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About Your Blog Survey!!


Legends Legends!!! ?

                                                                         The Lovely Legends!

Why are tortoises so slow?  

The tortoise used wings that made them go really fast! Then an eagle ate all their wings then the tortoises had to run really fast to get away from the eagle and they ran really really fast! Then winter came and they all went into a pond and the water was so cold that the water froze their toes and legs. Then the next day they were all very very SLOW!  That’s how the tortoises got so slow.

Why are bears tail so short?

A bear had a very long tail at first to help them balance in trees.  But one day he slipped of the tree and he asked himself, “Why did I fall of the tree since I have a long tail to balance myself.”

Just then when he was about to look at his tail it was gone!  My tail is gone! It must had been

A giant eagle that pulled off my tail and flew away with it.  The bear got so mad that he roared louder than anyone ever did!  He then went to the pond to get a drink and there he saw the eagle holding his tail!  And it flew away and he didn’t see it anymore.  That’s how the bear has a stubby tail.


How did tigers get their stripes and be orange?

You know how tigers are orange and have black stripes. Well one day while the albino tiger got into some one’s house and got into some orange paint and it spilled all over him then he rolled in it. Then he house owner came in and put the big cat in a room then he was all dried. Next the owner of the house put him in a wired cage and then grabbed his paint brush and painted some black stripes on him then painted his bottom jaw white and his belly white.  The End!     



How did the cows turn black and white and brown?


Once their was a cow that had no colors at all except it was white. Then one day a giant eagle came with oil on his body and then he shook, and the oil landed on the cow and left oil marks all over the cow, and the oil dried so fast that the oil is now stuck on the cow! Then one day the eagle came back eating a chocolate bar and some of the chocolate fell on the cow and it dried up that fast that it is now stuck on the cow! That is why cows are black, white and brown!


How did the eagle get so big?


In the past there were many little birds called eagles and at that time they were small.  It all started with a mad scientist, the scientist was mad because everything at that time was small.  Even the ants were smaller than usual!  So one day the scientist made a drink that would make everything bigger.  Once all of the eagles came in his laboratory and they drank the drink.  That how all the eagles are so big.


Why Turtles have shapes on their backs?


Once upon a time long ago the turtles were the made the world and the cracks around the shapes is where the river flowed. The shapes was the land. But then the sun turned them small. The sun said that it was too dangerous. So now they have the shapes on their backs to remind them about the day that the had land.  


Why are Snapping Turtles so Snappy?


Once a very long time ago, there was a happy turtle then one day a squirrel made the turtle very mad. Then the next day the turtle went into the squirrels home and took all of its food! Then the next day the squirrel came over and made the turtle even MADDER! Then the turtle started to bite the squirrel a lot so it then started to be a snapping turtle because whenever someone or something came it would start acting like it’s about to bite you that is why  it’s a snapping turtle!  




Emma and Brittney (Chapter 2)

                                                                                 1ST DAY OF SCHOOL!!

                                                                                 By Emilee & Courtney


Brittney missed her friends from school so she was excited to go back to school!! ? Emma on the other hand was a little nervous but with Brittney by her side she was happy and not as nervous!! Emma was scared that Brittney would like her other friends more than her. ? But the next day Emma and Brittney walked to school together and Brittney told Emma about the friends she has like, Maddie, Kyra, Jessie, and Annea. Emma was really excited to meet all of Brittney’s friends!!


Then when they got to school they both went to homeroom their teacher was, Mr. Marshmallow. Everybody laughed at his name except for Brittney and Emma. They knew that it must be hard for a teacher with a last name like that. So they were being nice to him. Then the next class they had was ELA, Emma had Mrs. Ryley, and Brittney had Mr. Smith. They both went their own ways and said “Goodbye” to each other. Brittney saw some of her friends, and Emma made some friends.


Then they met up at lunch and they sat with their friends which luckily sat at the same table so Emma and Brittney could sit next to each other at lunch!! They sat next to each other at lunch and they talked about what they learned in ELA and what they did. At lunch Emma showed Brittney her new friends.  Emma friends with a bad girl and Brittney went and told her that she can’t be friends with her but Emma wouldn’t listen.


Then Emma and Brittney went to math class and Emma and Emma was sitting next to her bad friend Willow. So Brittney told Emma to ignore Willow or Emma would get in trouble, but then again Emma didn’t listen to Brittney then, at the end of math Emma and Willow had to stay in after school for detention. Then Emma went to Brittney and asked her what to do and Brittney said “ Stop being friends with Willow.”  Then Emma said “ Ok.” ? Emma was sad but she listened to Brittney.

