The article “Shattering the Silence” tells the story of twin illegal immigrants from Mexico and the journey they went on growing up as illegal immigrants. Brizzia and Maria Munoz Robles are twin sisters from Mexico, who grew up in Nevada from the age of 5, graduated as valedictorians of their high school, and attended Notre Dame to study chemical engineering. From a young age they learned to never disclose where they were from and often found themselves having to avoid the topic or lie about where they were from or why they couldn’t do some things, such as obtain a drivers license. However, this all changed during the freshman year at Notre Dame when the former president of Notre Dame and other faculty members offered welcoming and understanding advice on their situation which inspired the girls to change their collaborated final paper on immigration to their personal story. This paper went from a final assignment, to a feature in the school newspaper, to being included in nationwide newspapers such as the Washington Post. The sisters encountered a few people growing up who were supportive of them and met more in high school and college. Upon the publishing of their story, they received much support, but also some grueling hateful and judgemental comments against them. This was similar to Vargas’s story as they often had to lie to friends, felt like outcasts, and often felt guilty about all their lies. Personally, I think that “illegal immigrants” such as Brizzia and Maria should be allowed to stay in the U.S. if they’ve already integrated like this. They managed to achieve top grades in high school, attend college on scholarships, were involved in their school community, and had jobs. The only thing “illegal” they did was entering the U.S. without the proper paperwork in search for a better life.

Do you think that illegal immigrants should still be deported after having assimilated to an American life?

Why is there such a negative connotation surrounding illegal immigrants and where does it come from?

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