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Fantastic Fingerlings

on January 6, 2017

         The trout are now called fingerlings.  Fingerlings are trout that are bigger than 1 inch in length.  They are growing a lot.  They have fins, that you can now see more clearly.  Rays hold the fins onto the trout.


          They are also developing Parr Marks.  Parr Marks are used to tell them apart, and they help them use camouflage to blend in.  All the trout are unique.


           Some trout are getting aggressive because they want all the food that they can get.  The most aggressive trout may bite off some of the other trouts’ fins or tails just to get to the food that they want.

Can you see the trout?

Can you see the trout?

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  1. zitotbb says:

    I could not see the trout

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