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Hatchet Next Step

In the story “Hatchet” Bryan is stuck in the woods after he survived a plane crash, and he has 100’s of mosquito bites and a lot of bruises.


What would you do in this situation? What I would do is make a little building to live in so then I would have a place to live for a while. I would also try to find some food so then I wouldn’t starve to death. Then I would try to make little containers that could hold water so then I would have something that I can carry around that has water in so then when I am thirsty I would have that. After that I would make a fire so then I would stay warm.


10,000 Hours or Screen Media?

The article “How Does Your Child’s Screen Time Measure Up?” And the video “10,000 Hours To Become Great.” Explains that too much screen time is bad for you. And that in 10,000 hours you can master a skill.


“How Does Your Child’s Screen Time Measure Up?”. Tells you that if you are on your screen media  all the time that it is not good for your health and for your grades. Also that if you are on very long then you would be on it forever, and never keep track of how long you are on, you would be on forever until your parents yell at you for being on for 6 or 7 hours. And you won’t learn anything by playing/watching screen media.


“10,000 Hours To Become Great.” Tells you that if you work on something for 10,000 hours you will become great at it or mastered that skill. If you work on something for 10,000 hours you would want to like what you are working on and put in the work doing it. If you are successful you will get somewhere in life.


A conclusion that you can make is that if you are on screen media all the time, you would not be able to do the 10,000 hours. Because you would be on screen media all the time and you would never get anywhere with the 10,000 hours. Even if you did you would only get 30 minutes to an hour done a day! So please try to stay off of screen media, and work on the 10,000 hours to become a master at a skill.


Here’s Some Facts About Me!! (15)

I will be giving you 15 facts about me, then in the comment tell me something special about YOU!!

I am 11 years old

I am in 5th grade

I have black and purple glasses

I have 2 dogs

I have 1 cat

My favorite subject is math

I play softball

I do gymnastics

My favorite color is light blue

I like to do art

I like to play on my phone

I have a brother

I like the Philadelphia Eagles

I have brown hair

I like Penn State Football

Hopefully you learned a lot about me!! Thanks for reading


About Me (Upgraded)!

Hello world!  My name is Courtney! I’m 11 years old. My favorite sports are American football, softball, and gymnastics. I love to blog!  I love writing stories!  I have 3 pets, 2 dogs and 1 cat.  My favorite food is Chinese food!  I have done gymnastics for 7 years this year will be my 8th year doing gymnastics!  I have played softball for 6 years so far and now I play travel softball! My tournaments start in April!  I hope you like Blogging!


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In your comment tell me what you like to do for fun!


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