May 25

#STUBC17 Week 9 Blog Challenge: The Mysterious Latch

The Mysterious Latch

By Kane L



One day two kids were play outside and noticed a really cool bike next to the road.  They walked over to it and they tried to take it.  Then… SNAP!  They touched the petals and they fell onto a slide that leads to a room.  They didn’t know how to get out and they could go back up the slide because it was so slippery.  Then an ancient scroll fell from the ceiling, and it said, The Mysterious Latch on the front of it. They opened it up and it said… “You must travel through the Hidden Jungle, past the Lake Of Doom, over the Disaster Mountains, and through the Deadly Tunnel to find the latch of freedom.  What is this latch about.  Could it be a latch to danger if there is a trick one, or could there be one that is safe and leads us to our freedom.  So they set off on their mysterious journey.


Ok This is going to be tough, but we need to get out of here.  So They went through the Hidden Jungle, past the Lake Of Doom, climbed the Disaster Mountains, and past through the Deadly Tunnel.  They finally got to the end of the journey, or is the end.  So they pulled the latch that they saw first and they fell… BANG!  Then they looked around and there was another scroll on the ground.  It once again said The Mysterious Latch on the front.  They opened it and it said… “It looks like you have pulled the wrong latch and you have fell to the bottom of this hole, but there may be something that is not so bad.”  They looked to their left and they saw an ancient tunnel that had a secret language and weird pictures and people have drawn.  They got to the end of the tunnel and they saw a huge pile of gold.  But they had to get passed a long row of booby traps.  BANG, BOOM, SLICE, POW POW.  They just barely got passed.  And know they got all that GOLD!  They found some bags to put the gold in and then they left through a long tunnel similar to the last.  When they got to the end of the tunnel there was another latch they pulled the latch and big nets grabbed the gold and a door opened.  Then they walked out and they saw their houses.  They ran to them and never tried to take a bike again.

May 25

Farewell Blog Challenge: Week 10

Week 10: Farewell From The 18th Challenge

By Kane



How Many Post Do You Have?

I have 39 post in total but I am going for a lot more than just that.



How Many Post Do You Have For School?

I have 19 post that my teacher assigned to us for school.



How Many Comments Do You Have On Your Blog?

I have 60 comments in total.  26 of the comments are from me,

8 are from classmates, 12 are from teachers/mentors, and 14 are from other students.



What Post Has The Most Comments

And Why Do Think It Has That Much?

Navajo Code Talkers See, Think, Wonder and My Avatar.  

The avatar post was about who I am and what I like to do and other people like to

Know that and they compare what they like to do to me. And Navajo Code Talkers

I think had a lot because it was the first See, Think, Wonder that I posted and I think people wanted to know what it was like in the world of VR.



What Post Did You Like Writing The Most?

I liked writing the Funny Things About The Playground series and also if you keep reading we are coming out with something.  I like it because it is funny and it’s fun to

write funny things.   



Did You Change Your Blog Theme?

Yes because I wanted to mix it up and do something new .



How Many Widgets Do You Have?

I have 14 widgets in total for counting my visitors, my pet, my calendar, and my lava lamp.



How Many Students Do You Have On Your Blogroll?

I have 5 students on my blogroll and if you go check them out you may see some post you like.



How Many Web Tools Do You Have?

I have 8 web tools in total.