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November 24, 2013


Greetings on this very chilly Sunday evening! Last week really flew by!

Reading: Last week in reading we worked on Main Idea and Details using the main selection Amazing Bird Nests. Students got the chance to read about and see some very interesting bird nests! We also looked at text features in both whole group and small groups. The students explored plural possessive nouns as well as digraphs. We are heading into our review week which will last until December 6th. Students will take the second benchmark assessment on December 5th and 6th.

Writing: We are really getting close to finishing all of our personal narratives. Students are working hard as they move towards typing their final pieces. After I grade those, they will be sent home! We will be working on cause/effect writing after Thanksgiving.

Math: In math, students have been exploring multiplication. We looked at how it relates to division, a few tricks to remember facts, why it is important to have fact fluency, arrays, and word problems. I will be sending home flashcards for the students to cut out and keep at home. Looking at those for just a few minutes each night will help improve their fact fluency. We will continue with multiplication after Thanksgiving as well.

Science: Last week we looked at severe weather such as tornadoes and severe thunderstorms. This week we will look at winter weather to wrap up our weather unit. After Thanksgiving, we will move to Social Studies.

Odds & Ends:

We have a TWO day week this week! Thanksgiving break will be 11/27 – 12/2 I hope you all enjoy your Thanksgiving with family and friends!

Our class will be involved in the Holiday Donation project. We have adopted a family to purchase gifts for and I will be sending a letter home about that tomorrow. If you would like to purchase a gift, please send in the gift on or before December 11th. Our class will be wrapping the gifts on December 13th! I’m excited to be apart of this project and to give back to the community!

As always if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me! Have a wonderful Sunday evening!

Thanks you,

Miss Gentile

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