D.C trip!

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My 6th grade class went on a big trip to washington D.C. It was a great experience. My favorite part of the D.C trip was when I went to the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. I liked this part the best because I got to see the hope diamond and a lot of other cool gems. Also I got to see some really cool animals and insects too. You got to learn all about the animals and see fossils and skeletons. I saw the skeletons of some really big turtles and fish. Overall I had a great time at D.C!    


Recycle or not?

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I think we should not recycle. Although I do think we should recycle glass. Everything else we should not. I think this way because when we recycle you feel good and think you are helping the environment. This is true that recycling is helping the environment but it takes more energy and produces more carbon dioxide to recycle. It’s not helping the environment as much as you think. I think the coast of recycling outweighs the benefits. This is why I think that recycling is not always or entirely good.


Ways to help in 8

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These are some ways that we can help in 8 days, years, months and hours.In the next 8 hours we can help our community by cleaning up the park or making a compost bin. In the next 8 days we can make sure we are not making any food waste and only buying things you can eat. In the next 8 months we can make a compost bin or volunteer for a food bank. In the next 8 years you should be working to get the 17 goals met so we can help are earth be the way it is supposed to be. Happy and healthy!