Student Embodies the Spartan Way

The other day I heard a story of a young man who had went beyond what would have been expected of him when he noticed a classmate distraught about not having any lunch money. Without any questioning as to whether or not he would be paid back, this young man willingly stepped in and gave of himself to a person that was in need.

At Garden Spot High School we are working effortlessly to promote The Spartan Way (doing your best, doing what’s right, and doing for others), and this young man lived The Spartan Way in that moment. He did not seek recognition, did not demand repayment, but simply saw a moment where he had the opportunity to make the world around him better and did his part to make it happen.

For every one of these moments we are able to recognize, there are countless more occurring every day. The heart of our students and staff is amazing, and the relationships we are forming by conducting ourselves in a manner that reflects our core ideals through our actions and communication are creating an environment where everyone is able to feel welcome and valued. It is indeed a great day to be a Spartan. Thank you Tye Morgan for your generosity and genuine strength of character.

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