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October 2, 2016


We are really working hard in third grade! The students are getting more and more comfortable with our rotations and the responsibilities of third grade. I’m so proud of all their hard work!

Language Arts: We have been working on character traits, setting, plot, and theme. We also have done some work with comparing and contrasting. The students have read many different passages and article to compare over the last two weeks. Looking ahead, we will be doing a Character Pumpkin project where students read a book, describe a main character, and then decorate a pumpkin as the main character. These will go into our display case in the front lobby of the school! Stop in to see the students’ work! Our first writing sample is next week and I’m very excited to see what the students write about.

Writing: In writing, I’m getting to the last homeroom for the first time this week. We will spend the next two weeks together going over complete sentence structure, types of sentences, and paragraph writing. We only have twenty minutes to spend in content, but we sure do work hard!

Math: In math, we have been working through our first unit on multiplication and division. Students have been learning about different strategies to solve problems such as drawing arrays, using a number line, drawing equal groups, and using repeated addition. Students will have a post test on these topics on Friday, October 7th. We will begin our next unit, fractions, the week of October 10th.

Please remember, students should be practicing their math facts EACH NIGHT! All students in third grade were given multiplication flash cards at the start of the year.

Odds & Ends:

Hearing Screenings – 10/4

Picture Day – 10/6

No School Teacher Inservice – 10/10

School Lunch Week – 10/11 thru 10/14

School Bus Safety Week – 10/17 thru 10/21

PTO Box Top Store – 10/19

Fire Prevention Program – 10/20

Red Ribbon Week – 10/24 to 10/28

PTO Wolfgang Candy Sale begins – 10/28

End of 1st Marking Period – 11/3


As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me!

Thank you,

Miss Gentile

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