November 14

Why Veterans Day Is A Holiday

By Emilee

Veterans day is a holiday in america and I believe that it should be a holiday. There are many different reasons why I feel this way, so I will tell you why I feel this way. I will also state why it is important to have veterans.

So one of the most important reasons that it should be a holiday. That is  because we have rights as americans and they give up some of their freedom by doing that. Think about it you can go home to your family every night, they don’t. We get to do whatever we want with our hair, cloths, and many other things, and they don’t get to do those things. So if you really think about it they don’t have near as much freedom as we do.

Another reason that I think that veterans day is a holiday is because we need veterans more than we think that we do. If we didn’t have veterans we could be taken over by other countries. We wouldn’t be protected, or safe. There could be a lot more laws, and we could have a lot more illegal immigrants. That can then cause more violence.

So I think that we are better off having veterans and it is just respectful to have a holiday for them. We all should appreciate all that they do for us, and respect them with a holiday. They deserve a holiday.

November 12

What I Found

By Emilee

Hello I want to tell you about something so rare that happened to me. I found something and if you want to know what it is then read this, because I will give you all the information that you could want to know about this item. First things first I have to tell you what I call it, so its name is eelime. So now that you know what it is called let me tell you the story about how I found the eelime.

I was going to go on a hike so that I could take my mind off of things and look at our beautiful earth. So as I was tying my shoe at a bench I saw something out of the corner of my eye. So I went over where I saw it. (Witch was right inside a cave). When I got closer to the cave, I saw something different inside the cave. I was a small light in the back of the cave. I was a little cautious about going to the back of the cave, but after thinking about it for 3 minutes I was okay with going back there. As I got to the back of the cave I saw what that light was coming from. It was coming from eelime.

Now I know what you are thinking “what does it look like!” Well it looked like a globe that had a very dim light in it. It is very different than a normale globe that you would find in your class. It had magic in it and I didn’t know that at the time but it is something very rare indeed. If you would ever happen to go in a cave and see a dim light from the back go to the back of the cave. The worst thing that could happen to you is that you would have to run for your life because to disrupted a bear from their hibernation. The best thing that could happen it that you find a eelime just like me.

So I took the eelime and went home because I was going to see what it did. First thing is that I knew that I had to name it so I thought, and, thought, and thought, about what a good name for it would be. Then it came to me I would just have it my name backwards! That is why I called it eelime. After I named it I thought  “ Has someone else found something like this” So I decided to look it up, and surprisingly no one else had found anything like it. The only thing that came up was that you could order a glow in the dark globe off of amazon. So it was official its name was eelime.

Then I had to find out what it did, so the first thing that I did was shake it to see if I could hear anything. Big surprise there was no noise. So then i spun it and the dim light got brighter and brighter until I was somewhere that I can’t explain but it was white and I was flying. Then I heard a voice say where would you like to go. So I said “Pennsylvania?” Then the voice said what year would you like to be there so I said “2017”. Then all of a sudden the room started to spin, and the next thing I knew I was looking down a me and my family one new years! I still had the eelime in my hand so I spun it again and it said the same things so then before I knew it I was back in the present.

That day was one of the most interesting days of my life. I was so couros about what else it could do. So I started to write down everything that I knew it could do. I wanted to know everything that I could about the eelime, and I couldn’t leave a single thing out about what the eemile could do. So I went back to the cave on the trail.

When I was at the bench that I tied my shoe at. I looked over at where the cave was, and the cave wasn’t there anymore! I couldn’t believe that the cave was gone, so I hiked up to the next bench and it still wasn’t there. I didn’t know what to do because I was planning on looking if there was a code, manual, or something else that I could have missed that could help answer my questions.

Little did I know that there was everything that I needed inside the eelime. There was a list of things that it can do, there was letter by the person that made it for me, and there was a expiration date on it.

