Ethan looked down and saw the poor rabbits ripped up corpse lying in a puddle of blood. They both ran out of the basement and the house. “I CAN’T BELIEVE MY HOUSE IS HAUNTED” said Ryan. “It’s all fake” said Ethan “The rabbit, the monster the scratches, they are all fake”. “Then why did it take my parents” said Ryan “WHAT?!” yelled Ethan, surprised and scared at the same time. “RUN!” Ethan yelled. (Both Ethan and Ryan ran) “Why are we running” Ryan asked while they were running outside of the house across the street to Ethan’s house. Ethan saw the shadow creature but it wasn’t running toward them it was walking slowly toward them saying wait, but it wasn’t very normal. So, as Ethan and Ryan went into Ethan’s house there was another scary/shadowy creature waiting at the door.

                           To Be Continued


Producers: Derek and Brandon

Author: Derek and Brandon

Thinkers:Derek and Brandon

Characters: Ethan, Ryan and Ethan’s Parents

October 12

Summer Time Fun Time

My favorite memory from the summer was when I went to Tennessee. It took 9 hours to get to  Tennessee. When we got their it was 6:00 on Sunday so me and my family just watched TV till 9:00 and then went to bed. The next morning is Monday so me and my family woke up and went to Dolly Wood  Tennessee. When we got their it was really hot and the line for the tickets was pretty long. (10 minutes later) We walked into the park and it looked so impressive. We went to the Skyhawk I think, and my sister rode that, it was a roller coaster. Then we went on a lot of other rides, then we went home because it was getting dark and the park closed at 8:00. Today is Tuesday and I didn’t think that I was going on a roller coaster but when we got their we did a ride that I liked and we did it a few more times. Next we went to a water ride that you shot water out of a cannon at other people it was so fun and wet. Then my mom convinced me to go on a metal roller coaster with my sister who loves any type of roller coaster (by the way I do not like roller coasters). Their was nobody in line so we got on it and it was like “Okay firefighters we need your help to put out a fire, 3 2 1 whoooosh.” It scared me because I didn’t think it went that fast, it went on its sides and did drops (I also don’t like drops). Then near the end you went into a shed that was on fire and had fireworks that were on fire too, then you shot backwards and went down a drop and the ride was over.

October 12

Tenor Saxophone

I want to learn how to play the Tenor Saxophone better. In our school you can pick Alto Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, Clarinet and Flute at the end of 3rd grade. I picked Alto Saxophone, when I was in 4th grade I wasn’t that good at playing the Alto. When I started playing in 4th grade all of the 4th graders were called Cadet Band. Once it got into the year we took lessons with a teacher. He taught us all of the fingering and when to blow hot air and when to blow cold.

We played in a concert and I think there was at least 500 students playing that year. At the end of the year of 4th grade they sent out the paper again to see if people wanted to change instruments. I didn’t change because in the second year of you playing the same instrument in the band they call you the Spartan Band. Me, Riley and Sarah got harder music to play but it wasn’t that hard. That same year a few people quit but not that much. We played at the concert and it was funny because all of our instructors dressed up as a superhero because one of our songs was called superhero.

At the end of fifth grade they sent out the paper again and I was thinking of playing drums because I have been playing drums since I was 7 and I am 11. When I got into sixth grade then I got the Tenor Saxophone. The Alto Saxophone is not a very low instrument but its not very a high instrument. The Tenor though was quite lower than the Alto. The fingering was the same and that was the easiest part. We didn’t have to learn any new notes either. When I started playing I liked it a lot because it was really fun to play. Instead of it being high and squeaky it was low and not squeaky. That was my adventure playing an instrument.