Week 1 Blog Challange: 2nd About Me

About Me

By Kane


Hi my name is Kane and I am going to tell you all about me!


This year I have done so many things like… I played a lot of hockey and I went to the playoffs, but we lost, I had a great Christmas and then a good NEW YEAR, I rode my golf cart and four wheeler, I had so many sleep overs, and I had a Great year so far with my family.  Know about hockey and the playoffs.  My team the Lancaster Firebirds went to the playoffs this and this was my first time.  All of us were nervous, but we played well in our first game but we still lost.  Then our second game was just a wreck because we weren’t ready and we use good teamwork and we just didn’t play good.  I was sooo mad because I we again didn’t play good. Ok, now that’s over but I still have more.  This year I’m turning 11 and this is going to be my third year of lacrosse.  I haven’t been to any practices because I was sick and I had hockey practice.  Hopefully I can make it to more practices so I can get better.  I started playing lacrosse when I was in second grade, and since then I have gotten a LOT better.  I play for two teams… IM3 lacrosse and Garden Spot lacrosse.  I don’t to tell you everything because you would be reading this for days.  So I’m going to stop here.  That’s a lot about me, BYE!!!