Lost in Hawaii, Chapter 3

Athena: Christine Ramirez; 18

Derek: Christian Ramirez; 13

Tate: Daryl Ramirez; 16

Brandon: Isaac Ramirez; 17

Year: 2018

Setting: Hawaii


         (If you haven’t read Lost In Hawaii chapter 1 or 2, please do, if you read this without reading them, it won’t make sense)


                                  Chapter 3

After half an hour, Isaac saw someone familiar walking on the beach with a dog. “ Is that…” Isaac studered for a little bit, “ DARYL!!!” Christine immediately looked over, and sure enough, Daryl was standing about 20 feet away from them. Christine yelled at Christian to go to him. Just as Christine and Isaac were running to get to Daryl, Christian was too. They all ran to him and gave him a big hug. Christine was so surprised and happy, that she fainted. “ Oh no, this isn’t good.” Isaac said.


“ Typical Christine, always wanting attention.” Christian said frustratedly.  Daryl jumped into the conversation, “ SERIOUSLY, SHE JUST PASSED OUT!”. She woke up and acted all nice, “ OH MY, What just happened, are you ok?” She said. “ What’s wrong with Christine, you know what, I like her this way, let’s leave her like this” Christian said happily. “ WHAT, NO!” Isaac replied. Just as Isaac said that, he slapped Christine, “ SNAP OUT OF IT!” Isaac yelled. “ YOU LITTLE BRAT!!!! AHHHHHH” Christine screamed and slapped Isaac back.


“ OW! Well, at least we know that she’s back to normal now.” Isaac said thankfully “ Well, know that I think about it, maybe we should’ve left her like that.” Isaac said. “ Well guess what, I’m back, so deal with it.” Christine said meanly “ Yep, she’s back to normal.” Daryl said. Everyone was too busy focusing on Daryl, that they all forgot about the dog next to him. “So Daryl, who is you’re new friend” Isaac said.


“I don’t know, but I found this dog next to me when the plane crashed Daryl said. “WHAT!!! THE PLANE CRASHED!!!!” Christian said freakishly. “ The plane crashed! You losers better not say a word because I’m in charge, brats, and if mom and dad found out then they would kill me, LITERALLY!!!” Christine said. “ OHHH, the dog is so cute” Isaac said.


“ What should we name him”  he added “How about Kilauea guys?” Daryl exclaimed.     (Kill-ah-ee-u) “ Not a bad name, but isn’t that the name of an active volcano?” Christian asked. “Well we are in Hawaii, so I think we should just name him after a volcano I guess” Daryl said. “ That sounds sounds cool, but it’s kinda hard to pronounce” Isaac replied.

“You’ll pronounce the name right if you just get used to it.” Daryl said. “ I guess you’re right, well then, we really should be getting back to the hotel, it’s getting dark” Isaac said. “ Okay, I sort of have to go there, since I literally don’t have anywhere else to stay” Daryl said. They went back to the hotel and watched a scary movie called Hyberschmonkey. By the time the movie was over, they all had past asleep. “Hehehehe, your so funny” Christine said. “What are you doing, it’s three in the morning!” Daryl said. “I’m facechatting my Boyfriend” Christine said. “Yeah right, like you have one” Daryl said, then they all went back to sleep.


It was morning, and the dog was sitting right next to Daryl, “Oh, hi, wait, you can’t talk, so why would I say hello, whatever” Daryl said. Daryl woke everyone up, and they all got ready for a day full of fun and adventure. Christine took FOREVER in the bathroom putting on makeup. “ HURRY UP CHRISTINE, other people need to get in here too.” Christian said. “ Fine, I’ll get done!” Christine yelled back. Once Christine finally got done, everyone else got their turns, and after a while, they were finally ready for the day. They went out onto the boardwalk to see the beach and all the amazing things on the boardwalk.

