Exploring Electricity

We have been learning about electricity and got to explore circuits a bit this week during Inquiry.  On Monday, learners worked in groups to build a circuit using wires, a light bulb, a battery, and a connecting platform. There was lots of excitement as light bulbs started lighting up!


On Tuesday we tested different materials to determine which items were conductors (electricity could travel through them to light the bulb) and which were insulators (electricity did not travel through them so the bulb remained dark). Ask your third grader to share with you what was discovered during this exploration.

Cotton is an insulator.

Styrofoam is an insulator.

Plastic is an insulator.

The metal paper clip was a conductor.



We had a great day on Wednesday, 12/23.  It was Polar Express Day! We wore our pajamas and slippers (like the characters do), enjoyed hot chocolate , read the book, and watched the movie.

In the afternoon we made beaded candy cane ornaments, played Jingo (a holiday Bingo game with riddles), and enjoyed refreshments.  We ended the day with a school-wide sing a-long on Zoom.



Heat Matter Experiments

During this month’s inquiry lessons we explored how states of matter can change if you add or remove heat.

First we predicted what would happen if we put liquid (water and grape juice) in the fridge, freezer, and outside.  Then we observed and recorded our results.  We predicted that the liquid in the freezer would change to a solid, so we poured juice into dixie cups with popsicle sticks in the hopes of making popsicles. We were excited to eat our results!


Next we experimented with adding heat to solids to see if they change their state of matter.  We used a double boiler to add heat to an ice cube, a gummy, and some chocolate.  All three solids changed to liquid.  Then we melted some more chocolate and put it in pumpkin shaped molds.  We removed the chocolate from the heat and the chocolate returned to a solid state for us to enjoy. Yum!



Matter Experiments

We are learning about Matter during science. We have done 2 cool experiments so far.

Mixing Solid and Liquid

Students experimented with adding drops of liquid (vinegar) to solids (flour, sugar, salt, baking soda). They used a pipette (dropper) to drop a little liquid at a time. We took time to observe and record what happened.  The most exciting step was watching the gas bubbles created when the vinegar was added to the baking soda.


Balloon Blow-Up

Our next experiment was to see if we could harness the gas created by mixing vinegar and baking soda and use it to inflate a balloon.  It worked! We tied off the balloon and noticed that the gas was very dense because the balloon dropped quickly to the table compared to a balloon filled with air.

Before: The vinegar is in the bottle, the baking soda is dangling in the balloon.

After: When we tilted the balloon up the baking soda fell into the vinegar and a gas was created that blew up the balloon.


World Kindness Day Spirit Week

World Kindness Day is on 11/13. Since we don’t have school that day due to fall conferences, Brecknock is celebrating throughout the month of November.  A Kindness Bingo Card was sent home for learners to complete.  Everyone who completes the card will win a prize. The Kindness Bingo card can be handed in from 11/2- 12/4.

Kindness Spirit Week:

Monday 11/9- Kindness Spirit Day: “Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.” Dress head to tow in your grades’ assigned color to make a schoolwide kindness rainbow. 3rd grade= green

Tuesday 11/10- Kindness Spirit Day: Make everyone feel welcome and comfortable. Wear your sweats, hoodies or pajamas.

Wednesday 11/11- Kindness Spirit Day: Be kind to your school! Wear your school colors or a Brecknock shirt.


Let the Multiplication Begin!

Today we started our Multiplication unit.  Students will learn about the concepts of multiplication and how to use skip counting, repeated addition, multiple groups and arrays (diagrams of rows and columns) to solve multiplication problems.  A few learners have already started memorizing multiplication facts while others have worked on reviewing addition and subtraction, but everyone will begin Multiplication Math Racers on Monday 11/2.  Today we listened to this book during math class to kick off our unit.

The main character loves to count and doesn’t think she needs to memorize her multiplication facts. After a crazy dream where she tries to count everything and realizes it takes too long, she is convinced to learn multiplication.

All the children seem so excited to begin this new learning! They will be setting monthly goals for how far they hope to progress with their math facts. Thank you in advance for all the time you will set aside to help your third grader practice flashcards and meet these goals!


Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week is coming up later this month. There are some great spirit days planned. Here’s a heads up in case you want to start planning outfits!

Red Ribbon Week

Be Happy. Be Brave. Be Drug Free.

Monday, Oct. 26-  Be Brave! Have the power to “say no to drugs!” by dressing as your favorite super hero.

Tuesday, Oct. 27-  “I’m too bright for drugs!” Wear neon colors & sunglasses

Wednesday, Oct. 28-  “It’s CRAZY to do drugs!” Dress mismatched

Thursday, Oct. 29- “Think of all you can be when you stay drug free!” Dress as something you’d like to be when you grow up.

Friday, Oct. 30-  “Team up against drugs” Wear your favorite sports jersey


Global Read Aloud

All around the world today classrooms are kicking off the Global Read Aloud.  Teachers are reading aloud the same book to students in different schools.  This year’s chapter book for third grade is Planet Omar: Accidental Trouble Magnet by Zanib Mian. We are looking forward to hearing the book and making connections with students around the country and world. We have partnered with a class in Fishers, Indiana for some Flip Grid fun.  Ask your third grader to tell you about it!


Fun Friday

What a busy month we had at school in September! So busy in fact, that I apologize I didn’t find time to update this blog! We have been working hard to get used to our new schedule. Our days are filled with whole group writing instruction, spelling groups, comprehension groups, math fact fluency, math groups, Social Studies/Science Inquiry, and we’ve had PE and Maker Space for the past 2 weeks.  We have a room full of in-person learners and some Remote Learners joining us virtually each day. We definitely are busy, but are getting used to the routines and expectations of third grade. On Friday we take some time to reflect on behavior choices and see what work might need to get caught up on.  Those learners who have all responsibilities taken care of can enjoy a “Fun Friday” time. Today learners could play with Legos, card games, charades, or dominoes in small groups.  Here are a few pictures of today’s fun.



First Week of School

Although different than any other, this school year started off with a great first week! The kids were so excited to get back into school, see friends, and begin the “routines” they are familiar with. They took all the new safety precautions seriously and are doing a great job remembering them each day. We are socially distanced in our room, get hand sanitizer when we enter or exit the room, wear masks or face coverings, and spend the whole day together.

On the first day of school I read the book Swimmy by Leo Lionni. This little black fish has a brilliant idea to teach the little red fish to swim together in the shape of a large fish so they can go exploring through the ocean rather than just hide among the rocks, fearful of large fish.  This year third grade has a hallway bulletin board that features fish decorated by each student and teacher.  It says “We are all different, but we swim together in third grade.”  Just like Swimmy, I hope our class learns to work together to accomplish many exciting things this year as we swim together in our “school”. We may not be able to swim as closely as the little red fish did in the book, but we aren’t going to let fear hold us back from accomplishing new things and learning together!


We spent a lot of time this week learning how to navigate our computers and log-in to different resources and tools we will use for learning this year. We are slowly becoming more proficient at finding and completing independent assignments on our Google Classrooms.

We enjoyed a “Fun Thursday” extra recess as a reward for ending the week with lots of behavior stars and completing all our work!


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