“A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.” –  Christopher Reeve

  • What does this quote mean to you ?To me this quote is saying that there is always one person who will be your hero. It doesn’t matter who, but I know that there will always be one person who is trying harder than everybody else. Somebody who is never giving up. Somebody who will always be by your side. My heros are my Aunt, my Mom, my Dad, my Brother, my Pop-Pop, my Mom-mom, and so many more. Honestly… I could go on forever.
  • Going back to what we discussed at the beginning of this unit, name two traits a hero should have and why they need those traits. :  Well, like this quote said, A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.” One trait that this quote says a hero has is perseverance. I think that this is a great trait for a hero, because there will always be people who don’t like you. Even if you are a hero. Heros are normal people just like you, and normal people have other normal people that don’t like them. But a hero wouldn’t just give up on everything, and say that somebody said this about them, or somebody said that about them, and complain all the time. A true hero would persevere through all that, and ignore the mean people, and go to the people who make them feel good instead of hanging out with the people who don’t. This trait for any hero would come in handy A LOT, because this trait doesn’t just go for people who don’t like you. It goes for different things too. Perseverance could help with tough obstacles like the quote said, it could help with pain, etc. Another trait I think a hero should have is kindness. Kindness literally plays into everything you do. For example, if you are about to throw away your expired chips, think about it. You are about to throw out some expired chips, that could be EXTREMELY helpful to somebody in need. So you could be a homeless person’s hero by giving them those chips, and I can promise you that you will feel so good after you do that, because you will feel like a hero to that person. Every hero needs kindness because we are all heros, and if all of us have kindness then nobody’s feelings get hurt, and if nobody’s feelings get hurt then the world becomes a whole lot better.
  • Who in your own life do you consider a hero?  Why? : In the beginning of this blog post I mentioned some of my heros. But my biggest hero is my Pop-Pop. My pop-Pop is my biggest hero, because he has always supported me no matter what I do. He has also helped me become a writer. My Pop-Pop has given me the best present I have EVER gotten. He gave me an exclusive copy of the book “The Elements of Style, By William Strunk Jr. and E.B. White”. Why is this so important ? Well, this book was officially published in 1918. Which means that this book is SUPER old. Even though the book he gave me was only a copy it is still AMAZING. Anyways this book is EXTREMELY important to me because when my Pop-Pop gave this to me he said that he would NEVER think of giving this book to anybody else before me. When he said that it made me feel so special inside. He is also my hero because he supports me in everything I do. If I wanted to be a lawyer, I know he would support me. (The children came early to the hanging. 😉
  • Name one person from history that has the qualities of a hero?  Why would you pick that person? : One person that I think has the qualities of a hero is Harriet Tubman. If you have never heard of Harriet Tubman, Harriet Tubman was an African-American Slave. Unfortunately Harriet Tubman was born into slavery, so she was a slave ever since she was born. In 1849 Harriet Tubman got sick and tired of seeing all of the slaves around her keep on working, and working, and working non-stop. So she decided to escape all of her fellow slaves, her family, and herself out of slavery. Where did all of them go ? Well, in fact all of them escaped to Philadelphia, PA. Anyways, Harriet Tubman is one of my heros/idols, because she was courageous enough to risk her own life, and many others, to escape slavery. She could have been killed for all we know. But she is also one of my heros, because she was so brave to go out and risk her life just for freedom. Comment some of your heroes, and why. Happy Blogging !

2 thoughts on “Heros

  1. Hi Abby this is Karis!
    Star: I like how you detailed everything.
    Wish: I wish you put less so more people would want to read it. For a lot of people they like reading less.
    Wonder: In the who you consider a hero part, what do you mean by ( the children come early to the hanging?
    I love that you chose your Pop-Pop because my Grandpop was special to me to! Great Story! -Karis

  2. Hey Karis ! Thank you for commenting on my blog. I do agree with you on how I should’ve put less on this post. I think I went a little overboard. When I said, “The children came early to the hanging.”. It was a quote my grandpa once read to me, and I knew he was going to read it so I thought would sneak that in there. I knew that people would say that. Thanks again ! Happy Blogging !

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