“Whaaaa, a-a-an ice cream shop” Christian said amazed. “Well, we haven’t really eaten anything the entire trip so lets go, I say” Daryl said. They all went into the store. It wasn’t very packed at all, especially on a very hot day. The ice cream flavors didn’t look to good, all they had was a few called lemon, apple, pear, only one of the flavors looked good.  It was a mix of blue, red, and yellow. “Uhhhh, excuse me what is that flavor called?” Isaac asked. Then, all of a sudden, a man wearing a batman shirt came up to them and said “That flavor is called Superman Ice Cream” Then he called the group “dorks” for not knowing that.

“It’s pretty sad that you would know the name of an ice cream flavor that probably no one on earth has ever heard of” Daryl said. “The blue, red, and yellow represent superman, DUHHHH!!!” the large man continued. “Oh well, I will have a sample of it then” Daryl took a sample of it and ate it. “That is pretty good” he said. “Ummm… can I get some charcoal ice cream, please? I heard that it tastes, like, super good so…yeah.”

“Umm… are you sure you want to get that?” asked Christian. “Duh, otherwise I wouldn’t have asked for it, dumbo.”. Then the man gave her some black swirly ice cream on a cone and she squealed with delight once she saw the ice cream. “Ughh, that doesn’t look too good Christine” Daryl said disgusted.  “It tastes like strawberry and black liquorice combined!” Christine replied, very excited. “Just get the superman ice cream, it is probably 10,000 times better than what you’re eating” Daryl said. “NO! HOW MANY TIMES DO I NEED TO SAY IT?” Christine screamed and then went back to licking her ice cream.


       To Be Continued


The Shadow: Chapter 1

 Chapter 1

                      The Haunting


Once upon a time, there were two boys named Ethan and Ryan they were in 6th grade. They were both in the highest math and reading class, so they had lots of homework. Ethan and Ryan were neighbors and they would do their homework together, even though they weren’t supposed to. One spoopy Halloween night Ethan went to Ryan’s house, but Ryan wasn’t there. Ethan didn’t want to just look around Ryan’s house but it was his friend. Ethan didn’t want Ryan to be in trouble so he cautiously walked into his house, Ethan heard the TV was on so he looked in the living room but nobody was in there. There was nobody in the house, Ethan got scared because there was always two cars at there house and both cars were still there!


Ethan began to get suspicious so he looked around the house one more time, but more carefully. He looked in the kitchen, there were very little scratches, as he walked through the house the scratches just got bigger and bigger. Ethan searched the whole house except for Ryan’s room. There was nothing there no scratches, no nothing. Ethan looked everywhere yet couldn’t find anyone. He turned around and saw Ryan’s closet, he was very scared but, he had to open the closet. Ethan opened the closet and both Ryan and Ethan screamed, Ryan almost stabbed Ethan with a kitchen knife he had because he was scared. Ethan asked Ryan why he was in the closet, Ryan was about to answer when suddenly he got a massive headache like pain it grew worse and worse.


Ethan was scared to death and didn’t know exactly what was happening. The massive headache suddenly stopped. All Ryan said for many many minutes was “it is still here”. Once Ryan was done chanting “it is still here” they both decided to look around the house. Ryan and Ethan looked through the bedrooms, the living room, the toy room, the kitchen and the laundry room. When they were about to leave, Ryan saw the basement door cracked open a bit. They both went into the basement and surprisingly saw a…. Rabbit? Ethan started to chuckle then both started to leave the basement. When they reached the stairs they heard a growl. They looked back and they saw this huge shadowy creature. Ryan and Ethan looked down and saw the poor rabbits ripped up corpse lying there. They both ran out of the basement and the house. “I CAN’T BELIEVE MY HOUSE IS HAUNTED” said Ryan. “It’s all fake” said Ethan “The rabbit, the monster the scratches, they are all fake”. “Then why did it kill my parents” said Ryan “WHAT?!” yelled Ethan, surprised and scared at the same time.