So I want back to the car and I went home. I was going to look at the eelime and see if I missed anything on it. When I got home and looked at the eelime again I had to look really hard, but then I saw something. It was a little keyhole! I couldn’t believe it there was something that I missed after all. But then came the question, where is the key that I need to open it? I didn’t know where to start looking, but then it came to me. I could spin the eelime and the tell it to show me where I put the key.

So I did exactly that, and it worked! It was somewhere on the side of the eelime all I had to do is look hard for it. When I looked at the eelime I found the key right away! I was so happy to find that key and look at what was inside the eelime. So i took the key off the eelime, and opened the eelime.

The first thing that I saw when I opened the eelime was the note from my Aunt. Then I saw the list of things that it could do. The last thing that I saw was the expiration date. I was at shock when I saw the expiration date. I said   11-16-18    

At the time that was the next day and it was 9:00 p.m.. I wanted to have the eelime to use longer than that but it was okay. Because that helped me learn that anything can me magical! I appreciate what I’m given now. But on that day I was going to look back on some of the most favorited memories. So there was many lessons that I learned that day like…

  • Make the most out of every day
  • Don’t do a adventure alone
  • Learn something new every day

But the most important one is love what you have that is very important to life.

November 12

We Should Have A Holiday

By Emilee

I believe that there should be a holiday for Mahatma Gandhi (it would be on his birthday October 2). I feel this way because he did many great things for his country and inspired many people. He did many things, but he did them with nonviolence. I feel this way for the following reasons.

This is what Mahatma Gandhi did. He was put in jail 3 times because of him wanting to let others make their own food, and choose their own jobs. He felt very strong on letting all people of all colors  and sizes do what they feel is a good chose. One of his most known things that Mahatma Gandhi did was the salt march. Gandhi started the salt march because it became illegal to make salt and the British were taxing them for salt. So the salt march was a protest against the British saying that they believe in being able to make their own salt if they are going to tax them.

Mahatma Gandhi didn’t only free his country but he also inspired a lot of people. He showed others that you can stand up for what you believe in. But he didn’t give up he want to jail 3 times and still had hope for his country. He was also thrown off a train! Because he wouldn’t get up from is seat for a white man (he truly didn’t believe in inequality). He reacted very positively to others when they would disrespect him. This helped him become a role model for others. As Mahatma Gandhi said “You create your own destiny, be mindful of your actions”.

The salt march was a very famous act in history. Mahatma Gandhi lead it, he was protesting. He was protesting for salt, the British owned India at the time and made a law that said that they weren’t allowed to make salt, but then the British started to tax them for salt. Gandhi thought that it was unfair that they couldn’t make salt. So he started the salt march and walked 240 miles with 6,000 people. The reason why salt was so important is that they didn’t have refrigerators so salt would keep their food fresh.

Mahatma Gandhi died on 1-30-1948 he was shot 3 times in the chest. On that day the people in India were sad and mad. The person that killed Gandhi was Nathuram Godse. Later Godse was sentenced to death for his actions.

So we can conclude that Mahatma Gandhi has done a lot of great things in his life and has done a lot for his country. He should have a holiday for his accomplishments. We need to show others what he has done for reducing inequalities. So now who is with me!

November 12

Life On Land

By Emilee


How can we save life on land, and prevent some of the effects that come with animals becoming extinct. Did you know that 36 football fields of habitat is destroyed every minute.

We are affecting the way we live because we are causing flooding, and erosion this is only a couple of the big problems that are killing our animals and our world. Because of flooding there are more crops  that die so then less food, and flooding kills the animals that are in the flooding. Erosion is a problem because people’s homes that are near water are starting to fall into the ocean, it is also starting to take away land for animals.

Climate change, deforestation, and pollution.Climate change is affecting many animals that live in the Arctic, because there are many animals that live there and the ice caps are melting so soon there will be no polar bears if we can’t stop climate change. Deforestation because trees give us oxygen that we need to breath. It is very important that we don’t cut down trees because animals live in the trees, it is also 40% of the cause of climate change. Pollution is bad because it will kill our fish, plants, animals, and sometimes it can kill people.

