Summer is almost over…..


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The summer has flown by quickly and I have been fortunate enough to spend most of it traveling with family or to visit family and friends.  My car has definitely logged many miles over the past few months….Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee and Florida were the destinations.  Favorite memory….the sunny, relaxing days on the beach, listening to the ocean and reading for fun!  Least favorite memory….on the PA turnpike, with the flashing hazard lights on traveling at 40 mph because of the torrential downpour we were experiencing.

I am looking forward to the exciting days ahead….meeting new students and reconnecting with friends.  I hope you enjoy the remaining days of summer and can’t wait to see you soon!


The Solar System


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What a fascinating topic to explore!  There are so many things to know and to learn.  Yesterday, we read together a text about astronauts and the space shuttle.  I can remember a time when my family was on the beach in Florida and we actually saw the space shuttle as it was lifting off into space.  We even had a chance to visit the Kennedy Space Center.

kennedy sp ctr                     space shuttle       astronauts

How exciting it must be to have the opportunity to be an astronaut!  There is a site on the internet that sells astronaut foods.  I actually have a package of astronaut ice cream we will be giving as a  talon ticket prize in our classroom this week.

There are some beautiful space images posted daily at this location:

And there is a free NASA app that I just downloaded–it looks pretty interesting…

A weekend adventure


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This past weekend I decided to visit a place that I had not been to for many years, even though I drive by it many times throughout the year.  The Reading Public Museum is only about 20 minutes from my house (about 28 minutes from New Holland). The museum is across the street from the Reading Hospital and it has a planetarium and an arboretum.  Unfortunately, only the arboretum is free to visitors.  You can visit either the museum or the planetarium, or both.  You do not need to pay admission to the museum to see a show in the planetarium-those tickets are sold separately.


This is the planetarium.  There are 4 different shows available until the end of September (Astronaut, Sunstruck, Stars, and The Great Space Treasure Hunt). I am not certain what happens at the end of the month.  Hopefully, more shows will be scheduled.  I did not see a show during my visit.  Instead, I chose to see what was going on inside the Museum.

Most of the exhibits are on the first floor (which is actually up a flight of stairs from the atrium where you enter and purchase your tickets.) There are a number of different rooms and you can see objects related to a number of themes. (dinosaurs, early Egypt and Rome, Native Americans, Rocks and Minerals, etc)  A few of the displays are interactive, but many of the exhibits are look but do not touch.   (see photos below)

armor2        dino

The second floor was mostly empty.  The other rooms on this floor had art exhibits.  It seemed like the exhibits on this floor are more temporary.

And, of course, there was a small gift shop on the way out.  How could I resist?


Welcome back


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We are off to a great start.  It is so wonderful to see all of the smiling faces here at New Holland.  I enjoy the opportunity to greet everyone as they walk to their homerooms each morning.

In reading, we started the year by talking about what good readers do.  The following are suggestions from the children:

Good readers:  never stop trying





think about what they are reading

try their best

One of my favorite online sites for reading is

There are a variety of books for you to read aloud online to your child.  Access to the books is free.  Since we are studying about the solar system, I am including a link to the book “Moon Stories.”


In math, we are starting the year by studying counting, place value and comparing numbers to 1000.  We are learning different ways to show the same number.

Here is a link to a cute place value song:


Thank you, parents, for all you do to support and encourage your children!



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I am new to the world of blogging.  As it becomes more and more critical to integrate technology into our daily school lives, we are challenged to find new ways of doing things rather than doing the same old things in new ways.

Hold this thought–as we move forward 2 years!

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