“RUN!” Ethan yelled. (Both Ethan and Ryan ran) “Why are we running” Ryan asked while they were running outside of the house across the street to Ethan’s house. Ethan saw the shadow creature but it wasn’t running toward them it was walking slowly toward them saying wait, but it wasn’t very normal. So, as Ethan and Ryan went into Ethan’s house, “AAAAAAHHHHH” said Ethan’s parents. Ethan and Ryan started sprinting as fast as they could up the stairs but it was too late. The screaming stopped and when Ethan got into his parents bedroom they were on the floor. There wasn’t any blood, but they weren’t breathing.

                           To Be Continued


Producers: Derek and Brandon

Author: Derek and Brandon

Thinkers:Derek and Brandon

Characters: Ethan, Ryan and Ethan’s Parents



Poor Population

The population is healthy, but some of the population is also unhealthy. Population Growth and Income Level ChartCreative Commons License Matt Lemmon via CompfightCreative Commons License Matt Lemmon via Compfight allispossible.org.uk via Compfight

This is a chart of poor countries, developing countries, and high income countries. Guess what there is more of, POOR countries. More than 1.3 billion people live in extreme poverty —they live on less than $1.25 a day. ( https://www.dosomething.org/us/facts/11-facts-about-global-poverty )Being in poverty is terrible, I have never been in poverty, but just by hearing about it, it sounds horrible! Poverty is not having enough money to have a good lifestyle.


Finish the Story #2: The Ending

Rachel new she would regret letting her friends fall so she jumped out of the plane and dived for her friends, she grabbed one of the girls hands and told her to get the others and not dive down. She did and grabbed one of the other girls hand. All of them were holding hands. Then from the sky, 100’s of parachutes fell from the sky and they each grabbed one. They all landed on an island and lived there for 3 days. Soon after a helicopter went to the island and saved them. THE END


This is all Tatham’s work! I did not have any part in making this ending. Tatham did all of it.
Here’s his blog URL: http://blog.elanco.org/infantewl5/

When the Doorknob Turns

One day Tilly Jonathan’s mom sent him down to the basement to grab something for her. As he was picking up the box it was inside, he saw a note from the corner of his eye. He picked up the note, and went upstairs with the box his mom asked him to get. He was to scared to unfold the note, so he put it in a drawer in his desk.


Before he left his room,his curiosity took him over, and made him open the note. Tilly never felt this urge before. He read the note. It said “L”. He was freaked out and confused. Just after he read the note, his mom yelled at him, “ DO YOUR LAUNDRY”. He was to scared to do anything, so he refused to do what his Mom asked.


The next day he went downstair to get his roller blades. He found another note. He took it upstairs. He was still scared from yesterday’s note so he was really scared to find another note. He unfolded it and read it. It said “ a”. He went downstairs and yelled at his Mom “ We need to move, our house is haunted!,”. The next day he went downstairs to look for another note and he saw claw marks and heard a pounding on the door. He found a note grabbed, then ran upstairs and read it. It read “u”. He put the notes together. “Lau” is what it said. He refused to go back down there that day.

The day went by, and the next one came. He woke up, and went to the basement, he did not see any note, so he ran up the stairs, but the door was locked. A couple minutes later he heard his Mom scream, and the doorknob started to turn. He ran down the stairs and hid behind a big box. He was so scared.

He heard the door open, and steps going down the stairs. The box he was hiding behind was smacked away and he heard “ DO YOUR LAUNDRY! I’ve been leaving notes down here, I hoped you would find them all, but I guess you didn’t. THEY SPELL OUT LAUNDRY!!!” “ Few” Tilly said Thankfully, It was just his Mom. “I accidentally scratched the walls yesterday, sorry” she said.


