Gold Record Award

It was announced this week that our homeroom class is this cycle’s recipient of the Music class Gold Record Award.  Mr. Goodman awards this gold record each week to the class that has the best behavior, participation, and using nice singing voices.  I am so proud of my class!  We are displaying our gold record outside our door for all to see.



Miss Erb

I’d like to introduce you to Miss Sarah Erb.  Miss Erb is a Millersville University student who will spend much of her senior year at Brecknock.  This semester she will spend two days each week in my classroom. She has a dual major of Early Childhood Education and Special Education. Miss Erb will student teach in our classroom for eight weeks this spring.  We look forward to learning from her and teaching her what third grade is all about.


Genius Hour

This year third grade is starting Genius Hour. We are excited to see what passions and interests our students can learn more about.  Check out this video and our Genius Hour Parent Letter to learn more about Genius Hour.


Math Class

We had our first official Math Class on 8/28.  All third graders took the pretest for our first math unit.  Students were grouped to work with different teachers for this unit based on their learning needs.  Some students go to Mrs. Blankley’s and Mrs. Miller’s classrooms during this time.  Other students come and join me for their daily math instruction. On the first day we spent a lot of time getting to know what math class will be like. We played a game called 1-2-3 Math. It’s sort of like Rock, Paper, Scissors except players add the total number of fingers they shoot out and use that number to lead them in a discussion to get to know one another.














Most math classes begin with our fact fluency routine. This is when students will practice flashcards each day and complete timed math quizzes.  We’re starting the year with a review of addition and subtraction and then will move on to multiplication and eventually division.  I refer to this time as “Math Fact Boot Camp” because we need to work hard to whip our brains back into shape from the long summer.  Many students who were fluent with these facts in second grade had a hard time remembering them this week. Hopefully some daily practice at home and school will help us recoup what was learned.












In math class we have a whole group introduction to the day’s topic and skills.  This week we sang some fun songs to help us remember how to add and subtract big numbers.



During the remaining part of our class time, students will take turns working with me in small groups and working independently on their computers.



Language Arts Class

Students started attending Language Arts class on the second day of school. Some students go to Mrs. Blankley’s and Mrs. Miller’s classrooms during this time.  Other students come join my room.  Mrs. Fox and Miss Erb will be working in my room this year.  Language Arts is taught utilizing a Rotational teaching model.  Students rotate through stations while in Language Arts.   Mrs. Fox and I will both teach Direct Stations where we work with small groups of students practicing reading, phonics, spelling, and writing skills.  Students will work at the Independent Station each day, often on their laptops accessing technology resources to support and reinforce the skills we are working on.  Finally students will work with their peers at the Collaborative Station.

On the first day in Language Arts class (Tuesday), we learned the expectations for these three stations and practiced how to collaborate by doing a fun activity where we tried to make as many words as possible with the letters in “Back to School.”


Most days students will rotate through 6 stations.  It takes some practice to learn the routines and expectations.  At my station, we have been doing Close Reading of a Recycling text.  We documented important ideas on a web and answered some text dependent questions where we must look back in the text to find information to support our answers.  In our first language arts/science module we are working to be recycling advocates.  We will be learning a lot about the environment and what we can do to preserve it.  We’re going to begin by looking at the 3 R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

At Mrs. Fox’s table, students are reviewing sight words and beginning to practice reading fluency.

At Collaborative Station students worked in partners or trios to do “Roll and Write”.  In this activity students roll a die to determine how to write a spelling word.  The reference card gives some fun options.  Since we haven’t started our spelling lists yet, students practiced writing sight words.

Ask your third grader to tell you a little bit about what he/she did at language arts this week…we sure were busy.


The First Day of School Recap

What a great first day! We spent the whole day as a homeroom getting to know third grade routines and one another.  We had a fun scavenger hunt in the morning to find things in the classroom.


We did an activity where students move around the room and use stickers to give their answer to 6 different questions.  We were then able to analyze the data to find out a consensus of things in our room.  Some things we noticed: P.E. is definitely the most popular special, lots of people love language arts skills, and many students do their best work when working independently.  Check out our finished “Consensusgrams” below.


I read the book Swimmy by Leo Lionni. This little black fish has a brilliant idea to teach the little red fish to swim together in the shape of a large fish so they can go exploring through the ocean rather than just hide among the rocks, fearful of large fish.  This year third grade has a hallway bulletin board that features fish decorated by each student and teacher.  It says “We are all different, but we swim together in third grade.”  Just like Swimmy, I hope our class learns to work together to accomplish many exciting things this year as we swim together in our “school”.


We also got to practice recess today. For the first week of school all classes at Brecknock we will review the rules of different games and aspects of recess and then give students an extra opportunity to put these expectations into action while getting feedback from their teachers.  Today we reviewed the rules for using recess equipment.  The kids had fun showing that they can use the equipment safely and enjoyed this extra recess time.


We finished our time outside with a group picture of the WHOLE third grade team.

I hope your third grader had some great stories to tell about this first day!


Are you ready?

Mrs. Muhr’s children (Madelyn and Joshua) on the first day of school 2017

Tomorrow is the first day of school.  Do you have your backpack ready?  Have you made plans to buy lunch or pack?  I am very excited to begin a new year with you. I have been busy preparing our classroom.  Don’t worry if you are feeling a little nervous about the first day. Even I feel that way. See you soon!


Welcome Survey

At Brecknock the third grade teachers work as a team. To ensure success and a great year for all students we have created a survey to help us get to know you and your child.  All teachers will be able to access your responses.

Please click here to complete the survey before the start of school. Thank you for your time!


Back to School Shopping

school supplies

Hello Third Grade families,

Just wanted to fill you in on the items you might need for school as you begin to do back to school shopping.

* Your child will NOT need any folders or binders.  All third graders are provided with the same subject folders and homework folder.

* Your child will NOT need a pencil box or pencil pouch.  I have purchased pencil pouches for each student to use. Pencil pouches will be easy to carry to which ever classroom students will receive instruction in as we change classes across the hall for language arts and math and rotate through stations in each class.

* Each student will have a Chromebook laptop assigned to them for use throughout the day. Please bring a set of earbuds to use with this computer.  The earbuds will be stored in a labeled small baggie and kept in the student’s pencil pouch. Earbuds can be purchased at Dollar Tree, Wal-mart or similar stores.

* You may bring a glue stick and scissors of your own to store in your pencil pouch.  There will be some classroom supplies your child can use as well.

* You will need to provide pencils and erasers throughout the year.  There will not be room in the pencil pouch to store a lot, so it’ll be a good idea to keep some extra pencils and erasers in your backpack that you can use to replenish your daily supply.

* Each student will receive their own box of crayons to keep in their pencil pouch.  Other classroom crayons, colored pencils, and markers are available to share.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions before school begins!

Mrs. Muhr





Hello Third Graders!

CC licensed photo shared by Flilcker user San Diego Shooter

I just wanted to say hello to my incoming third graders and their families.  I hope you are all enjoying a relaxing and safe summer. As the school year approaches I will be preparing our classroom with fresh bulletin boards, new folders and books, organized school supplies, and plans for lots of fun learning.  I hope you are also preparing for the year.  This summer try to read for at least a few minutes each day.  Practice math facts and concepts such as counting coins, skip counting, and telling time.  Write stories or  journal entries. Get some exercise and play in the sunshine. You can send me an email if you have any questions about our upcoming year.  See you soon!   Mrs. Muhr

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