Constitution Day

Constitution Day is celebrated each year on Sept. 17th. This year schools across the United States acknowledged it on September 15th. Third grade read a digital book about the Constitution and watched an animated video that took us back in time to the Constitutional Convention.

We are Dino-mite!

Our class filled our Dinosaur Jar! We earn dinosaurs when everyone is working quietly and on task and making good behavior choices during Special. We voted on a reward and selected Bring Your Own Device Day. Today learners were able to play on a device from home or on their school laptop to celebrate for 20 minutes. We had lots of fun! Now we are working to fill our jar again.


Multiplication Strategies

We have started Mission 1 in math. This unit focuses on learning strategies to solve multiplication and division with the “friendly facts” (1,2,3,4,5,10). During our first week of this unit we used counters to make equal groups and arrays. We worked to identify the repeated addition equation and multiplication equation that match.  Here is some of our work.


Fun Friday

We had a busy first week of school getting used to the routines and expectations of third grade. On Friday we had our first “Fun Friday”. At the end of the week we take some time to reflect on behavior choices and see what work might need to get caught up on.  Those learners who have all responsibilities taken care of can enjoy a “Fun Friday” time. During this time learners could play with Legos, card games, charades, or corn hole. They could also draw or choose activities on their computer to do for fun.  Here are a few pictures of Friday’s fun.



First Day of School

This school year started off with a great first day! The kids were so excited to get back into school, see friends, and begin the “routines” they are familiar with.

On the first day of school I have a tradition of reading the book Swimmy by Leo Lionni. This little black fish has a brilliant idea to teach the little red fish to swim together in the shape of a large fish so they can go exploring through the ocean rather than just hide among the rocks, fearful of large fish.  This year third grade has a hallway bulletin board that features fish decorated by each student and teacher.  It says “We all swim together in third grade.”  Just like Swimmy, I hope our class learns to work together to accomplish many exciting things this year as we swim together in our “school”.


Today we did a scavenger hunt in the classroom. Students got to move around the room to find and count objects in our room and get to know this space we will work in each day this year.


We talked about behavior expectations in the classroom and different areas of the school. We will continue more of these discussions and practice over the next two weeks.

We spent some time logging into our computers with new sign-in cards and learning how to navigate the new Gateway we will use for learning this year.

It was so nice to meet everyone today and begin our year together!

Are you ready?

Mrs. Muhr’s children (Madelyn and Joshua) on the first day of school 2017…They’re much bigger now!

Tuesday is the first day of school.  Do you have your backpack ready?  Have you made plans to buy lunch or pack?  I am very excited to begin a new year with you. I have been busy preparing our classroom.  Don’t worry if you are feeling a little nervous about the first day. Even I feel that way. See you soon!

Back to School Shopping

school supplies

Hello Third Grade families,

Just wanted to fill you in on the items you might need for school as you begin to do back to school shopping.

* Your child will NOT need any folders or binders.  All third graders are provided with the same subject folders and homework folder.

* Your child will NOT need a pencil box or pencil pouch.  I will have a pencil pouch for each student to store their supplies. BUT, if your child would like to bring a pencil pouch that’s fine.

* Your child will NOT need to bring scissors, glue stick, crayons, dry erase marker and eraser. These will be provided for each student. Those who wish to bring their own personal supplies can.

* Each student will have a laptop assigned to them for use throughout the day. You child will need to  bring a set of earbuds or headphones to use with this computer.  The earbuds will be stored in a labeled small baggie and kept in the student’s pencil pouch. Earbuds can be purchased at Dollar Tree, Wal-mart or similar stores.

* You will need to provide pencils and erasers throughout the year.  There will not be room in the pencil pouch to store a lot, so it’ll be a good idea to keep some extra pencils and erasers in your backpack that you can use to replenish your daily supply.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions before school begins!

Mrs. Muhr




Hello Third Graders!

CC licensed photo shared by Flilcker user San Diego Shooter

I just wanted to say hello to my incoming third graders and their families.  I hope you are all enjoying a relaxing and safe summer. As the school year approaches I will be preparing our classroom with fresh bulletin boards, new folders and books, organized school supplies, and plans for lots of fun learning.  I hope you are also preparing for the year.  This summer try to read for at least a few minutes each day.  Practice math facts and concepts such as counting coins, skip counting, and telling time.  Write stories or  journal entries. Get some exercise and play in the sunshine. You can send me an email if you have any questions about our upcoming year.  See you soon!   Mrs. Muhr

Third Grade Fun Day!

Today we celebrated the year and the last full day of third grade with a fun afternoon. We started with some beach ball challenges.

Can you pass a beach ball over/under through your class?

Can you pass 3 beach balls through the entire third grade in less than 3 minutes?  Yes!


Can you and a partner carry a beach ball back to back around the cone and back?


Next we did some running races to identify the two two fastest kids in each class.

 The top 6 girls (Sophia and Gretchen from our room)
 The top 6 fastest boys (Isaac and Caleb from our class)

The final four (Gretchen made it!) And the fastest third grader is…Keihin!

We cooled off with some ice pops and finished the day playing outside.


It’s been a great afternoon and a great year!