Lost in Hawaii Chapter 2

Athena: Christine Ramirez; 18

Derek: Christian Ramirez; 13

Tate: Daryl Ramirez; 16

Brandon: Isaac Ramirez; 17

Year: 2018

Setting: Hawaii


(If you haven’t read Lost In Hawaii chapter 1, please do, if you read this without reading chapter 1, it won’t make sense)


Daryl was supposed to get on the Maui flight, but instead he got on the Kauai flight! Christine decided to stay calm until they got to Maui, then they would go looking for him. Christine looked in her purse for her phone so she could play music and not have to listen to a bunch of random people talk for three hours. Meanwhile…Daryl looked around, looking for his siblings, but he couldn’t find them. He looked at his ticket again and checked if he was on the right plane, and sure enough, he wasn’t. “Uhhh… How could I have mistaken Kauai for Maui?”.


All of a sudden the flight attendant announced over the loudspeaker “Everyone please buckle up and get ready for takeoff! If you need anything, just press your button ! Enjoy your flight on Runway Airlines!” and then she walked. over to a person who needed help. Daryl pressed his button and a flight attendant came over to him “What’s the issue, sir?”she asked kindly. “Sorry but I believe I am on the wrong flight, mam,” said Daryl. “ Well it’s a good thing your on the right plane now” The flight attendant said.


“ No I am on the wrong plane, my siblings got on the right plane” corrected Daryl. “Oh, well the plane has already taken off, you will have to get on the other one, when we land”. “Fine” Daryl grumbled. Meanwhile on the correct plane,  “Ughhhh, I have no WiFi!!!” Christine said. “ Just deal with it, I never use my phone when we travel!” Isaac said. “ But you don’t understand, I need this!” Christine said anxiously. “Oh well you will have to just wait, we’re almost there anyway, we only have 20 more minutes on the plane anyway” Isaac exclaimed.  “Everyone, we are starting our descent, please sit down and remember to buckle up” the Pilot said over the loudspeaker.


“Okay, okay, we are almost there” Isaac said. “Daryl should be arriving too, but on the other side of the island” Christian said. “Okay everyone, I’m going to try to call Daryl, Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep” Christine said. “Hello?” Daryl said. “It’s you, are you okay” “Yeah, I am fine but you guys will be on the other side of the island” Daryl said.  “ Well, we will meet eventually you moron” Christine said. Once they got to Hawaii, they immediately went to see their room,and the three of them thought it was amazing.

It was a two room suite with four king sized beds and 2 bathrooms.  “Wow, this really is something, ain’t it” Christian said. “Yeah, you can say that again” Isaac said. “Okay, listen up nerds, I get the bigger room, the three of you get the smaller one” Christine said ferociously. “That is not happening, the three of us need the bigger room because we need more space” Christian said. “Hmmmm, I’ll let you have the room, FOR 10 DOLLARS!!!” Christine said. “Fine” Christian then gave her “10 dollars”. “How long do you think it will take her to realize those are monopoly dollars?” Isaac asked. “I hope she won’t notice at all, it would be funny if she thought they were real” Laughed Christian.


Meanwhile…. “The plane is shaking very bad everyone, duck under your seats” the pilot announced cautiously. Daryl looked outside of the plane, ONE OF THE ENGINES WAS ON FIRE!!!!  “Oh no” he started to breathe heavily, he was panicking. The pilot then said over the loudspeaker “I’m going to try to land the plane on the side of the beach, everyone, brace for impact. All went black for Daryl, he then woke up laying in the sand of the beach with a dog by his side licking his face all over. “Ughh, hey there little guy?, I wonder how I got here” Daryl said confused. He didn’t see the plane, or anybody else, “Where is everyone, especially the plane,   it’s not like a plane could just disappear” Daryl said. The dog barked and ran into the jungle, it seemed he wanted Daryl to follow him. “Okay, I guess I have nothing better to do” Daryl followed.


