December 20

The Wolf

There was once a wolf trotting in the snow every once so often resting at some sort of den, but one day it crossed into a dark and mystical jungle.  There was tons of prey in the jungle, so it stayed there and hunted for a while.  While Hunting the wolf would constantly see some tan and black spots following it from the trees.  So it continued to circle around, till it got to the edge of the forest and back to some snowy area. “ Leaving already?“ a voice came from behind the wolf, the creature jump out onto the snow, it was a leopard.  “Yes, i’m on my way back to find a den to rest in.“ the wolf said with a slight agitated voice.  “You stole all the prey from the forest, and now I have nothing to eat, but birds and monkeys.  Which are hard to catch if didn’t know already.“ the leopard said calmly.  “I’ll stay away from eating the prey in the forest.“ said the wolf. “Alright.“ said the leopard  Then the wolf continued back to the snowy terrain, the leopard then retreated to the safety of the forest.  (To be continued.  or not who knows))

December 20

Genius Hour (GH 1 map)



How could I sculpt a figure from clay?   (same thing basically just more questions)

What tools do you need for sculpting?  What clays are used for sculpting? How many types

of clay could you use for beginners?

How many types of good clay are there? What tools do you need? Which clay is best for carving/sculpting?

Test it on some clay.

Project; making a beginning model and try ideas.  (Maybe add it to decorations?) then make a video/tutorial  END GOAL: Make something that looks like an animal/building or a fantasy creature.   

December 20

Hatchet – Next step ((basically literature))

He was covered in mosquitoes, he was also injured greatly.  His face is so swollen that he can barely see.  Some of his fingernails were ripped off somehow after the crash.  Hen still had the hatchet which was basically glued to him as well.  He’s tired and hurting everywhere.  ((made up))  Then he would end up looking around for some kind of building, or person.  And he would give up for a while and let the swelling go down. Then he’d be able to see normally, as well as grasp things normally.  He’d use the hatchet to get rid of the smaller trees and bushes, and made a little space to sleep.  And then looked for civilization again.


What i’d do-

I’d End up making a shelter somehow, after all of this happening.  Then I’d create a water filtering system, which would be great since you can’t really live for long without water.  Look around the area to see if there are any other people, then make some hunting tools.  Once i’m all ready, i’m fed and the swelling has gone down, id create a fire to keep the bugs away, as well as keep me warm through the night.  Then,  i’d look for some type of building, or even maybe a city.  It may take a while for anyone to find me, so id cut down some trees and spell out some type of word like send help.  Anyways, that’s what id do.

November 20

The P.o.V of a leaf. (Point. Of. View.)

One day I was just sitting in the tree like normal, chattering to my friends then suddenly one of them just..fell.  Like they just fell, I knew he or she wasn’t feeling all that well for the past. . .two twigs that fell  but that doesnt give him or her a reason to just bail out on us! Anyways..on with the story!

So recently, my family,friends and everyone is just slowly getting sick and they keep falling off our homes. Whenever the skies try to say something my family just flies off sick and yellow,golden,red or brown.  Which then they land on long rocks which those animals that have weird fur…on their heads call em “Roads?“  I think, I can’t remember to much of it.

Honestly, I think i’m getting sick,  my sides have been slowly turning a red/golden color and I just shrivel up slowly..Hopefully I don’t fly off like the rest of my family :c .

DAY 2  im almost all shriveled up :c  almost all my family’s gone and the winds wont shut up. I think this is it… so long

To be Continued . . .

October 18

Updated-~-All About Me!


To start with, my name is Shanealei.  I was born January,20th 2007. I have one sister her name is Hokulani, she’s in this school.  I have many hobbies, In fact the top one is drawing that’s also one of my skills.  I have three pets, Amakua (dog), Lilly (cat and Ashley (cat).  Also, my subject I love the most is reading, and my least favorite is math, reading is also the subject im best at.  I also like to sleep as well as draw and read. I’m basically terrified of, Heights,loud noises, and scary sounds/music (not songs).   If I could live anywhere it would be, Alaska, Rainforest, Hawaii. At this point I think my life would be rate a, C maybe.


Also, if my family was a noise it would probably be a screech/zap sound.  And if the world was made of food it would be pizza rolls. I would love to meet, Albert Einstein, my mom’s brother as well as the queen of hawaii.  The animal that’s still here and the one i resemble mostly is a Black jaguar or an Albino two headed snake. (it’s actually rare to get both) I would describe my home quiet at times.  My favorite color is purple, it also resembles how I feel. Now that I think of it if I could have anything in the world it would be a Tamed Dragon, more forest and, Less Violence.

Lastly, the most important thing my teacher should know is; I love drawing and sports.  I can not play much since I have asthma.

July 2

The magic Egg #2

…..Oh no wait Its gonna explode leave the areas now all vets!

explosion happens PPwwwwwwwww

Weird animal Grows has massive wings and a tail that was very long. Is it radiating heat cause its getting hotter and the glass suddently had  a crack in it.. RUN! Wait guys what animal is this?! I think its from myths the only ones the Dragon WAIT! So it CAN BREATH FIRE.! YES Later that day. she had to bring the twenty foot/more   dragon with her

He had to hire some one to build a massive like helicopter landing pad cause guess what I could Ride this DRAGON!

But first I need a giant saddle so I need MANY ingreadeants so



And Rope.

Also the dragon helped a little

by digging and finding many things in a mountain like.



And only one single dimand.

Then I went to a store in a village

and I went there then I grabbed some leather and ropes.

Then the dragon put everything in a pile that I needed

for the saddle then he used a diffrent kind of fire which looked magical. And it was It made a tiny smake explshion and boom it was there. dont know how but… yeah some how he did……


To Be Continued…

May 24

About My Blog!

I got eight 8 I say comments in march.


I have Four posts based on school and Eight stories I made with friends

Not school based.


I have seven comments overseas

About my Family had 9 I think I got the most comments on that one is because

I put Things that I like.  


I enjoyed all of the Adventures In Candy Land

Because I like candy and I was working with other people.

I  changed my blog theme as soon as I found A dragon one and since I like dragons I put it up.  

I have seven and I think I have enough.  


Thx 4 Reading

⛄ o-o