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Creative Commenting Game!

I have been playing this commenting game for this week’s Student Blog Challenge.  Here are the blogs I went to and commented on:

  1.  First, I chose to go to Nikita’s Blo  Then, from there, I went to Lily’s Fantastic Fun Blog.  And lastly, I commented on Madison’s Halloween post.  I chose to comment on that post because I really liked the picture it had.
  2. The second set of blogs I visited was first, Sarah’s Blog.  Then, I saw Sydni on her blogroll, so I went to her blog.  Last, from her blogroll, I went and commented on Ocean’s Starbucks!!!  Starbucks!!!  I commented on that post because I also like Starbucks.
  3. The last set of blogs I visited was first, I went over to Molly’s Magical Blog.  From there, I went to Summer’s Amazing Blog.  And then I commented on Daisy’s Images- No Words because I love trying to find out what that stuff means.

#STUBC Week 6 2016

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