December 24

Best Week Of Work

By Emilee


I am going to be a elementary school teacher and this will be the best week of work.


One day I got to work and I had a idea, and I was going to do something fun with my class. When the students arrived they all pulled out their homework. Ok your homework was to find one of the world’s problems and research about it, and do one thing to help get rid of it. So who wants to go first.


After everyone goes I said today we are going to start something new. We are going to make a device and you can use it whenever you want. And we will show it to the school. It can be anything that you want, but the only thing is you all have to work together. We always use technology now it is your turn to make it. All of you don’t know how much you get, you will find out how hard it is to make something like what you use every day. Your homework this weekend it to get all of the old phones and computers and anything and bring it in on Monday. Now we will see if this will change the way you think of things.


On Monday everyone brought in something. So everyone get together all of your parts and look at what you have. Now all of you right down and draw some ideas and we will choose what to make, but as I said before you all must agree on something. So I see some hard drives, some computer screen, computer keys and more, so brainstorm what are you going to make. I will be giving out ideas and asking question and be taking notes. So start feel free let your imagination fly.


When they started they all had very good ideas, but none were good enough. But then I had a idea and it was to have each student to take a hand full of parts and that is what they would get to work will. So I shared my idea and that is what we ended up doing.


But just as that happened the principal walked in, and said “WHAT IN THE NAME OF TARNATION IS GOING ON IN HERE!” Miss Jodon this is not how you teach a class! How on earth can you explain what all of this is? And I was going to do better than explain what this was I was going to have the students do it. So do you want to know what is doing on, ask all of these lovely students. Then the principal ask what is all of this? And all of the students raised their hands, and that is what every teacher longs for. Finally the principal called on someone and they said “We are going to create a device that will help us learn. And when it is bilt we can use it whenever we want to, and we are all going to work together to make it.


Miss Jodon what is the unit you are in? Grammar and vocabulary. Well then why are you teaching technology? Because this is the world that we live in and these kids need to know what they use every day. It is just unfair for these kids to not learn about these kinds of things! Class is over and there will be no homework tonight.


After all of the students left the principal came back in the class, and said “You are not going to do this again or you will be fired!” I was not going to let this happen. But I knew that I was going to find a way to keep this going and keep my job. So I said ok this will never happen again.


On Tuesday all of the students came in I had to tell them what happened, but I could not tell them the truth. So I had to tell them what happen and it kind of went like this… So I know that all of you are wondering what happened yesterday so I am going to tell you. The principal said that we can work on the technology for as long as , and that everything is ok plus he said we can do things like this all year.


It is like that dude knew what I was doing and he walked in again and this time he yelled “NOW YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE A MEETING TO SEE IF THIS IS WHAT EVERYONE WANTS THEN YOU WILL NOT BE FAIRED!” I didn’t care because I can win people over. But I said ok. The principal Got a bunch of substitutes. I didn’t think that someone could do something that fast. Because the meeting was the next day! And that day not much happened with my class that day.


On Wednesday I didn’t know what my class was up to, but this is what I was up to. I still went to work at school but I just was in a meeting all day. When I got there no one was there. I was just going to get ready I took some pictures of my class on Tuesday. And I knew that I could change the lives of kids all over the world. Even though I only work at one school. I wanted to have my students become teachers and all of their students to become teachers and so on.


When everyone got to the meeting. I started to talk about what I was doing with my class. All the other teachers like my idea, but I could tell that I was not selling it. So I went a step up on my presentation. And I brought everything that I would need for a step up. I brought what they started, and some spare parts so that they can see what the students were learning out of technology.


After I was done talking they thought that I was done. But now it was time for them to build. I knew that some teachers were not liking my idea, and i knew that not all of them would like it. So I said now it is time for you to build. All of the teachers looked happy so I said There that is how the students feel when learning is fun.


One teacher said I think what all of us want this. Everyone say I if you don’t want to do this and only the principal said nothing. I then knew that I was going to change peoples lives.


On Thursday I came in the classroom and everyone shouted HEY and I said no more stories about when I was your age, I will tell stories about now. Continue to work on your invention. All of you were good yesterday so I brought in a treat. But you will get it at the end of the day.


After some time I was going to look at what they are doing. They almost had built the hole thing! Wow just wow I couldn’t believe my eyes, they just started this week. I was so proud to see that they loved to do this because you can’t do something that fast if you don’t like it.  I asked what do you call it and they said thingamabob. That was the best name that I would choose. So I told them what there homework would be and it was to tell one invention of the future.


