June 1

7 Hour School Day?! Should Schools Add One Extra Hour To The Day Or Not?

7 Hour School Day?!

By Kane L.


The school board in a district is considering making the school day longer by adding an extra hour.  What do you thick? No thank you, 6 hours is good for me.


My first reason for why there shouldn’t be an extra hour added on to the school days is that we won’t get to be at home with are family as much as we should.  Maybe your family has dinner before most people and when your family is having dinner you are sitting in a classroom learning instead of eating. You should always have enough time to be with your family in a day.  You might miss out on family activities, like going to the park or having friends over. With this extra hour you can’t do some of this stuff.


The second is that how will we split the extra hour to keep the subjects even in time.  Trying to figure out a longer and new schedule could take a bit of time. I say we add some more time to our recess time.  With this extra recess time we can relax and move around to give our brain a little bit of time to rest and for us to exercise.  

My third and final reason is that we already have homework to do at home and we won’t have enough time to finish it in time for the next day.  If the school adds on an extra day we shouldn’t have homework, one because we already learn the stuff in school so why do it again, and second we will be doing homework instead of sleeping and we need sleep.  So 6 hours of school and homework, 7 hours of school and no homework, or 7 hours of school and homework, but not enough sleep. You choose which one you would like.


If we add an extra day of school what would you want.  Have the 7 hours and no homework, extra recess time, or want to spend more time with your family.  I say extra recess or no homework.


January 9

Christmas Vacation

Holiday Vacation

By Kane


Every year on Christmas Eve I go to my Pop Pop’s house for a Christmas Eve dinner.  Before we go my mom makes the BEST mashed potatoes and my pop pop usually makes lima beans, but he didn’t this year.  When everyone gets there we pray and we eat.  Then we play games and have dessert.  After games we open gifts.  This year I got $50.  


Christmas morning we usually have breakfast with the whole family, but we didn’t this year.  We open our presents and watch a movie.  This year my favorite gift was my Traxxas Bandit RC car.  It goes 40 mph.  After we open presents and have breakfast we go to my nanny’s aka my grandma’s.  We play games and exchange gifts and sometimes we play NBA 2K with our uncles.


After dinner me and my brother went to my uncles to watch the Philadelphia Eagles.  I left at half time and I played with our hoverboard and my rc car and I played PS4 with my new headset and controller.  


Last years Christmas was fun and I can’t weight for 2018 Christmas.


Have a happy 2018!


December 18

The Mystery of The Missing Pearl

The Mystery of the Missing Pearl

Act I

Storyteller: Once upon a time about 50 years ago, there once was a boy, his name was Ted. He was a diver, he loved to go deep down into the ocean and look at all of the fish and coral with all of the wonderful sea life. Ted was getting ready to dive into the White Pearl Reef one of the biggest Coral Reefs in the world!  He was SUPER excited to go in and try and find the Great Pearl, but he was also a little bit scared. The reef also is said that it has held the most amount of White Pearls in the world!!! The Legend is, there is one giant pearl, named the Great Pearl, but no one can find it.


Ted: Breath in, breath out, breath in, breath out.


Storyteller: Ted was alway a little scared that he might drown or freeze, but he did it anyway, even though he knew what could happen to him if his mom found out.


Ted: I guess I’m jumping in


Storyteller: So Ted dove in… he didn’t find anything at first, but then he hit his head on a giant clam. (Ted hits his head on the clam)Ted hurt his head really bad. So now he has a headache.  He tried to open it but he couldn’t, then Ted got hit in the head by a crowbar and used that to open it. It wasn’t just that easy, but after about 5 minutes, he FINaLLY pried it open..


Ted: What is this?  A GIANT PEARL INSIDE.  AHHHHHHHH!  I better take this to the museum.


The Mystery of the Missing Pearl

Act II

Storyteller: He made his way to the museum and he had to make sure no one would take it and say that they found it. So he had to be very careful about what he did, so no one would try to steal it. When he reached the museum it was closed!




