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The Adventures of Frank Bender, Chapter 1: Frank Bender’s Story

on October 12, 2016

Frank Bender is a bent pen beloved by all.  He has a small family of 4 members.  There are: his little sister Pinky Pink Bottom, a cap eraser, his mother Mummy Sharpie Bender, his dad Papa Bender, and him, Frank Bender.  Their family was made out of capped pens, an eraser cap, and a capped sharpie.  Mummy Sharpie is a black sharpie.  Frank and Papa are blue-inked pens.  And Pinky Pink Bottom is a pink cap eraser.  Pinky Pink Bottom was also adopted.  She originally came from a family of pencils that made very few mistakes.  It turned out that they didn’t need her, so they set her out for adoption.  Pencils may be pens’ biggest enemies, but as soon as they focused their eyes on her, they knew she was the one they wanted.

             Frank was the only bent pen in the family. He liked that, but at the same time he didn’t. One morning he woke up with an ach in his back. He couldn’t get out of bed. He had to yell for his parents. Then his parents had to come upstairs with a paper wagon they made themselves to carry Frank in all day around town while they did errands. The only benefit about that was that Frank could draw pictures all day.  He loved drawing pictures.  That’s why he is an artists.  He also has a part-time job his parents gave him, guarding the recycling bin so that no pens would fall in.  He didn’t care if any pencils got thrown in, he only cared about pens.               

Frank is 19 years old.  He is turning 20 on October 4th 2017.  He loves his birthday.  Every year, the Ballpoint family (Frank’s aunt, uncle, and cousin) would bring over their famous Kentucky Style Chicken Noodle Soup.  That was Frank’s favorite meal.  Pinky Pink Butt was 4 years old.  She will be turning 5 on July 26th 2017. Mummy is 40 years old.  She will be turning 41 on January 1st 2017.  Papa is 43 years old.  He will be turning 44 on May 15th 2017.

Just as you were thinking, yes, Frank is pretty old to still live with his parents.  But where else would he live?  His jobs didn’t pay a lot- no one buys his artwork, and and his parents only pay him $5 a week to guard the recycling bin.  So far, Frank has earned $0 guarding the recycling bin.  To buy a nice house, (Frank figured this out on a piece of paper), it would take him about 30,000 weeks.  He had asked for something higher, but since he has been working for under a week, they don’t really know what he can do yet.  Frank likes both of his jobs.  But if he had to pick one to do for the rest of his life, he would pick to be an artist.  Maybe no one likes his artwork now, but someday, Frank knows that he will be the best artist to ever live!

Speaking of living, Frank and his family live on 321 Write-A-Story Ave Inkville PA 10210.  They live in a small “apartment” building (the “apartment” building is actually a few small holes in a classroom wall) with 5 apartments in all.  Since there are 5 apartments, their neighbors are the Ballpoint family, the Staple family, Dr. Gluegun (who lives alone), and the most cruel family in town, the Pencil family.  The other apartment on the floor was going up for sale.  The couple who lived there before, Mr. Mistakes and Mrs. Mistakes, have retired and needed a smaller space.  They moved to a 60 square foot house along Eraser Street.  Luckily, some new residents are moving in soon to that very apartment.  They are moving in tomorrow  and every one’s very excited.  It is a tradition for Frank’s family that whenever they get a new neighbor, they welcome them with a special meal.  This time they are making maple cinnamon cupcakes with triple chocolate frosting.  The cupcakes had maple filling and cinnamon cake.  Those might be the best thing they are ever going to make for new residents.  So, they are making 1 batch of 12 for their new neighbors, and 2 batches of 30 each for themselves.                        

4 Responses to “The Adventures of Frank Bender, Chapter 1: Frank Bender’s Story”

  1. eby41b says:

    Wow nice job on Frank Bender.I wish you would tell me were he lives. I wonder if he likes his sister.

  2. Connor says:

    I love the imagination. I wish you wrote about the next day when the neighbors were going to be moving in. I wonder if the family is a pencil family. Do you think Frank’s family would still dive them the cupcakes.

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