I think the Socratic Seminar was very interesting and that we were able to share a lot of ideas and opinions on controversial topics. Specifically, I feel that we have rather strong viewpoints on Social Media and how that affects conformity vs individuality, especially in the younger kids. Personally, I think that kids should not have social media until they are at least in middle school because in elementary school kids shouldn’t be glued to screens. They should be outside playing games, reading books, or doing sports/things they like. Also, some things are not appropriate for them to see and many will try to replicate styles or actions they see, which often leads to 8 year olds trying to look, talk, and act like high schoolers, which shouldn’t be happening. They should be acting their age and enjoying the innocence that childhood gifts us with, not being exposed to the cold truths of our world. It is hard to limit this, however, because social media is one of the main ways information is spread and little kids see older siblings/friends using it and want to mimic this behaviour. Additionally, social media was designed as a business/for profit and is the first of its kind, making it hard to control. Kids, especially younger ones, tend to lack the discipline to put a screen down, which means it is up to the older kids/parents to lead by example or start to find other ways to entertain kids.

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