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This past weekend I decided to visit a place that I had not been to for many years, even though I drive by it many times throughout the year.  The Reading Public Museum is only about 20 minutes from my house (about 28 minutes from New Holland). The museum is across the street from the Reading Hospital and it has a planetarium and an arboretum.  Unfortunately, only the arboretum is free to visitors.  You can visit either the museum or the planetarium, or both.  You do not need to pay admission to the museum to see a show in the planetarium-those tickets are sold separately.


This is the planetarium.  There are 4 different shows available until the end of September (Astronaut, Sunstruck, Stars, and The Great Space Treasure Hunt). I am not certain what happens at the end of the month.  Hopefully, more shows will be scheduled.  I did not see a show during my visit.  Instead, I chose to see what was going on inside the Museum.

Most of the exhibits are on the first floor (which is actually up a flight of stairs from the atrium where you enter and purchase your tickets.) There are a number of different rooms and you can see objects related to a number of themes. (dinosaurs, early Egypt and Rome, Native Americans, Rocks and Minerals, etc)  A few of the displays are interactive, but many of the exhibits are look but do not touch.   (see photos below)

armor2        dino

The second floor was mostly empty.  The other rooms on this floor had art exhibits.  It seemed like the exhibits on this floor are more temporary.

And, of course, there was a small gift shop on the way out.  How could I resist?


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