 Meanwhile… “Hey guys, how about we go to the beach for a swim” Christian said. “Sure, why not” “BUT I DON’T WANT CHRISTINE TO GO, DOES SHE HAVE TO COME!!!!” Christian said annoyed. “Shhhh, we will sneak out, although I want to play a prank on her” Isaac said. All of a sudden the door slammed open and Christine screamed “No! You are NOT sneaking out and you are also NOT playing a prank on me! I will literally stay up the whole night to make sure you don’t. Plus, I could just call mom and dad.”. “Oh well we don’t have to play a prank on you because I already did, the money I gave you was monopoly dollars” Christian said. “Fine then give me my room back you little brat! I nicely decide to bring you here with me and you act like animals! I should never have let you guys come along!”  “Just so you know, WE WERE LEAVING TO GET AWAY FROM YOU!!!!!” Then they slammed the door and left.


Just as Isaac was about to drive away with Christian, Christine jumped in front of the car, and Isaac hit the brakes. “ WHAT ARE YOU DOING! DO YOU WANT TO GET HIT!?” Isaac yelled rhetorically. “ Nope” Christine replied. She walked out from in front of the car and jumped inside. “ UHHH, fine, she can come along” Isaac said. They drove all the way to the beach without having to stop. When they got there, Isaac and Christine rolled out their beach towels, and layed there to talk. Christian was busy playing in the water.


After half an hour, Isaac saw someone familiar walking on the beach with a dog. “ Is that…” Isaac studered for a little bit, “ DARYL!!!”

                      To Be Continued…


Lost in Hawaii


Athena: Christine Ramirez; 18

Derek: Christian Ramirez; 13

Tate: Daryl Ramirez; 16

Brandon: Isaac Ramirez; 17

Year: 2020

Setting: New Mexico, going to Hawaii


“Hurry up losers! I’m going to Hawaii for my birthday, and you better hurry up if you want to come,” Christine yelled. “ WHAT! I haven’t even started packing! It’s not even my fault, mom packs my clothes for me! Just stop yelling,” Christian said sadly.  “I guess that means you aren’t coming” joked Christine.“NO! I REALLY WANT TO GO!” whined Christian. Christian started to cry because he really wanted to go “ It’s ok I bought tickets” Daryl said. “Um… how did you even get the money for that? Whatever. Just hurry up and pack, I need to get to those Hawaiian beaches… Aloha” Christine said happily. Then she got in her pink convertible and screeched off to the store because she forgot to get sunscreen, which is something they would definitely need.


“ Did she just leave without us?!” Isaac asked. “ I don’t think she would do that.” Daryl said hopefully. Isaac was almost done packing his bag, but he was thinking about unpacking it because he thought Christine left for Hawaii without them. Even though Christine was gone for a while, everyone still packed their bags, and by the time Christine was back, everyone was all ready to go. “ I told you she wouldn’t leave us.” said Daryl in a teasing way. “ Okay, fine, I was just nervous.” Isaac replied. “Hurry up dorks and get in the car, I didn’t drive all the way to the store for nothing.” yelled Christine at her brothers. They all got in the car and started to drive to the airport.


Christine and Isaac had decided that Christine would drive to the airport, and once they get to Hawaii Isaac would drive.  “Isaac can’t drive, he needs a licensed driver with him” Daryl said. “Oh, well I DON’T CARE, NOW SHUT IT I’M TRYING TO DRIVE!” “Okay guys, I think Christine needs to CALM DOWN!!!! AND LET SOMEONE ELSE DRIVE!!!!” Daryl said. “DIDN’T I TELL YOU TO SHUT IT? DO YOU WANT ME TO CALL MOM?” “Ok, I’m just going to walk there”. Daryl said. “Oh look a bus” Daryl said, then he got on. “Okay, well, now we have more car room!” said Christine, still shocked that he actually got on the bus.

