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Negative Peer Pressure Play


Maggie: Leli Nutcase- Student

Summer: Mrs. Dessert, Mrs. Frize

Luke: Nolen Frize- Student/Victim


Act 1; Scene 1

Math Class


It’s the middle of the school day and Leli was bored. Bored, bored, bored.


Leli: Isn’t Geometry the worst Nolen?!?

Nolen: I hear you…

Leli: I wish that something interesting would happen. Don’t you?

Nolen: (sleeping; snoring)

Mrs. Dessert:  Leli Nutcase!  No talking during lessons!  We have recess in a couple of minutes so just calm down or you’ll have to spend it with me.  Now, where was I?


Act 1; Scene 2



A little while later…


(The class is lead out to recess)


Leli:  Hey, Nolen!  Want to play four square?

Nolen: (Mumbling) Yeah, sure.  (sluggishly walks over to the court with Leli excitedly hopping next to him)

Leli:  Is something wrong, Nolen?


Leli: Just wondering.  You’ve seemed very sad and tired lately.

Nolen: (stops Leli from walking by standing in front of her while glaring at her) NOTHING is wrong. Stay out of my Problems!

Leli:  Ok, Nolen.  Jeez.  (finishes getting over to the four square court and starts to play but keeps a frown on his face)


Act 1; Scene 3

Science Class (A few days later, almost time to leave)


(Nolen asks to go to the bathroom and the teacher says yes)


Mrs Dessert: (squinting at her computer)  Leli, will you come up here?  It looks like you and Nolen are the only group who didn’t finish your science project.  That was due 3 days ago, Miss Nutcase.

Leli: Sorry Mrs Dessert, I’ll go over to Nolen’s today so we can finish it. I’ll tell him when he gets back.


But Nolen didn’t come back. Leli thought he went home without her. He was still distressed so…



Act 2; Scene 1

Going to Nolen’s house


Leli had just arrived at Nolen’s house. She went up and knocked on the door. KNOCK KNOCK! Mrs. Frize answered the door.


Mrs Frize: Hi, Leli! How are you? Can I do something for you?

Leli: I’m good. Is Nolen home?

Mrs Frize: Yes, he’s home. (Suddenly worried tone of voice) But… he hasn’t been himself lately. He’s depressed and he won’t let me talk to him! Has he been the same at school?

Leli: Yeah. Maybe he just is worrying about other stuff. Maybe he’ll let me talk to him.

Mrs Frize: All right dear, I was planning on going to the store. I won’t be longer than 2 hours.

Leli: OK Mrs. Frize, we’ll be fine.


A few minutes later Leli is alone in the Frize’s house walking up the stairs.


Leli: Nolen?

Nolen: Go away! (Opens the door and glares at Leli)


Nolen: Shush up, buttercup.  Now why are you here?  If it’s about that dumb science project, you might want to go home.  I threw it out the window and watched a big rig run over it.  It almost lit the truck on fire!

(Nolen faints to the ground)


(Rushes out of the room)


Act 2; Scene 2

What Happened To Nolen


Leli sped down the stairs and ran the faucet and filled a cup with freezing water. She runs back up and splashes it on Nolen. He immedeiatly came back..


Leli: You nearly gave me a HEART ATTACK, Nolen!

Nolen: Sorry, I was just…

Leli: Just what Nolen, JUST WHAT!

Nolen: Defry Badness


The boy who was known for ripping butterflies wings off and snapping little trees. Great.


Leli: What did he do Nolen?!?

Nolen: Drugs. He forced me to do them, said it would make me happy. It does. (Grins maliciously)

Leli: How long have you been doing them?!? (slaps him)

Nolen: OW! 3 weeks. But don’t you dare touch them. (He looked nervously at a box in the corner.)

Leli: I have to get them Nolen, they can really hurt you.  (Runs over to the corner and picks up the drugs and runs away as fast as she can)

Nolen: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


At that exact moment Mrs. Frize comes home.


Mrs. Frize: Are you OK, Leli? What’s in the box? Why are you running? (concerned look)

Leli: Oh, Mrs. Frize. I found out why Nolen is the way he is. He… He’s on drugs.

Mrs. Frize: NOLEN!!!!! Who gave them to him?!? Wh-wh-why?

Leli: A kid at school, named Defry Badness. (Gives Mrs. Frize the box)


Mrs. Frize went up to Nolen’s room and gives him a STERN talk. She grounds him but also thanks the world that Nolen is alright. She tells him that he will have to live without them.


Act 2; Scene 3

School, ISS


Defry Badness was serving in school suspension for a whole month for having drugs and giving them to other students. His parents were told and at home he was grounded for as long as he lived under their roof. Nolen was getting used to not having drugs and was becoming happier.



(All BOW)



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