January 12

My VR Experience



Hello world when I was in the VR it felt like I was there and I was thinking I can walk into it when I saw other people it looked so fun, but when I was doing the righting it was more there was a challenge and it was like I was somewhere that I was not and I hop that you will like/liked the me telling you about my experience,

December 23

Deforestation By Emilee

Deforestation is a problem that kids should worry about because…  If deforestation continues at this current rate, it will take less than 100 years to destroy all rainforests on Earth.

Deforestation is where people cut down trees to make paper or anything wood and, there are many causes for both direct and indirect deforestation.  For example, to improve transportation routes, a country might encourage road expansion into forests.  The new roads give access to loggers, settlers and large-scale commercial activities.  

I think that deforestation is bad because when the trees get cut down we loose more and more air to breath.  But there are ways to help deforestation like.  One strategy to preserve tropical forests is to teach farming methods that don’t destroy the forests.  In ’shade farming’ certain crops like coffee are grown within the forests without cutting down many trees.  I think this is a great way to help stop deforestation one other thing that I think that we can do to stop deforestation is use the internet and now the world has it so you can use the internet.

Forests cover about 30% of the Earth’s land.  Forests hold 70% of the world’s plants and animals and, an estimated 18 million acres of the world’s forests are destroyed each year.  That’s the size of South Carolina. That means that all of the animals and plants are dieing because we are killing them to make things we don’t need. I like the idea of led pencils because there is no wood but then what will we write on? If deforestation stops I hope that deforestation will stop because I do not want to run out of air in my lifetime so that is why I think that deforestation should stop.       


December 17

The Blog Challenge


How many posts did you write? 8 posts

How many where school based, your own interest or set by the challenge? 5 by the teacher, 1 by me, 2 by the challenge


How many comments did you receive from classmates, teachers and oversea students? 11 comments, 5 oversea, 6 classmates and 1 teacher

Witch post received the most comments and why? 4th grade goals because it needed the most fixing


Which post did you enjoy writing the most and why? The Mystery House because I made up the story and I like to use my imagination


Did you change blog themes at all and why? Yes I did change my theme because my old theme did not show the widgets and my teacher seid that we must have widgets


How many widgets do you have and do you think that this is too many or not enough? I have 10 widgets and I say that it’s not enough because I want 1 or 2 more widgets

Oversea Friends

I have 6 friends that are overseas from the blog challenge

Web Tools

Which web tools did you use to show creativity on your blog? I didn’t use any   

December 13

Bossy Bears

Once upon a time there was twin bears and their names are Moody and Rossy they lived in a big house it was as big as four or five houses together.  They also got everything they wanted. One day there teacher that came to there house quit because they were mean and rood.  So they had to go to school with all the kids.  When  Moody knew she had a fit and when Rossy knew she started to yell and scream.  Then their dad seid in a deep voice you two can go and get a TV or a sofa for there rooms.  

When they got back from the store they went to bed. The next day they got on the bus the bus driver said that Rossy had to sit in seat 6 and Rossy said no I’m going to sit in 15 then Rossy went to sit in 15 but the bus driver got up and grabbed her paw and sat her down in seat 6 then she didn’t tell Moody what seat she had to sit in she just grabbed her paw and sat her down in seat 6 then the bus driver went to the next stop.

When they got to school Moody and Rossy where in different classes and the yell and cried then the teachers said fine you two go in Mrs. Pandas class.  In reading they talked the whole time in math they didn’t talk at all then at recess.  A bear walked up to them and seid you to are the bears who but then the twins interrupted and said are you talking about us they said the other bear said my name is Joy.  Moody and Rossy didn’t care they grabbed Joy’s paws and

October 28

How to Comment


In commenting you can use stars wishes and wonders.

Also check your spelling in words and sentences , and.

Make sure that you have correct punctuation                                                                    

Also make sure you have your U R L so then they can visit your blog .  


We learned that we must check all of are work and all activities.   


Make sure you capital the first letter in each sentence.

Also make sure that  you have correct punctuation.

Have indents in paragraphs and stay on topic.  

How to do a Blog Challenge

You have to read what you need to do for 2016 Blog Challenge.  

You have to read the entire page.  

But do all of the activities

October 13

The Mystery House


One day I met my friend named Serena at a house and it was a odd house.  It look like something that I have not seen and then my friend said that no one goes in there and I was thinking that if we would go in what would happen?  Then I said should we go in then she looked at me weird she said NO why do you want to do that. Then she said yes so we went inside of the house.

We looked through the house was all dark and then we went into a room and inside that room was…  gold and rubies and diamonds and silver then the house started to shake and the house started to spin and sink into the ground me and Serena tried to get down stairs and get out, but the down stairs was already underground. When the house was completely underground then all the lights turned on and we heard something and we heard it over and over.  It sounded like someone was talking to us then it got louder. Then it stopped…

Then a door appeared we opened it and looking down the stairs made me think if that calling was someone in pane we should help but if it was a trap then what would happen then but right as I had that thought Serena walked down  and I yelled WAIT!  Then the door slammed shut and disappeared. I went looking all over the house and she was no where. Then I told myself she is somewhere and I was going to find her I went upstairs and opened all the doors then one door was going down and with all my strength I went down and the door closed. This was where I was going to find my friend if it was the last thing I do.

Later it was like 2 hours that I was looking then I saw her I was never as happy as I was that time then we talked about how we were going to get above ground. We decided to find a stairway we looked and looked and Serena found one so we went up and the door opened for us I told Serena to line up with me when we were upstairs. We remembered that we were stuck when we were tried to open the door the house spun and the house rouse the door opened and when we opened the door we were outside and we ran home and never came back.