February 6

VR Expedition: Navajo Code Talkers

Hi I did another VR expedition about Navajo Code Talkers and World War ll and this is about my experience.

When I was looking through VR I saw buildings that were destroyed and some that were not. I also saw the bombing at Pearl Harbor with a the bright colors and the destruction that took place there.  I hate to see the world getting destroyed.  But it looked pretty cool in some ways but it wasn’t.

February 6

See, Think, Wonder VR Amazon Expedition

Hi, I did a VR expedition two days ago. I would love if you could come and read all the stuff that I saw.
The Trip Through The Amazon

My trip in VR was amazing because I could see the sparkling water and the amazing birds soaring above me. I felt like I was really in the Amazon but I was stillin the classroom!  We got to go through the rainforest and see all the ways that people, plants, and animals live in the Amazon and how they meet their needs in the Amazon.  All I thought through out the time “What a amazing place”.  That’s all about my trip to the Amazon”  BYE!!!

January 27

Why Did Martin Luther King Jr. Give His “I Have A Dream” Speech At The Lincoln Memorial?

Why did Martin Luther King Jr. give his “I Have A Dream” speech at the Lincoln Memorial


I think that King did the speech at the Lincoln Memorial because… He wanted to make sure that everyone remembered what Abe Lincoln did and why the slaves were freed.  The WHOLE reason is just because our race and black people were slaves just because of their color!  So King knew that he needed to show everyone that Lincoln didn’t want this and that he wanted peace to everyone in the world not just white people.  And to this day black people are still treated differently and we need to fix that together.  

That is why I think that Martin Luther King Jr. gave his “I Have A Dream” speech at the Lincoln Memorial.

Tell me why you think King gave his speech at the Lincoln Memorial.

December 26

Christmas With The Fam!!! :0

Family Christmas Dinner

By Kane


Every year my moms side of the family and my family have a big Christmas dinner.  This year it is different because my pappy got cancer so everyone is feeling down, but pap is feeling better and everyone is trying to help him as much as we can.  But anyway we always get crab legs, shrimp, clams, mashed potatoes, ham, turkey, corn, gravy and more.  Before every dinner we have breakfast at my house.  Every year we have breakfast at 8:30 and dinner at 2:00.  Last year at my house we played blitz ball with my uncles, my cousins, and my brother.  We all played till 11:00 am and we started at 9:00 am.  Then at dinner we played wall ball till 10:00 pm and we started at 7:00 pm.  Before wall ball and after blitz ball me and my brother play with all of our new stuff like this year we got a PS4, I got a computer, and I got VR goggles!  But Christmas isn’t about presents, its about family and a little bit about the food:)  All we should be thankful for is family and that we have shelter, food, and water, but sometimes our parents spoil us:)  Our nanny gives us a ton of presents and she also made a game that is like a raffle, but not as much of people.  In the game we all get a ticket and if our nanny picks the number on your ticket you get to pick a bag that has something in, if you want to keep you say I’m good and if you don’t want it you trade it with the person that picked before you.  So as you can guess nanny loves us a LOT!,  and we love her too.  That time when we are all together is the best part, but the worst part is when we have to leave and go to bed!  DON DON DON!  But I don’t really care about going to sleep because all I can be thankful for is that I was with my family.  And that’s the end of the time that I had at my family dinner.

Here is a picture of the family gathering around my pappy:)


And just one more thing… have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!Another YearCreative Commons License frankieleon via Compfight

December 23

The Wild Adventures Of Russman: Chapter 1

By Kane


Chapter 1: About Russman


Russman was born on a farm in Nebraska on November 12, 1932.  When Russman was just 7 years old his mom died from a disease that no one knew about.  The disease turned people into monsters.  Russman didn’t feel right after his mom died, he felt like something was going to happen.

What will happen next in Russman’s journey?!   DON DON DON!

December 22

Do You Think Deforestation is Bad

Is DEFORESTATION an issue kids should worry about?

By Kane

I think deforestation is something kids should worry about because deforestation is the clearing of forests on a large scale, and it occurs most heavily in tropical rain forests like the Amazon Rainforest and the Indonesian Rainforest.   Deforestation destroys some plants that people might need to find cures for horrible diseases like cancer and cystic fibrosis.  More than 2,000 of the 3,000 identified plants with cancer-fighting properties grow only in rainforests and they are getting destroyed.
This is a fact that I think most people have not heard about before and it is that deforestation can destroy 6 football fields every minute! (Imagine what deforestation does in a day!)  Tell me in the comments how many football fields you think deforestation destroys in a day.  If deforestation continues at its current rate it will take less than 100 years to destroy all rainforests on earth!  (Do you guys want that to happen or not because I don’t !).  Also did you know that in a short amount of years the Indonesian Rainforest will be gone and all it’s animals too! (That is CRAZY!).  But what I don’t get is why people have to take so much wood for a huge amount of paper!  That is the main reason that we lose so much forest.  I thought that there was about 30 million acres a year, but an estimated 18 million acres of the world’s forests are destroyed each year!  That is the size of South Carolina!  (That is a MASSIVE amount of forests!).  I think that people might argue about this because maybe they thought that no one cares about that, but it is a big deal because some kids might rely on the animals in the forests for food and if they don’t have food they might starve and die.  Also if the animals don’t get food they will starve and die too!  We can stop deforestation together so grab a friend tell them let’s stop deforestation NOW!

