All About My School Week 7 Blog Challenge


All About My School#16STUBC

By Kane                                                                      In a world of his own                       Creative Commons License Simon Blackley via Compfight

           My awesome school is in Lancaster, PA.  It is in the Eastern Lancaster School District.  My school shows stuff that no other may  school have, like the High Five Store, computers, a pledge for the school, second step lessons, second recess, and my reading class is even get VR goggles (Virtual Reality Goggles).

           Let’s talk about the High Five Store.  First of all we have to earn High Fives to go to the High Five Store.  To earn the High Fives they’re five simple rules.  1. Be responsible, 2. Always try, 3. Do your best, 4. Cooperate with others, and 5. Treat everyone with dignity and respect.  Once you do those rules you can maybe earn a high five and go to the High Five Store, but WAIT!  You have to have five or more High Fives to get a prize. For prizes you can get multi-colored pens, erasers, Rainbow Loom bracelets, notebooks, backpacks, and many other things.  That’s it for the High Five Store section.

            Now the VR goggles, let’s get started!  My teacher for reading class made a grant for VR goggles so are class could see all the cool ways other people in the world do stuff in their life.  Then my teacher gave the grant to are awesome principal and he granted it.  When are teacher told the class the grant was granted everyone went CrAzY!.  Everyone was cheering, screaming, jumping up and down, and just going WILD!  But we don’t get them till December. 🙁  But I still can’t wait.

            And now the AwEsOmE school pledge.  There is really not much to it so let’s do it!  The school pledge goes like this. I am a member of the Blue Ball Elementary Community.  Today and everyday I pledge to be responsible, always try, do my best, cooperate with others, and treat everyone with dignity and respect.  That’s all for the pledge now let’s move that aside and go for a ride to the next section.

           This is the section that will make you want to go outside right now.  Second recess is the best off them all so you don’t want to sit by the wall and ball.  At second recess it’s like lunch recess all over again.  We can play American football, kickball, swing, play on the jungle gym, play basketball, and do Walk Run Jog.  I wish I could go out right now but I can’t I’m too busy doing work in the amazing classroom.

           And finally the one that I personally don’t like the second step lessons.  Each week we get a new lesson.  We talk about how we can be kind, how to use empathy, and to try to make new friends.  That’s all about my RaD school! 🙂