When animals go extinct it will affect us because we rely on animals for more than what we think. One of the most things that we use animals for is for their meat, we eat there meat for protein, and even if you don’t eat meat we won’t have milk, or eggs. We also use animals for clothes, we use their skin. One other thing that we use plants and animals for is medicine. So as animals and plants die out there are chances of a cure that die too. We use animal manure to help fertilize plants. Plants take in carbon dioxide so that there isn’t too much.

So I can conclude that if we can’t find a way to slow down and eventual stop some of the problems listed above we will cause a lot more of extinction. We could be in very big trouble because we rely on animals and plants for almost everything. We can try to fix some of our ways to help the generations after us. I hope that you learned something from this article and will try to learn and help the environment.


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November 5

My Presidential Speech

 By Emilee

U.S. citizens we are here today because there is a problem and it is that we are  cutting down too many trees. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to die because there is not enough oxygen. I believe that we can stop cutting down trees because we can use technology.


Here are some of the problems that we are causing.

  1. Running out of oxygen
  2. Killing animals that live in trees
  3. Causing climate change
  4. Flooding
  5. Having too much carbon dioxide


But there are ways that we can change these problems but we can only make it better if we work together.


  1. Recycle
  2. Use less paper just use the internet
  3. Use tile flooring no hardwood flooring
  4. Reuse cardboard boxes
  5. Tables + doors without wood
  6. Plastic chairs
  7. Use white boards instead of paper
  8. Cut down diseased trees (so that it doesn’t spread)
  9. Most of all plant more trees


There are more solutions that there are problems but, not just one person can fix our problems it can’t just be me and one other person on your block. There needs to be states working together. I know that you don’t want your grandchildren to have to leave this planet because it isn’t safe. Most of you want there to be generations after you on this planet. You want them  to grow food and live a healthy life. But they can’t do that with all man made food.


Don’t focus on making america great again but, make the world a great place to live. You don’t have to be like Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., or Abraham Lincoln. But you can help me and the rest of the world, we can be the role models. We can show others how easy it is to help the people that come after us.


Thank You

November 5

2018-2019 Goals


  1. Do the blog challenge and do it every week!
  2. Learn to spell more words
  3. Run more
  4. Get work done early
  5. Do one thing that saves the earth a add on a new one every mouth for a year
  6. Go outside more
  7. Get better with working with others
  8. Not get sick much
  9. Think about things in a different way
  10. Make the most of today!
November 5

Being A Responsible Consumer

By Emilee

What does it mean to be a responsible consumer ?

What does it mean by being a good consumer? A good consumer would be doing things to help the environment. What are you doing to help the environment? A person who is a responsible consumer would take personal actions to help the community from disadvantages.

      Why is it important to be a responsible consumer?

It is important to be a responsible consumer so that you have food that is not bad for your health and might carry diseases, so don’t waste food that is good. Turning off your lights to save energy. Save water by taking shorter showers, not leaving water on for a long time.    

     How can someone start being a more responsible consumer?

You can be a responsible consumer by helping with the global goals.

If you can help with the global goals you will make are world a kind and cleaner place to be.

November 5

What Is Peace

By Emilee


Peace is something that is not violent, but it is calm and quite. It is happy and joyful, isn’t hateful,or mean. But loving and kind. Peace is helpful, and trying even if it is hard sometimes. It is something that everyone wants for themself at one time or another.

June 11

Rice Krispie Treats

6 cups of rice krispies

1 10 oz. bag of marshmallows

3 table spoons of butter

1 tea spoon of vanilla extract


In a large saucepan melt butter over low heat. Then add marshmallows & vanilla, then stir until the marshmallows are completely melted. then remove from heat. Add the rice krispies & stir until well coated. (Be careful it is hot!)

Use butter spatula or wax paper evenly press mixture into 13 by 9 by 2 pan. coat in cooking spray.


Then let cool and enjoy! Let me know  how your came out