February 22

Navajo Code Talkers (Text-dependent Questions) – Shanealei Clemens


Text-dependent Questions Evidence-based Answers
How was Hawthorne’s knowledge of Navajo helpful to him as a code talker?  (Page 91) Hawthorne lived in the Navajo reservation in new mexico but since he was always talking Navajo language it helped him with the Navajo code.   
Compare the experiences of the code talkers with Navajo language when they were young, and later when they were in the Marine Corp. (Pages 90-91) When he was young he was not able to speak Navajo language if he did his mouth would get washed with soap but when he was older he needed the Navajo language to make the code.  They spoke the code.  
Why was the use of difficult codes so important in WW II? (Pages 91-92) The codes were important because the language was hard to learn and if they did not know the language that they did not know the code because it’s based of the navajo language.     
Why was Navajo a good language to use for a code? (Pages 93-94) The navajo language is hard to learn to the then they made
How did recruiters find men to become code talkers? What were some of the challenges in implementing this plan? (Pages 94-95) They made a plan on how to get troops by making a program for the code.  They had to find people to do so.  
Using the code on page 97, how might you write your name in Navajo?



Last Name


How was the code developed? What special characteristic about Navajo knowledge influenced the words that were chosen?  (Pages 96-98) The code was developed by coders that knew navajo language. The words that they chose represented A – Z Letters they also told us to come up with words for military terms.  
How did the code talking program change over time? (Page 99) They first started out with 200 words for the code then they had 600 words at the end.  
What were some requirements and skills that code talkers had to develop? (Page 99) They must memorize the code and practice  sending and translating codes in 20 seconds.  
What were some of the challenges of the battlefield? (Pages 100-101) They had to carry the heavy bulky radios and under intense firepower from the enemies.  

What happened later after the war to the Navajo code talkers?

Explain why the Code Talkers were not recognized for their contributions to the war effort until much later. Explain why they did not get any recognition or thanks after the war. (Pages 102-103)

The code worked exactly like they planned.  They did not tell anyone else till much later.  They did not tell what they did.  
Describe the congressional gold medals given to the code talkers. (Page 103) The gold medals had a picture of the Navajo code talkers on it.   
What can we infer about the use of the Navajo language on the medals? (Page 103) My opinion is that They should have got their medals sooner but they got their medals at least.   


December 23

Is Deforstation an Issue Kids Should Worry About

Deforestation is an issue kids should worry about because deforestation is the clearing of forests on a large scale.  It occurs most heavily on tropical rain forest and more than 2,000 of the 3,000 identified plants with cancer fighting properties grown only tropical places and it can help people with cancer and since cancer is a problem that won’t be good.   


If deforestation continues at this rate it will take less than 100 years to destroy all of the rain forests on Earth.  If it continues we all won’t have any air to breath and animals won’t have any air too.  One strategy to reserved tropical forests is to teach farming methods is to not destroy the forests. In ‘shade farming’ certain crops like coffee are grown within the forests without cutting down many trees.  


But you’re still cutting down many trees and you might be using poisonous fertilizer to the forests. I agree to this but you’re still cutting down many trees and what kind of fertilizer are they using?  Deforestation is an issue kids should worry about because more than 2,000 of the 3,000 plants that can cure cancer also it will only take less than 100 years for all of the forests on earth will be gone.  That’s why I think that you should not cut down the rain forests.  



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December 2




Did you know that were almost always in communities the Blog challenge is a community and even Minecraft and if you don’t know what that is it’s a block game where you try and survive.

Its also a social place because theres many people.  School is a community too.     Also there’s a lot of people.  There’s lots of resources and food in a community.

There in towns and villages usually Schools too.  Blue Ball is a community because theres communities in it like art and music and programs.  Church is also a community because it’s  full of people and programs. Did you know whenever you vote for a president you are in a community.  

Also you own neighborhood is a community too because it’s full of people and many programs can be made.  

November 22

My thanksgiving

 My Thanksgiving Turkey

Turkey, Food, Thanksgiving, Dinner, Feast, Celebration

I usually pray before I eat And say what were thankful for and i’m thankful for being here.  I have turkey and my mom cooks it and its just right because the turkeys skin is crunchy and the inside isn’t dry its wet inside and its fully cooked.
November 22

Language Arts

Language Arts


Once we enter the classroom we have to put are backpacks and coats in our cubbies then we choose our lunch choice 1, choice 2 ,and choice 3 salad.  I normally choose choice 2 ,because sometimes there’s pizza or hotdogs.   when we’re done with that we usually get our computers then we turn on our computers we then go on Qwerty town where we type and i’m on level 6 lesson one .  After that our teacher will tell us to line up but before we line up we have to have our computer case on our computer after that we grab our folders then we line up except for the people that stay in reading class go on kid biz.  Then when our teacher has instructions we all are quiet once he is done we do what he said.  

Language Arts Class-Groups:

Direct: We are with our teacher and doing the work he gives mostly reading stories.

Collaborative: We mostly make stories about stories.  

Independent: We first do our classwork then we watch the links on the teachers ELA folder once everything is done we can do our homework

End of Language Arts Class: At the end of Language Arts we first shut down our computers plug in our computers in the computer cow then we check agendas then we line up then leave.  Next once everyone is seated we line up again but this time everyone goes because we’re going to special.  Please comment if you enjoyed.

November 8

Bears Week 5 Blog Challenge



Bears are cool creatures because they have many better scenes like their sense of smell and hearing and other scenes and I will tell you them.  Hearing they have excellent hearing so then it  would help with hunting.  Smelling did you know that a bear’s sense of smell is 10 times more powerful than humans and dogs.  Sight did you know that bears can actually see in color and their mammals most mammals don’t have vision like us . Did you  know bears are omnivores which means they eat meat and fruit and veggies.

Did you know that there are 9 types of bears.  

Giant pandas , Polar bears , American Black bears , Brown bears , Sloth bears , Spectacled bears , Asian Black bears , Short Faced bears, and Ursinae.  Did you know that bears give birth while hibernating.  

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November 4

Week 4 Blog Challenge Intruder Drill

Intruder Drill                         



This is how you are prepared for an intruder drill.  First you need to have a plan for example, have a place to meet with your family or neighbors.   A place where you can meet could be at a tree or at the other side of an hill.  You can also hide at a neighbor’s house.  If the intruder finds you, you can ether try to escape or self defense like throwing everything at them that you can get a hold of.  If the Intruder knows where your meeting place is, then you should have another meeting spot.  


Next, If the intruder starts firing then you should all scatter and get to cover. Also if you have a phone call 911.  If you can’t get out then when they are in the building then you should stay quiet and don’t move a muscle.  If they are close to you then try to get out or go crazy for example, scream as loud as you can and throw everything at them,or you can have someone bulldoze through them if you have someone big with you.  Then when the intruder is distracted then you can try to escape.

Finally, if an adult is with you then you should remain silent, because if they give instructions like get out of the building.  You should definitely go nuts and out and not wait for them because there first out of one hundred things or more is to keep all of the kids that are in their responsibility safe and away from danger Also make sure you have an adults with you so they can lead you to safety.  This is how to be prepared for an intruder drill.

October 27

Blog Challenge


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