Then she yelled out at him “SEE YOU AT THE AIRPORT, LOSER!”  and she drove off. “Sorry guys, I was asleep, what did I miss? Wait, where’s Daryl?” Christian asked. “Ummm… he’s in a better place now.” answered Christine. “What? He died?! NOOOOOO!!!!!,” “HE WAS MY BROTHER, WHY!? WHY? WHY?” Christian said solemnly. “ He’s not dead” said Isaac. “ He just decided to take the bus.” He added. “ Oh, right… I knew that.” Christian said. They were already almost at the airport, Christine was a very VERY reckless driver, she went as fast as she could, but none of her brothers minded. When they got to the airport the flight was about to leave. They couldn’t find Daryl, but they assumed he was already on the plane, so they got in their seats and looked for Daryl. They looked and looked, but they just couldn’t find him. Then Christine looked out her window at the other plane and she couldn’t believe what she saw! Daryl was on the wrong plane!


To Be Continued



Quakers (Religion, NOT Oats)


Quakers are pacifists, which means christian people who don’t like war and refuse to partake in it and who want peace. Don’t get Quakers mistaken for Amish, Anabaptist, Shakers, or Puritans, because they are none of those. 1 The Amish are a group of traditionalist Christian church fellowships with Swiss Anabaptist origins. 2 Anabaptist are Christians who believe that baptism is valid only when the candidate confesses his or her faith in Christ and wants to be baptized. 3 The Shakers are the United society of people who believed in Christ’s second appearance, they are called the shakers because they are a lot like the Quakers. 4 Puritans are people who wanted to “purify” the England church of it’s catholic practices.


A lot of quakers were jailed for blasphemy, which means speaking badly in public about god or sacred things. The first quaker was George Fox, and as a Quaker he wanted peace, religious freedom, participatory worship, business integrity and social justice.5 Quaker schools are called friends schools, which are institutions that provide an education based on the beliefs and testimonies of the Religious Society of Friends (Q

uakers).6 There are still Quaker schools today. We hope you enjoyed this article and learned a lot of interesting facts about Quakers.


1: http://www.quakerinfo.org/index

2: https://www.wikipedia.org/






The Shadow, Chapter 10: Camouflage

         Previously on The Shadow, The Shadow King sabotaged Ryan,  Ethan, and Herman while they were training. Ryan gets the three of them away from The King, but they want to find out what’s going on, so they decide to try to find where the armies base is. They check somewhere, but before they could reach their destination, they get stopped by a shadow soldier. They overheard him talking about the new queen, and how she really wants to get rid of “ The three brats”.


       Chapter 10: “ Do you think that the three brats he’s talking about is us?!” Ethan said anxiously “ Who else would he be talking about.” Ryan replied rhetorically. “ We need to find out about “ The Queen”, so we can have more information about what’s going on.” Herman said. They sat there quietly until the soldier walked off. Ryan, Ethan, and Herman continued to sneakily infiltrate the enemy’s base.


      Once they were inside the base they walked casually around it, even though they got a few suspicious looks from the other soldiers. When they were questioned why they weren’t in “uniform” they said “We work here as soldiers, but we have off today and we decided to get to know the place more”, not many of the soldiers believed them, but none of them were really suspicious. After they passed by the soldiers who asked about their uniform, they started looking through corridors.


      They found a room called “The Queens Space”, they looked inside the room and they found a whole buffet and all these really comfy chairs. So, they looked around and they finally found something, but it wasn’t just anything, it was plans or blueprints for something. “What is this?” , Ethan asked “Is it some sort of blueprint for a building?” “I honestly don’t know, but it’s kinda weird though” Herman replied.


      Ryan folded up the blueprints without thinking what could be the consequences of doing what he did. The queen could come in, not see the blueprints, and order soldiers to capture Ethan, Ryan, and Herman. A soldier could see the folded up blueprint in his pocket, and then attack them. There was no time for thinking about consequences though, they had to get info.

