A story where characters have challenges at sea .

Once upon a time there was a young woman named Rosie .She was a young   mother with a son named storm.As they were on a cruise ship she realized something wrong because  Storm was fussy  and he is never fussy.Rosie then realized that the  ship has been attacked  by a whole bunch of crooks  . […]

Writing Promt

Every piece of writing has a tone, including an article about the road a candidate must take to become president. What is the author’s attitude toward the subject of the article? Support your answer using details from the text. Tiana-Blue                                                          William-Orange I think the the author’s attitude towards the story is serious. I think it’s […]

How can fiction bring imaginary ideas to life?

  How can fiction bring imaginary ideas to life:   I think fiction can bring  imaginary ideas to life by putting them in real life situations .It also can put the reader in the characters shoes .I also believe that if you have been in that situation that it feels so real to you. In my […]

What does thankful me to you ?

What does thankful mean to you ?Thankful means to be grateful and appreciate what you have . So instead of complaining about what you have you should think about all the children and adults who don’t have food ,clothing ,water,shelter,and some don’t have clean clothes .Also when I think about the word  it reminds of […]

The Greatest Invention In The World

What is the best invention of all time ?I think the best invention of all time is electronics because you can communicate  but at the same time you can have fun . Oh and do homework if needed .Plus if you get lost you can use your electronic to find out where you are .That […]

All about me .

Hello my name is Tiana . I am almost  12 and i’m 5 foot 2 .Things I enjoy are football,camping,hunting, crafts, wrestling ,swimming and many more. I have only 1 brother named Kyle who is 5 years older than me and he is the best big brother I could ever  have .I may be a […]