The prompt this week was how much can we control the person we grow up to be. We can control many things in our lives such as what we choose to involve ourselves in, who we hang out with, and what we watch, read, and listen too. However, we also have to account for the fact that our parents have lots of influence and control in our lives as it is their job to raise us and they want what is best for us. This means sometimes parents will try to set their kids on a certain path, and being children, we have to obey them or face consequences. Additionally, we get the majority of our news through television and social media. This can influence our future selves by exposing us to content that can influence our decisions. We may see certain trends or ideas and try to change who we are to achieve a sense of belonging. Overall, I think that we have control over who we can become and it simply takes a lot of self awareness to not get corrupted by the many influences we face.

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