      So, Ryan just froze all of the soldiers in the way so that he didn’t hurt them severely. “ We have what we need, now let’s get out of here.” Ryan said quickly. The three of them ran past the frozen soldiers, and ran out the door. Some soldiers that weren’t frozen were chasing after them throwing smoke bombs. Ryan tried to teleport them out of there, but he couldn’t. They must’ve had a force field that didn’t allow people who weren’t soldiers to use their powers.


      The three of them ran until the made it to Ryan’s house. His parents were on vacation, so they were all alone in the house. Ethan quickly locked the doors while Ryan locked the windows. The three of them ran upstairs, and hid in Ryan’s bedroom. It didn’t take long for the soldiers to break into the house.  “ I have an idea ” Ethan said, “ We know that the queen draws power from the soldiers, so. . .” Ryan cut him off “ We knew that the king drew his power from the soldiers, but we don’t know if the queen does the same.”


      “ We don’t  really have anything else to believe, and doesn’t it make sense that the queen uses her father’s strategies?” Ethan said “ I guess” Ryan replied. “ So, if we get rid of these soldiers, then we can weaken the queen, and eventually, when we get rid of all the soldiers, we can completely weaken the queen.” Ethan gestured “ so let’s get ready, and fight.” Ethan finished. They all agreed, and were all surrounding the door, ready to fight.


      After a minute or so, the soldiers busted open the bedroom door, and the soldiers, Ethan, Ryan, and Herman began to battle. There were three soldiers that chased them, and three of them, so it was a fair fight. Herman was up against the big soldier, Ethan was up against a normal sized soldier, but the soldier was very witty, and was a fast thinker. Ryan was up against the small one of the three, but the small one was very fast, and hard to catch.


      The first person to make a move was Ryan, he transformed into a kangaroo and kicked at the small soldier, but the soldier just ran, and dodged  it, like it was nothing. Ethan through a smoke bomb at the smart soldier, but he quickly counter acted the smoke bomb, by throwing another smoke bomb at it. Herman decided to throw a smoke bomb, just like Ethan, at the big soldier, but the big soldier caught it, muffled it in his hands, and when it exploded, it had no effect.


      They knew that they were doing something wrong, it hit Ryan, “ Guys, use their abilities against them.” “ It”ll work”. Ryan thought to himself, “The soldier I’m fighting is fast, but I can teleport”, so as the quick little soldier ran around Ryan, he teleported in front of the mini soldier, and caught him. He decided to put the little soldier in a basket, and flip the basket upside-down, so he can’t get out.


     Ethan knew that the soldier was a quick thinker, but maybe it’s a bit to quick. Ethan levitated over the soldier, and through a smoke bomb, the immediate thinker, once again, through a smoke bomb at Ethan,but gravity pushed the smoke down, and it hit the soldier. Ethan’s bomb kept on going down, and it also hit the soldier, so the soldier got hit by two smoke bombs. Ethan shoved it in a closet, before it could see again.


     Herman through three smoke bombs at the huge soldier, because he knew the big soldier couldn’t muffle all three smoke bombs. The big soldier caught two of the smoke bombs, but he couldn’t catch the other smoke bomb. It kept on flying through the air, and hit him straight on the head. Herman could tell that the soldier wasn’t getting up any time soon.  


      Ethan, Ryan, and Herman couldn’t give up, so they decided to go back to the enemy base. They tried to be more stealthy this time. They snuck into the enemy base, and started looking around. Once they couldn’t find anything, they gave up and started walking down the corridor to the exit.

      The Queen came from the corner of the corridor and started slowly walking towards them. The three of them warned her to stop, but she didn’t. Herman then threw a lightning bolt at her and she flew back from the explosion. The Queen was angry, so she started running towards them. While she was running she was yelling a battle cry, as soon as she did that Ryan got scared, and threw a snowball at her. She was slowly freezing, and after a couple seconds, she was completely frozen.


