Week 12 – Free Choice

I went to Ocean City, Maryland with my friends last weekend. We did a ton of stuff together. Some of those things are paddle boarding, fishing, swimming, shopping, and walking on the boardwalk. On our last night we went to the boardwalk and we got…

Week 11

I chose They Called Us Enemy by Geogre Takei. I chose this book because I liked the fact that it was written with pictures and it’s based in the time of WW2.

Week Ten

https://www.cnn.com/europe/live-news/ukraine-russia-putin-news-04-1-22/h_9a2b2ef24d8c32bef43042d238ad9831 As of right now there are many people fleeing Mariupol because of Russia surrounding them. A total of around 2,000 people have fled and we hope many more will escape. Many people have fled to neighboring countries such as Poland and Germany. Ukrainian troops…

Unit 1 Vocab

We had a mutual agreement on the movie. He had a bad habit of being mean. I initiated the plan to destroy the world. The plan to destroy the world was effective and I am the leader of mankind now. My teammate is a reactive type of person and yelled…

Unit 3 vocab

Don’t tread on me or you will pay the price. The severity of his injury was high. I had to devise a plan to win the game. The tree had a slow sway in the wind. That clothing was apt for the party tonight.

Week 3

For my independent novel I chose Resistance by Jennifer A. Neilson. I chose this book because I thought the cover art looked cool and interesting and it just looked like something I would want to read. I’m excited to read about some sort of war….

Resistance Book Project

My Book Project Bleeding Out – Imagine Dragons In this song they talk about bleeding out and the last thing they will try to do is bring someone down. This reminds me of Chaya Lindner and her will to never give up. She always wanted…

News questions

Currently, Russia and Ukraine are in an ongoing conflict with each other. Ukraine does not want to fight but they will if they have to. Why are Russia supporters attacking Ukrainians? When will Russia make their move on Ukraine? What will the outcome of this…

Book Reflection

This book was definitely one of my favorite books every. I have read one of Jennifer A Neilson’s other books too and really liked it (A Night Divided). The bravery of Chaya, the main character, is her best attribute. She never gives up every when…

Unit 2 Vocab

I caught an absolute leviathan of a fish. He yelled at me with a stern tone. A frog is an amphibious creature. We had to formulate a tactic to stop the Russian army.