Storyteller: So he was on the way to the museum owner’s house.


Museum owner: Hi Ted, what can I help you with?


Ted: Hello Miss Kay, could you please come out here quick? I need to tell you something


Museum owner: Yes, what brings you here so late?


Ted: I found the giant pearl of the White Pearl Reef!


Museum owner: Wow that’s amazing, how big is it?


Ted: Not sure.


Museum owner:  Looks like it may be 8 inches. You can give it to me and I will put it in the museum tomorrow.


Ted: Thanks, but please make sure no one tries to steal it.  


Museum owner: I know, I will keep it for you and put it in the security showcase crate so that if someone tries to steal it, the buzzer will go off, and they will be caught.


Ted: Thanks! That would be great!


Museum owner: Yep!


Storyteller: So the Ted trusted Miss Kay with the pearl, thinking it would be safe.


The Mystery of the Missing Pearl



Storyteller: Late at night when everybody was asleep a criminal snuck into to museum without anybody knowing and everything was going fine until it all went wrong.


Criminal:  Yes I finally get to steal the biggest pearl in THE WORLD!  HA HA HA!   


Storyteller: Beep, Beep, Beep! (The alarm was going off.)


Criminal: Oh no! I need to get out of here… and QUICK!!!


(Criminal Exits)


Storyteller:  Just then, Miss Kay, the Museum owner, was alerted by the alarm and rushed to the Museum because she knew what had happened.  When she got there she found the criminal right there with the pearl! He glanced over and left quickly with the pearl. Then panicking she called the detectives.


(On the Phone)


Detective1: What is wrong Miss Kay?


Detective 2: We heard the alarm go off.




Detective 1: WHAT!?!?!


Detective 2: That was just found last night! We are on our way.


Museum Owner: Please Hurry!


Detective 1: Hi Miss Kay, so what happened exactly?


Museum Owner: I heard the alarm go off and I rushed here, Only to see the criminal for 1 second, then he was off!


The Mystery of the Missing Pearl



Detective 1: We should try to see if we can find any evidence, like fingerprints.


Detective 2: Sure I have my kit that we can use to get the fingerprints.  I always keep it with me.


Museum owner: Thank you so much!  I told Ted I would keep it VERY safe, but now I am going to let him down.


Detective 1: DOn’t worry, both of us will try our best.


Detective 2: We won’t let you, or Ted down.  


Detective 1: Don’t tell Ted, Miss Kay, we will get that pearl back for you.


Detective 2: We need to get to work so please leave the

crime scene.


Museum owner: Sure, thank you again, I am so glad that you two are helping me. I will see you later.


(Museum Owner exits.)


Detective 2: So we should dust around the door and the case to see if we can find any fingerprints.


Detective 1: Yeah let’s get to work. Do you see any fingerprints on the door?


Detective 2: No, we should look somewhere else.


Detective 1: Let’s go look at the case that the pearl was in.


Detective 2: That’s a good idea.  There has to be fingerprints somewhere.


Detective 1: Do you see anything?


Detective 2: Not yet, I am checking the cameras.


Detective 1: Do you see him? I hope we find him so Miss Kay does not have to tell ted that we can’t find it.


Detective 2:  No, I’m going back to the case. Wait I see a fingerprint on the case. Lets try to find the fingerprint
on the computer to see if it matches to anyone.


Detective 1: Wait, I see more fingerprints, come look!


Detective 2: Hey look out the window!


Storyteller: Detective 2 looked out the window and saw the criminal with the Great White pearl!


Detective 1: Let’s go and get him.


Detective 2: Already ahead of you. Call Miss Kay.


Detective 1: Hi Miss Kay, we found the criminal, would you like to come see him with the pearl?


Museum Owner:  Yes please! When should I come?


Detective 1: Right now! Quick!


Museum owner:  Sure, thanks, now I can talk to him in



Detective 2: A little help here?


Detective 1: ok, coming… get back  here!


