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The Now New Wall Daily Starter Haiku Poem

A once new old wall…

some paint flys onto the the wall,

Whack! New again.

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The Hunt Begins

After the search for Arax’s talisman the Golden Ram Conor, Abeke,  Meilin, and Rollan begin the hunt for Rumfuss’s talisman. Their quest to save Erdas has a twist, as new Nectar has been created, to force the bond of a human and animal. The battle will be difficult for the four heroes are still learning to bond with their spirit animals, but to fight kids their age and have complete control? Finding Rumfuss won’t be easy, especially trying to first of all get to him. For Lord MacDonnell’s laws are difficult to follow which forbids them to get to Rumfuss and retrieve the Iron Boar, not to mention the Conquerors also want it. Join the four heroes on the hunt for the Iron Boar.

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Are You Wild Born?

I’ve just recently started reading The first book of the series Spirit Animals, Wild Born by Brandon Mull. On the quest to save the Erdas, four kids, Conor, Abeke, Meilin, and Rollan each summon a spirit animal. Unlike others, these animals are all from legend. With already having the fate of Erdas on their shoulders, they have to face the dark force from the past. Only they can stop it. Learn about their adventure by reading book one of Spirit Animals Wild Born.


What are the Goals for Writing

My goals for writing are to add more content and to become a better writer. I want to add more complex vocabulary so they aren’t so dry.

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My favorite station

My favorite station is Independent because in independent you can work independently and I love to go on some of the websites my ELA teacher, Mrs.Lowe has us on like “Achive 3000” and “Spelling City.” That is why I like Independent the most and now that you know what my favorite station is what is yours.

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