The next day everyone said something for homework some even more than one thing. After I didn’t even tell them to but they started to work on the thingamabob. That day they finished in less than 30 minutes. I was so happy because then we could do fun activities the rest of the day. I was also happy because I did so many things for other people and kids. I got my school to work with technology. So this will be my best week of work.


15 Years Later


And that class was by best week we will see if I get a different one.

November 1

What Will Happen Next

By Emilee

Once upon a time a little girl about the age 4 named Lyanna she got lost in the woods. Lyanna  got older at the age of 12 she found a cottage. And Lyanna thought that she would make things for the cottage and keep everything nice it would be great. So she got to work she collected  water, sticks and rocks. Lyanna found a couch and a bed she cleaned them up and she had a big plan with the house.


Lyanna found a adic and when she went up there she saw a spirit and it said “ People are going to come here and destroy the woods you must stop them. They will come early in the morning have a plan be ready and stop them save your home.” So Lyanna started to prepare she wanted to make a difference in the world she lived in. There was so much to do in so little time in 2 hours the sun would set and she had to be ready by sunrise.


So Lyanna started right away. Now nothing could stop her, she ran into the woods and gathered everything she needed and more. In the house she found some candles that made her happy so she could work all night. She had to be ready by don if it was not her home would be gone.

Lyanna worked all night and she was so ready for don. Not long after Lyanna was done with everything to save the woods the men came. Lyanna went inside the house she set up cameras all over so she knew what they were doing. Then when the came about a mile away she ran as fast as she could.


Lyanna ran to the bushes that she made. She heard them say that “ Everything that we are standing on right now will be one of the biggest cities. All the trees will be gone and the animals will be sent to a zoo.” Then the men herd Lyanna move from the bush to the tree. Then Lyanna came out from behind the tree and/

July 24

My Summer So Far

By Emilee

I was not blogging a lot this summer I have been so busy. And I will try to keep on blogging and I am sorry if my stories aren’t the best but I am so glad that I am blogging. But I’m going to tell you about my summer. So I am learning to cook and in my post 20 Thing About Me You Didn’t Know you learn I am looking forward to cooking. On my next post I will tell you how to make chocolate chip cookies. And I am going to post lots of recipes.

I went to Hershey for the first time I thought it is so fun. I didn’t go on many rides but that is ok because I am going again soon. And I want to knoebels and soon I am going to the beach I ,think that this summer is so amazing. Even Though I didn’t get much time to blog.

June 6

My Summer Goals ?

By Emilee

  1. Write 5 stories at the least
  2. Comment once a week at the least
  3. Check on my blog 3 times a week
  4. Help my friend start blogging
  5. Work hard in swimming
  6. Stay in touch with my friends
  7. Make lots of crafts
  8. Learn how to bake
  9. Continue blogging
  10. Have fun the whole time!
May 25

Last STUBC17 What I Have Done This School Year

By Emilee

This is my first year having a blog I have grown I am getting ready for summer. There is still more to come this summer


Posts 29

Posts for teacher 15, posts for blog challenge 9, posts for myself 5

Which post did you enjoy writing the most and why?

My Brittney and Emma stories because I did them with my friend, and I put a lot of effort in them.


Comments 33

Teacher 10, classmates 13, overseas 10

Which post has the most comments and why do you think that happened?

My story call This is my new avatar my mentor only commented on that. I think that because it would be easy to find.


Did you change blog themes at all and why?

Yes because my widgets didn’t show up at all.


How many widgets do you have? Do you think this is to many or not enough?

I have 14 widgets. I don’t know if it is too much but it is fun to add them.


How many overseas students do you have on you blogroll?




Which web tools did you use to make you blog more creative?

Pixabay, piktochart, powtoon and bunnyhero labs
And that is what I have done this year. ? hope you had a good blog challenge.

May 25

First Day of School Emma and Brittney Chapter 2

By Emilee & Courtney


Brittney missed her friends from school so she was excited to go back to school!! ? Emma on the other hand was a little nervous but with Brittney by her side she was happy and not as nervous!! Emma was scared that Brittney would like her other friends more than her. ? But the next day Emma and Brittney walked to school together and Brittney told Emma about the friends she has like, Maddie, Kyra, Jessie, and Annea. Emma was really excited to meet all of Brittney’s friends!!


