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Fabulous 5k

on November 18, 2016

On Saturday October 12th, 2016, Girls On The Run ran a 5k at Millersville University.  GOTR teams from all around the area came to run with their running buddies.  We had to be there at 8:00 a.m.  Once we got there, we had 30 minutes before the leaders did some stretches with us all.  While we were waiting, we could get crazy stuff on like, pink, green, or purple hairspray, tattoos, and so on.

Coo-Coo Kate and I are getting ready!

Coo-Coo Kate (Left)  Me (Right)

At about maybe 8:45 a.m., they started stretches.  We jogged in place, did star jumps, etc.  Then, we all got lined up in our running spots.  If you went toward the purple balloons, it meant that you wanted to run all of it.  If you went near the green balloons, that meant that you wanted to walk and run.  And if you wanted to walk most of it, you went by the pink balloons.  My running buddy and I went toward the purple balloons because I wanted to try to run all of the 5k.

We started running at about 9:05 a.m.  It started off a little cramped, but then we were fine.  They said that there was a record breaking number of people there, but they never said how many.  During the run, I only took 2 short walk brakes and maybe 1 really short one when we were going across the field.  My running buddy, Kylie, and I finished in 37 minutes and 9 seconds.  It was really fun.  When you crossed the finish line, people hung a medal around your head.  Then, we went over to some tables to get a banana, a bag of chips, and some water.

A little later, Kylie and I made our way over to the Sponsor Tables where there was all sorts of games and things you could get.  I got lots of things.  I got an Atlee Hall bag, an LOA water bottle, an Obgyn sweat bracelet thing, and a Sky Zone bracelet.  That 5k was so fun!

We finished! :)

We finished! 🙂

Visit the GOTR website!

Here is the link to the GOTR Lancaster website!

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