The next day Emma was scared/worried to tell Willow that they couldn’t be friends. But then Willow came up to Emma and Brittney and Emma didn’t want to tell Willow that they couldn’t be friends. But Brittney was helping her to say it, even though Emma didn’t want Britney’s help so then Emma went to a different place with Willow. And Emma told Willow that they couldn’t be friends. ?? And Emma never got detention again!! ?


The Last Blog Challenge… ? (Did I Improve My Blog?)

                                                                    The last Blog Challenge ?


How many posts did you write?

I Wrote 58 posts

How many were school based, your own interests or set by the challenge?

School: 27 posts           Interest:   20 posts        Blog Challenge:  11 posts  

How many comments did you receive from classmates, teachers or overseas students?

Classmates:18 comments Teacher’s:16 comments Oversea Students:26 comments

Which post received the most comments? Why do you think that happened?

My post, “About Me (Upgraded)” had 12 comments, I think this post had the most comments because a lot of people wanted to learn more about me and what I do,

Which post did you enjoy writing the most and why?

I liked writing the post “Brittney and Emma (Chapter 1)” the best because I didn’t have to look up what I had to write and because I got to write it with one of my friends Emilee.

Did you change blog themes at all and why?

No, I didn’t because my blog theme goes with what I wrote under my blog name, and because my stories look good on the background that I have, so I didn’t change my blog theme even though I can’t get a Virtual pet.

How many widgets do you have? Do you think this is too many or not enough?

I have 18 Widgets on my blog! I think that is enough but you can have more than me because my blog doesn’t let me have all the widgets everybody else has though.

How many overseas students do you have on your blogroll?

5 Oversea Students

Which web tools did you use to show creativity on your blog?

I used Glitter Words, glitter words is a website you can use to write letters or reminders in glitter! I also used Toondoo Comics, Toondoo comics is a fun and easy way to make a comic to teach others or just for fun!  I also used Time.Is, Time.Is is a website where you can put your time and your date! The last thing I used was Canva, Canva is a fun and easy way to make something like a slideshow but it’s bigger and the words are a lot bigger on your blog!

See ya next year!!  ?

Have a good Summer!!! ???

History About World War II!! #17STUBC

STUBC WK 7 Blog Challenge!! #17STUBC

                                                                 Which Video Do I Prefer?


I prefer the 2nd video.


I prefer the second video because it gives you more information about the digital footprint, because it gives you information that the first video didn’t give you, and it digs deeper into what the digital footprint actually means.


Another reason why I prefer the second video because they actually give you an example of a person and how it works, and so we can figure out how we can figure out how people find your digital footprint and how you can find others.


Another reason why I prefer the second video because they actually made the video long and they told us the information instead of us reading it, cause if you can’t read those words fast enough you’ll miss the important parts of the video, I like that they tell it to us so we can understand it better.

Brittney & Emma! (Chapter 1)

                                                                                     Moving In!

                                                                           By: Courtney and Emilee


There once were 2 girls named Brittney and Emma they lived in two different places until Emma moves into Britteny’s neighborhood. They become best friends and go on adventures!! ?


One day Brittney’s neighbor moved, and then a 15 year old girl moved in named Emma, Brittney and Emma are friends and they play together all the time. They became best friends they lived on Rainbow Road.  The road was the color of a rainbow!! It was a little different for Emma  but cool! Emma missed her friends back home which made her sad? but Brittney was always there to comfort her and cheer her up.


One day they went on an adventure to Hawaii to cheer Emma up. Then they packed their bags and the next morning they were on the plane. Then they got off the plane they thought this was going to be an ordinary vacation until something unexpected happens. They went to their hotel they unpacked and they went for a swim. Then they came back to their hotel and went to sleep until there was an earthquake!! And then they noticed a volcano was about to erupt!

Then they packed their bags and they went outside and ran around like maniacs!  Then they saw the volcano erupt and they saw the lava/magma coming after them and coming out of the volcano. Then they started to run the other direction away from the lava. And they started to SCREAM! And the volcano was so scared from their yelling that it put all the magma and lava back into the volcano and won’t erupt until 10,000 years later! Then they went home and they remembered the day forever! ?