3/24/23 – novel projects

This week’s post was to creatively represent our novels. I chose to do 3 promotional items (a persuasive paragraph, poster, and instagram reel/video) for my novel In Cold Blood. I hope you enjoy it!


link for the reel/video above

<- poster


link for persuasive paragraph above

4 thoughts on “3/24/23 – novel projects

  1. The poster was very creative and the video was nicely made. The promotional items would definetely make someone want to read the “murder-mystery” book.

  2. I love the poster, it looks really professional. The video and the paragraph are also really well made. I would definitely want to read the book now.

  3. I would be very persuaded to read the book! Your poster and reel really started to draw my attention and make me want to read the book. Your paragraph was also very convincing. Great Job Megan!

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