September 20

Catch You On The Wall!

For my personal “Genius Hour” I am choosing a topic and skill that I find not only intriguing but also exciting, Rock Climbing! This summer I picked up rock climbing as a hobby and it has become something I thoroughly enjoy.  However, the sport of rock climbing is vast and can encompass many different academic topics including physics and problem solving.  Since this is such a fun and expansive topic I have decided to spend time getting to know more about it.  As I continue to explore Rock Climbing this year I am going to have posts on academic and non-academic aspects as well as videos, pictures, and articles.  Well, for now, that is all!  Catch you on the wall!

September 20

Genius Hour!

This year I am going to give something new a try.  Well, to be honest it is not a new concept but it is new for me to use in the classroom.  Genius Hour! This concept has been developed from Google’s 80/20 rule.   The idea is to help develop and encourage student exploration and desire to learn.  I am going to have students stay a little more focused than general.  Students will choose a topic that has to do with a skill or topic that they want to know more about.  However, this does not mean subjects like celebrities, sports players, gossip, etc.  Along with the students I am going to be doing “Genius Hour”.  I will be participating in hopes to model both “Genius Hour” and “Blogging.”  Enjoy watching our students grow and explore as they start the journey into “Genius Hours!”


September 13


Ladies and gentlemen!  Today is our first day of blogging.  I am looking forward to blogging with you.  Today you are going to take a minute to tell me about your favorite memory from this past summer.

August 2

Gearing Up…

It is August 2nd and the new school year is just around the corner.  I am excited about this upcoming year.  I am looking forward to moving up to 6th grade this school year.  This year is going to be great!  There are many new things in the works including clubs for the grade level and I am looking into blogging.  Have  a great rest of your summer and I will see you soon!