     Her mouth was still open and her eyes were looking all around. Ethan used his levitation powers to levitate her all the way to the prison cells, and put her inside one. Once she got inside a prison cell Ethan then threw a ball of lightning at her to defrost the ice cube. Then out of nowhere there was a big “Boom!”

           To Be Continued


Authors: Derek and Brandon

Creators: Derek and Brandon


The Shadow, Chapter 9: The Second Beginning

     Previously on The Shadow: Ryan and Ethan got new powers from Herman. They trained and trained, yet there is still a lot to learn. Ethan got lightning bolt and lightning ball, Ryan got snowballs to throw that will freeze enemies and he can block himself in an ice block that heals his wounds. Just after training, the shadow king jumped out from behind a bush, now they must fight him off.


      Chapter 9: “ What are we going to do” Ryan said while throwing snowballs at the shadow king “He can’t be froze or burnt!” As Ryan put an ice block surrounding him. Ryan watched as Ethan and Herman were trying their wasbest to get rid of the shadow king. He had to think of something before his ice block wore out.


      The ice block’s time was almost up, he had an idea, it wasn’t the best, but it was something. Run! He grabbed Ethan and Herman and dashed. He’s never ran so fast since well… never, he was so scared that the adrenaline made him run triple as fast as he really runs, he found a large rock, not exactly a boulder, but all three of them could fit behind it.


      “ Ryan, why did you do that?!” Ethan said frustratedly. “ Nothing was working and we barely even made a scratch on him” Ryan reacted. “ We need a plan!” , they thought, and thought, but they had no idea what to do. “ We need more time!” Ethan said frustratedly, “ Well time is the thing we don’t have.” Ryan replied calmly.


      Ryan sat there motionlessly for a couple seconds, he knew they wouldn’t be able to come up with a plan, so he grabbed Ethan and Herman and teleported out of there. When they arrived at where Ryan teleported them to, they didn’t know where they were, but at least they knew they were safe. “ We should come up with a plan here and…” Ethan cut Ryan off “ DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHERE HERE IS!?” “ Not exactly, but we’ll figure it out.” Ryan was starting to get impatient, but he held it together.


     “ As I was saying, we should make a plan here, then attack.” Ryan said  easily. They agreed that the plan was also bad. So, they thought again, It was about half an hour until someone actually came up with a decent idea. Ethan thought that the shadow king’s army would be weaker than him, so they could take out the army easily, then deal with their king.


     “ I agree, but once were done with the army, how exactly are we going to take out the king?” Ryan asked, “ I think that the king draws power from his army” Ethan said “ When they first arrived here, when we were hiding, I saw something that looked like dark matter coming out of the soldiers, and transport into the king’s body” “ Okay, that’s a game changer” Ryan said still trying to understand everything Ethan told them. “ So I think if we take out the soldiers, the king won’t have any power to draw from them, and then we’ll be able to defeat him.”


     “ Okay then, what are we waiting for, let’s beat this rascal” Ryan said confidently. “ I don’t think it’s that easy” Herman said questionably, “ We should get some facts, maybe spy on the army and their king for a while, so we can try to prove Ethan’s theory, and we can train in the meantime, those soldiers know how to fight, so we should to.” “ I guess you’re right” Ryan said, “ Yeah” Ethan said in reply.


     “ First we have to find out where the armies base is.” Herman said while taking charge. “ Well, where exactly would that be?” Ethan asked. “ We should search, do you know any places around here that would be a good place to hide?” Herman replied, and asked. “ There is a big house that no one has lived in for years, literally, it’s huge,  it’s almost like a mansion, and the whole army could fit in there.” Ryan said. “ Ok then, that’s where we are looking first!” Herman said enthusiastically. Ryan led the way while they were walking to the mansion, then out of nowhere this shadow from the shadow king army came out and started rambling about how the new queen isn’t acting the way the old king used to, she is much more harsh and rude to us, he said, but at least she really wants to get rid of the three brats.


Authors: Derek and Brandon

Creators: Derek and Brandon

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