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October 27, 2013



As we bring the first marking period to a close, I would like to say how proud I am of the students. They are working extremely hard and I’m excited to see their growth as the year progresses!

Reading: We read Penguin Chick last week and focused on main idea and details. We worked with the main idea and details of the main selection as well as shorter passages and books throughout the week. We also discussed ways to monitor and clarify as we read. This week we will move to the story title I Wanna Iguana. Our skills for the will include compare and contrast, and visualizing. We will further our understanding of these skills as they were introduced a few weeks back.

Writing: In writing, we are making a great deal of progress on our personal narratives. Some students have already begun to type their final copies! the students are working through the writing process and are taking their time to revise and edit their pieces. I’m anxious to see all of their final copies!

Math: We continued our work with rounding last week and took a look at using rounding to estimate sums and differences. Students will continue to work on this skill as well as finding perimeter this week. On Thursday and Friday of this week, we will be taking our Quarter 1 assessment which will cover all of the topics from this quarter. We will be taking time to review in whole group as well as small group before we being testing.

Science: In science we started our unit on weather. Students explored what water cycle is and defined weather. We will continue to work with weather this week and focus on weather fronts as well as how we measure weather.

Odds and Ends:

11/1 Harvest Party!

11/1 Conference forms due back

As always if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me!

Have a WONDERFUL Sunday!


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