(Miss Kay hangs up and gets in her car.)


The Mystery of the Missing Pearl



Storyteller:  Both of the detectives were chasing the criminal when Miss Kay pulled up and ran out of her car with a dictionary  and screamed at the criminal to give back the pearl.


Criminal: You’ll never catch me!!! Ha Ha Ha!


Storyteller:  Miss Kay hit the criminal with the dictionary.


Museum Owner: Really???  You shouldn’t of stole that pearl in the first place!!!


Detective 2:  Nice one Miss Kay!


Criminal: This pearl is mine now and you’ll never get it back!

Detective 1:: We will be taking you to the jail!  


Criminal: They won’t find me here!!!


Storyteller: The criminal was hiding behind an old table and then she found him and took the pearl back.


(Miss Kay gets the pearl out of his hands)


Museum Owner:  Ha! There we go!  Thank you for that pearl back.


Storyteller: So the criminal later went to prison and never stole anything ever again. After that Ted later became rich for finding something no one could ever find and they had new guards for the pearl to make sure that no one would steal it ever again!



November 30

Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving Break

By Kane L.


During Thanksgiving break I went to my cabin and my family had so much fun.  We played ping pong, air hockey, volleyball, skip-po, and shanghai (a card game).  We watched football and a movie.  Are favorite thing to do at the cabin during Thanksgiving is to play shanghai.  One time we had so many people wanting to play that we had to have two different groups of six, and six is still a lot for one game.  We also played a game called Loaded Questions.  When you play this game someone comes up with a question and you have to come up with an answer, funny or not funny it doesn’t matter.


My family’s cabin is in Rothrock State Forest.  It has three floors, a basement, the main floor, and an up stares.  It has a fireplace and we have a ping pong table and a air hockey table in the basement.  


Me and my family like hunting so we go every year.  This year I went hunting with my dad and my brother but we didn’t get anything.  On the other hand my cousin Kelsey, her husband shot a gray fox and my cousin Arika, her husband shot a turkey.  


Saturday night we played volleyball.  Every year we play volleyball and we have a fire going outside.  When we get done playing volleyball we usually sit by the fire and tell funny stories.  Then we go inside and watch a movie.


Sunday was the day that we left.  I didn’t want to, but my sister said that she wanted to go at 12:00 PM.  So we packed and we stayed till around 12:00.  Then we said bye to everyone left and we got back home at around 2:30 PM.


I was happy to be home, but I wasn’t happy because I wanted to still be at the cabin, but I was glad to be home with me dogs.  At least I got to be at the cabin and I could be with my family for Thanksgiving.


What are you thankful for?


I am thankful for my family, my friends, and my doggos (dog-ose)

November 20


Hi my name is Brodey.   I am in the Military,I am married and I have a German Shepherd named Gunner.  My wife’s name is Lucy and she loves reading and art.  Gunner loves wrestling with me and playing outside.  I love playing with Gunner and helping to keep the neighborhood parks clean.  I live in Los Angeles California. My car is an Audi r8 with a V10 motor and it is wrapped by SD Wrap, it is light blue and dark gray with tinted exhaust tips.  


I started Military training when I was 18 years old and since then I changed a lot.  Then I got stronger and tougher, and now everyday I go to the gym for 2 hours.  I have been serving America for 5 years now, and I have been all over the world. Like Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Iran, Syria, Alaska, Russia, North Korea, Peru, Nigeria, and Japan


My favorite sports are hockey, football, and lacrosse.  My favorite teams are the Flyers, Eagles, and the Lizards.  I play ice hockey and lacrosse, but I don’t play football but I still like it.  I like throwing the football far and then Gunner goes full speed after it.  It’s funny when he fails and when he runs right over top of it.


I have had one project since I was 9 years old, I wanted to make the world change.  I want everyone to keep the world clean and make sure that there is peace in this world.  And I want to make a machine called the Clean A Lot Bot that cleans the streets and parks.  But it will run on trash that way it can clean up trash and the trash that you put in it is used as fuel and it will disintegrate so now that trash is gone.




