Dog Saving Family From Wolf Attack

Dog Saving Family From Wolf Attack

By Elise and Kane

This is a story from a remarkable dog saving a family from a wolf attack.  The dog who saved the family was the family’s own dog.  Then the wolves came to try and catch the children of the family.  When the wolves came, the dog who was named Shadow, came up to the leader of the pack and stopped him.

After the dog (Shadow) barked at and made the wolf pack stop, the dad of the family came over and tried to get the wolves away with a shovel.  When the  dad was trying to scare the wolves off, he was struggling so Shadow held the wolves off by barking at them.  When the dad got the kids on the four- wheeler, they drove at a 100 MPH and picked the mom up on the hill.  Finally Shadow chased the wolves off into the forest.  Once Shadow got home the family was not there, the family got lost in the woods. So Shadow went into the woods to find the family.

I think that Shadow made a really good choice to help his family in a situation that is severe and Shadow was very brave.  Also I like the part when Shadow barks at the dogs to try and scare the wolves away.