Then when they got to school they both went to homeroom their teacher was, Mr. Marshmallow. Everybody laughed at his name except for Brittney and Emma. They knew that it must be hard for a teacher with a last name like that. So they were being nice to him. Then the next class they had was ELA, Emma had Mrs. Ryley, and Brittney had Mr. Smith. They both went their own ways and said “Goodbye” to each other. Brittney saw some of her friends, and Emma made some friends.


Then they met up at lunch and they sat with their friends which luckily sat at the same table so Emma and Brittney could sit next to each other at lunch!! They sat next to each other at lunch and they talked about what they learned in ELA and what they did. At lunch Emma showed Brittney her new friends.  Emma friends with a bad girl and Brittney went and told her that she can’t be friends with her but Emma wouldn’t listen.


Then Emma and Brittney went to math class and Emma and Emma was sitting next to her bad friend Willow. So Brittney told Emma to ignore Willow or Emma would get in trouble, but then again Emma didn’t listen to Brittney then, at the end of math Emma and Willow had to stay in after school for detention. Then Emma went to Brittney and asked her what to do and Brittney said “ Stop being friends with Willow.”  Then Emma said “ Ok.” ? Emma was sad but she listened to Brittney.

The next day Emma was scared/worried to tell Willow that they couldn’t be friends. But then Willow came up to Emma and Brittney and Emma didn’t want to tell Willow that they couldn’t be friends. But Brittney was helping her to say it, even though Emma didn’t want Britney’s help so then Emma went to a different place with Willow. And Emma told Willow that they couldn’t be friends. ?? And Emma never got detention again. ?

May 16

The Lovely Legends!

By Courtney, Emilee, Emmanuel, Shanealei and Maggie

Why are tortoises so slow?  

The tortoise used wings that made them go really fast! Then an eagle ate all their wings then the tortoises had to run really fast to get away from the eagle and they ran really really fast! Then winter came and they all went into a pond and the water was so cold that the water froze their toes and legs. Then the next day they were all very very SLOW!  That’s how the tortoises got so slow.

Why are bears tail so short?

A bear had a very long tail at first to help them balance in trees.  But one day he slipped of the tree and he asked himself, “Why did I fall of the tree since I have a long tail to balance myself.”

Just then when he was about to look at his tail it was gone!  My tail is gone! It must had been

A giant eagle that pulled off my tail and flew away with it.  The bear got so mad that he roared louder than anyone ever did!  He then went to the pond to get a drink and there he saw the eagle holding his tail!  And it flew away and he didn’t see it anymore.  That’s how the bear has a stubby tail.


How did tigers get their stripes and be orange?

You know how tigers are orange and have black stripes. Well one day while the albino tiger got into some one’s house and got into some orange paint and it spilled all over him then he rolled in it. Then he house owner came in and put the big cat in a room then he was all dried. Next the owner of the house put him in a wired cage and then grabbed his paint brush and painted some black stripes on him then painted his bottom jaw white and his belly white.  The End!     



How did the cows turn black and white and brown?


Once their was a cow that had no colors at all except it was white. Then one day a giant eagle came with oil on his body and then he shook, and the oil landed on the cow and left oil marks all over the cow, and the oil dried so fast that the oil is now stuck on the cow! Then one day the eagle came back eating a chocolate bar and some of the chocolate fell on the cow and it dried up that fast that it is now stuck on the cow! That is why cows are black, white and brown!


How did the eagle get so big?


In the past there were many little birds called eagles and at that time they were small.  It all started with a mad scientist, the scientist was mad because everything at that time was small.  Even the ants were smaller than usual!  So one day the scientist made a drink that would make everything bigger.  Once all of the eagles came in his laboratory and they drank the drink.  That how all the eagles are so big.


Why Turtles have shapes on their backs?


Once upon a time long ago the turtles were the made the world and the cracks around the shapes is where the river flowed. The shapes was the land. But then the sun turned them small. The sun said that it was too dangerous. So now they have the shapes on their backs to remind them about the day that the had land.  


Why are Snapping Turtles so Snappy?
Once a very long time ago, there was a happy turtle then one day a squirrel made the turtle very mad. Then the next day the turtle went into the squirrels home and took all of its food! Then the next day the squirrel came over and made the turtle even MADDER! Then the turtle started to bite the squirrel a lot so it then started to be a snapping turtle because whenever someone or something came it would start acting like it’s about to bite you that is why  it’s a snapping turtle!