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Drawing Conclusions

A conclusion that I can draw from the video “10,000 Hours To Become A Master” and the article “How Does Your Child’s Screen Time Measure Up is that not many people are commiting to the 10,000 hours it takes to succeed because they are using all of their time on digital media.


One reason that I can draw that conclusion is because in the article states that children from the age 8-12 spend an average of 4 hours and 36 minutes every day using digital technology.  The typically 12 year old sleeps for 9 hours every night. On the weekdays, that leaves three and a half hours of the day due to school. With all of the other activities people participate in there is hardly any time left in the day!  


You should be practicing your most enjoyed skill because if you are going to have to put in 10,000 hours to master it.  If you would practice for a minimum of 4 hours every Saturday and Sunday, it would take 24 years of weekends to achieve and master.  24 years is nearly 4 times what it would take is you spend 4 hours on your goal everyday! It would take 6.8 years to master a skill if you dedicate 4 hours to a goal instead of your screen.


This is why I can draw the conclusion that people aren’t mastering a skill because they are spending too much time with digital media.  

This Weekend I…

This weekend I went to a wedding.  Saturday, the 8th I saw my dad’s niece, Liz get married.  It was the second wedding I have ever been to.  It was at The Vineyard at Grandview in Mount Joy.  It was raining so it was a bit muddy, but it was pretty enjoyable!  After the ceremony we went up and found our table, table 9.  We were supposed to sit with my Aunt Connie and her family but they moved over to a different table so everyone had room to sit comfortable.  The food was sort of like what you would get at a picnic, roast chicken, pulled pork, and corn.  For dessert they had a small cake for the bride and groom and cupcakes for the guests as well as ice cream.  Everyone danced and my littlest brother Fin, was dancing away.

That was the main thing I did this weekend.  Sunday was a rainy day so we stayed home.  This is what I did this weekend. Tell me what you did in the comments!  Thanks for reading!

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All About Me: 2018

Maggie M.

Grade 6


My name is Maggie M..  I was born on February 14th, 2007 so, I’m still 11.  I have three brothers, Brendan, who is 15, Grayson, who is nearly 4, and Finley/Fin who is almost 2.  I have 2 cats, Pippa, who is a kitten and Three-Three/Ms. Three. Some of my hobbies are the flute, which I’ve been playing since 4th grade and reading.  Some of my favorite books are Harry Potter, and realistic fiction such as Turtle in Paradise, and The War That Saved My Life.


My favorite subject is ELA while my least favorite is Social Studies.   Last year in ELA, I found out my favorite word: bioluminescence.  


I am afraid of spiders, (shudder) and my family dying.  I LOVE bunnies, and books, especially Harry Potter. If I could have WHATEVER I wanted it would be a lot of money.  I would use it for multiple things such as charity. If I could live wherever I wanted I would live in Paris but honestly, I would be so happy to just live nextdoor to my mom and dad.  I wish I could change animal and people cruelty because it’s just not right.

Just A Cute Video…

I made this video for my Mom to remind her of her memories about her kids which include my older brother Brendan, me, Maggie, and my 2 little brothers, Grayson, and Fin.

Here is the link to the video on YouTube: Memories

What Are You Doing This Summer?

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Sprinkles Inc. the Food Truck

Chrome Music Lab

A Take On Frere Jacques

Short Ekphrastic Poems

  1.   My dull, colorless, eyes display the trail of tears left once upon them.  No matter how vivid the world could be, I see it in 1000 shades of gray.  The wind blows hard against my frigid body, making me feel even darker inside.  It is indubitable that this fall can be overcome.  The only thing that I have is darkness.

2.  The frosty snow was opaque, as I saw it fall against my window pane.  PLICK! PLICK!  I rushed to the window, wondering what was happening.  I saw hail droplets, the size of pennies, scattered in between the frequent snow flurries.  What a great day to spend by the warm, crackling, fireplace, snuggled up in my pajamas, reading “Chicken Noodle Soup for the Soul”. 


Happy Groundhog Day!

Happy Groundhog Day! Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow so 6 more weeks of winter! In the comments say whether you are glad about this prediction or not and whether or not we should trust a groundhog.

What Do You Like Doing In The Winter?

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