February 4


This is what i will be telling you about two different people from different perspectives.


The first author had a strong bias about recycling . He said “if you want to save the planet, please make sure your trash is buried in a landfill.” Most people have heard of reduce, reuse, and recycle. But the truth, however, is that recycling has a cost, a big cost. And he said “ Recycling also wastes water, because usually before you put your garbage in the recycling bin, you wash it out with hot water. And somebody is putting in  that time and effort heating that hot water. So, this author thinks that we should not recycle as much as we do now.

The second author also has a strong bias about recycling. He said, “ Us Americans use a lot, and we waste a lot. We dump far more trash than we need into landfills. In fact, we dump twice as much garbage per person as countries in western Europe. This Author thinks we should recycle more.

So as you can see, these two authors have very different opinions about recycling. My opinion is that we should still recycle. Because i don’t want climate change! We should recycle because it is healthier for the earth, and i really love the earth. You shouldn’t bury your trash in a landfill, that is not so healthy for the earth. That is my opinion.


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