I finally found a way to make the Clean A Lot Bot and now companies want my product.  Clean A Lot Bot is doing better than I thought.  It is cleaning parks, streets, alleys, and houses.  Everybody loves my machine.  So does Gunner because he gets bigger chew toys that I can afford.  


Now everyone is using Clean A Lot Bot and the world is really clean.  I am so happy that the world is finally clean.  I hope that it stays clean forever.

Authors Note

I hope that you liked my story about brodey.  I just came up with a character that I thought would be cool.  But what I want you to know is that you should always think of something new that can benefit the world in some way.


Thank You!

May 25

#STUBC17 Week 9 Blog Challenge: The Mysterious Latch

The Mysterious Latch

By Kane L



One day two kids were play outside and noticed a really cool bike next to the road.  They walked over to it and they tried to take it.  Then… SNAP!  They touched the petals and they fell onto a slide that leads to a room.  They didn’t know how to get out and they could go back up the slide because it was so slippery.  Then an ancient scroll fell from the ceiling, and it said, The Mysterious Latch on the front of it. They opened it up and it said… “You must travel through the Hidden Jungle, past the Lake Of Doom, over the Disaster Mountains, and through the Deadly Tunnel to find the latch of freedom.  What is this latch about.  Could it be a latch to danger if there is a trick one, or could there be one that is safe and leads us to our freedom.  So they set off on their mysterious journey.


Ok This is going to be tough, but we need to get out of here.  So They went through the Hidden Jungle, past the Lake Of Doom, climbed the Disaster Mountains, and past through the Deadly Tunnel.  They finally got to the end of the journey, or is the end.  So they pulled the latch that they saw first and they fell… BANG!  Then they looked around and there was another scroll on the ground.  It once again said The Mysterious Latch on the front.  They opened it and it said… “It looks like you have pulled the wrong latch and you have fell to the bottom of this hole, but there may be something that is not so bad.”  They looked to their left and they saw an ancient tunnel that had a secret language and weird pictures and people have drawn.  They got to the end of the tunnel and they saw a huge pile of gold.  But they had to get passed a long row of booby traps.  BANG, BOOM, SLICE, POW POW.  They just barely got passed.  And know they got all that GOLD!  They found some bags to put the gold in and then they left through a long tunnel similar to the last.  When they got to the end of the tunnel there was another latch they pulled the latch and big nets grabbed the gold and a door opened.  Then they walked out and they saw their houses.  They ran to them and never tried to take a bike again.

May 25

Farewell Blog Challenge: Week 10

Week 10: Farewell From The 18th Challenge

By Kane



How Many Post Do You Have?

I have 39 post in total but I am going for a lot more than just that.



How Many Post Do You Have For School?

I have 19 post that my teacher assigned to us for school.



How Many Comments Do You Have On Your Blog?

I have 60 comments in total.  26 of the comments are from me,

8 are from classmates, 12 are from teachers/mentors, and 14 are from other students.



What Post Has The Most Comments

And Why Do Think It Has That Much?

Navajo Code Talkers See, Think, Wonder and My Avatar.  

The avatar post was about who I am and what I like to do and other people like to

Know that and they compare what they like to do to me. And Navajo Code Talkers

I think had a lot because it was the first See, Think, Wonder that I posted and I think people wanted to know what it was like in the world of VR.



What Post Did You Like Writing The Most?

I liked writing the Funny Things About The Playground series and also if you keep reading we are coming out with something.  I like it because it is funny and it’s fun to

write funny things.   



Did You Change Your Blog Theme?

Yes because I wanted to mix it up and do something new .



How Many Widgets Do You Have?

I have 14 widgets in total for counting my visitors, my pet, my calendar, and my lava lamp.



How Many Students Do You Have On Your Blogroll?

I have 5 students on my blogroll and if you go check them out you may see some post you like.



How Many Web Tools Do You Have?

I have 8 web tools in total.