First Week of School

This school year started off with a great first week! The kids were so excited to get back into school, see friends, and begin the “routines” they are familiar with.

On the first day of school I read the book Swimmy by Leo Lionni. This little black fish has a brilliant idea to teach the little red fish to swim together in the shape of a large fish so they can go exploring through the ocean rather than just hide among the rocks, fearful of large fish.  This year third grade has a hallway bulletin board that features fish decorated by each student and teacher.  It says “We all swim together in third grade.”  Just like Swimmy, I hope our class learns to work together to accomplish many exciting things this year as we swim together in our “school”.


On Tuesday we started math with a fun activity called 1-2-3 Math. It’s a game like rock, paper, scissors where learners put out fingers on one hand.  Partners then add to find the total number of fingers and look up front to see what discussion prompt matches their total.  After chatting for a few minutes they found a new partner and played again.


We spent a lot of time this week learning how to navigate our computers and log-in to different resources and tools we will use for learning this year. We are slowly becoming more proficient at finding and completing independent assignments on our Google Classrooms. We also took some pretests to show what we already know in math and language arts to guide my instruction.

We enjoyed a “Fun Thursday” extra recess as a reward for ending the week with lots of behavior stars and completing all our work!



Welcome Survey

Parents, please click here to complete this quick survey to share with me your preferred contact information. I want to make sure I can easily communicate with you throughout the year.  Thank you for your time!


Back to School Shopping

school supplies

Hello Third Grade families,

Just wanted to fill you in on the items you might need for school as you begin to do back to school shopping.

* Your child will NOT need any folders or binders.  All third graders are provided with the same subject folders and homework folder.

* Your child will NOT need a pencil box or pencil pouch.  I will have a pencil pouch for each student to store their supplies.

* Your child will NOT need to bring scissors, glue stick, crayons, dry erase marker and eraser. These will be provided for each student. Those who wish to bring their own personal supplies can.

* Each student will have a Chromebook laptop assigned to them for use throughout the day. Please bring a set of earbuds to use with this computer.  The earbuds will be stored in a labeled small baggie and kept in the student’s pencil pouch. Earbuds can be purchased at Dollar Tree, Wal-mart or similar stores.

* You will need to provide pencils and erasers throughout the year.  There will not be room in the pencil pouch to store a lot, so it’ll be a good idea to keep some extra pencils and erasers in your backpack that you can use to replenish your daily supply.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions before school begins!

Mrs. Muhr





Hello Third Graders!

CC licensed photo shared by Flilcker user San Diego Shooter

I just wanted to say hello to my incoming third graders and their families.  I hope you are all enjoying a relaxing and safe summer. As the school year approaches I will be preparing our classroom with fresh bulletin boards, new folders and books, organized school supplies, and plans for lots of fun learning.  I hope you are also preparing for the year.  This summer try to read for at least a few minutes each day.  Practice math facts and concepts such as counting coins, skip counting, and telling time.  Write stories or  journal entries. Get some exercise and play in the sunshine. You can send me an email if you have any questions about our upcoming year.  See you soon!   Mrs. Muhr


Genius Hour Projects

During the last two weeks of school each learner chose a topic of interest to learn more about. Their task was to become a genius (or expert) on that topic and then share their learning with the class.  Learners could make a Google Slide Show, poster or book. Today was presentation day. We learned so many cool facts!



Third Grade Game Day

Today all three third grade classes had some fun outside together for an end-of-year Game Day. We started with some beach ball relays.  Classes competed against each other. Partners ran back to back with a beach ball between them.  Our class won!


Next we lined up and passed the beach ball over heads and then between legs in a relay called “Over/Under.”  We didn’t win, but we got a lot faster on our second try.


Next we did some good old fashioned races.  First the boys in each homeroom raced and we identified the top 3 runners.  These boys competed against the top boys in the other homerooms.


Next the girls in each homeroom raced and we identified the top 3 runners.  These girls competed against the top girls in the other homerooms.


Finally the top 3 boys and girls raced in the finals.  Our class had 2 of the top 3 fastest third graders!

 Aaron B.- 1st place
Kurtis- 2nd place
Lilah- 3rd place

We all enjoyed some ice pops and then learners had the choice to play kick ball, hula hoop showdown, or relax and hang out on their beach towels.




Fun Day!

This afternoon we had loads of fun at Fun Day! A big thanks to Mrs. Jackson for setting up 6 fun stations for our homeroom to rotate through. We were divided into the Blue Team and Gray Team for some friendly competition and EVERYONE got wet!!

Station 1: End Zone- Learners ran through the opposing team to grab a football and get back to their end zone without being tagged with a pool noodle.

Station 2: Hula Hoop Showdown- One member of each team jumped through the hula hoop path until they came face to face with an opponent.  Learners did a battle of Rock, Paper, Scissors and the winner continued on the path.  If you made it to the opposite side you scored a point for your team.


Station 3: Water-Topia- Make your way through the obstacle course of equipment, puddles, and a sprinkler. Fill your cup up in the pool then race back to the starting line to dump it into a bucket and pass the cup off to the next runner. The team that filled their bucket the most won. (We had a tie!)


Station 4: Super Soaker Tag- Three students were “It” and ran to spray the others with a water wand. If you got sprayed then you became It.

Station 5: Cardio Kickball- The pitcher rolls balls without stopping.  The kickers kick and immediately run the bases without stopping. The fielding team hustles to collect all balls and put them in a box. Once the last kicker kicks its a race to see if the kickers can run the bases faster than the fielders can collect the balls.

(Sorry no pictures, I was too busy as umpire!)

Station 6: Rollerball- Learners stood in a circle with their team and rolled a giant ball at the opponent inside the circle. The opponent tried to collect all the shirts that were on the ground before he/she got hit with the ball.



Releasing our Butterflies

Today we released our butterflies into our butterfly garden.  It was so exciting to see the butterflies fly out of their netting habitat and into the world! We never knew which way they would fly once free.  We hope they all feel at home in our garden.

 One last peek before we released them.


 Watch out! Butterflies on the loose!

 This butterfly was enjoying an orange slice and didn’t want to fly away.

 We left the orange slice near a flower.



Raising Butterflies- stage 3 (they emerge!)

This morning I arrived at school just in time to see our first butterfly emerge from its chrysalis. I took a video to show the class when they arrived.  During the day 3 more butterflies emerged. We now have 4 butterflies and 5 chrysalides.  Maybe some more will emerge tonight! We put sugar water and a slice of orange in their enclosure for them to drink. We will release our butterflies on Wednesday.    


Rock Exploration

Today we wrapped up our study of rocks and minerals by exploring some rocks up close.  Each learner brought rocks from home or found some on the playground. We also had some rock and mineral collections to look at from the Brecknock Science Closet.  Learners sketched their rocks, described the color, evaluated the luster and texture, and tested the hardness by scraping them with a nail. We then took a “Rock Walk” around the room to check out everyone’s rocks.


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