December 15

I Nominate… Activity 2 Week 9 Blog Challenge #16STUBC

My Favorite Blog Is…

By Kane

This year I have seen many cool blogs, but there is only one that I’m choosing.  Let’s get to the point, we have been working so hard to make our blogs the best so that people would be interested in them.  I will tell you but first check my global students and comment for which one of them you think it is.  Did you comment? I hope did because I’m going to tell you right now!  I’m choosing… Felipe from Brazil!!!  I choose him because he has so many interesting facts about his life.  In Felipe’s stories he shows how good a writer he is and all the cool stuff that he has done like…  He was taking a trip to New York and the pilot let him sit in the cabin for a little.  It looked like he was driving the plane!  Ok now I’m gonna stop chatting and just give you the link to his blog and I would love if you would comment on his blog.  Visit his blog at   http://thestorybehindaphoto.edublogs.org/

And also visit the Student Blog Challenge right here >  http://studentchallenge.edublogs.org/

December 14

Christmas Party! Invitation

Christmas Party!


By Elise and Kane

Please come and join our Christmas party on December 25 and remember to bring a christmas treat!  I hope that you can attend our Christmas party, if you are available, please RSVP to our invitation.  We hope to have you come and you are welcome to bring as many people as you want to this Christmas party to have everyone celebrate!            

When:  December 25, 2016

Where: Grand Hotel, 463 Christmas Dr., PA

Treats:  Anything WITHOUT tree nuts  (Nut FREE!)

Phone: (717)-555-2061

Time: 1:30pm-6:30pm

Please RSVP by: December 20, 2016

(Check to see if you are available and call back, also let us know how many people are coming and what you are bringing!)

Merry Christmas!


December 9

Week 9 Blog Challenge: Life In The Sunshine State

Life In The Sunshine State   31101400951_e79b107cc6 http://compfight.com/ 


By Kane

Usually every year I go to the Sunshine State (Florida) for a Cystic Fibrosis walk to raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.  My older cousin has Cystic Fibrosis, that’s why we usually go there.  When I’m at are trailer we go out back and try to catch fish in the pond with a bucket because we didn’t have fishing rods.  This year I couldn’t go because there was a hurricane.  The hurricane blew the roof off the trailer and landed on our shed.  However the sun room didn’t get touched by any drop of water!  


For the last three years we have been going to a water park called Wet’n Wild.  At Wet’n Wild my favorite water slide is The Surge.  The Surge is on the opposite side of the entrance.  That water slide makes me nervous because when you go down it it goes straight down and at one point your body comes of the slide and you slam back on it.  That’s all about Wet’n Wild.  The link to the website is right here   https://www.wetnwildorlando.com/

Last Years Trip To Orlando

Last year in Orlando my friends dad rented a two floor house.  The house has 6 bedrooms!, 3 bathrooms, a pool, a pool table, a ping pong table, 2 living spaces, and 2 dining areas.  The house is AmAzInG!  All me, my friend, my cousins, and my brother did was swim and play pool and ping pong.  I wish I could go back to that awesome house.  #TheBigHouse

That’s all about my trip to the SunShine State.  BYE

December 9

Luke Howard Poem!

The Man Who Named The CloudsSunset, Sky, Sun, Cloud, Twilighthttps://pixabay.com/en/sunset-sky-sun-cloud-twilight-476465/

By Elise and Kane 

Luke Howard had to rebuke

Jean Baptiste Lamarak because he had a different idea then Luke’s.

When Luke had the idea of naming the clouds,

The rest of the crowd thought about it.

Luke had to wait

To be able to investigate.

Through the study,

He had a buddy.

That buddy was

His brother because

He needed ideas for naming the clouds,

When Luke named the clouds, he got proud.

It was hard,

So he needed a card

To tell townspeople

And salespeople

About his plan

To be the man

Who named the clouds.

His crew helped a few

Of the plans that he knew

To help think the clouds out

And think about

The names that would be

And to see.

Then the clouds were amazing

And after the sunset, they were blazing with brightness

For then the clouds were puffing with lightness

And the shapes were like stuffing falling out of the sky,

So Luke and his crew were trying not to lie,

For then they got dry

To fly through the names

So they came and they just played a game.