April 5

Online Learning

Online Learning?? I’m not so sure how I feel about all of this… I mean, it’s cool that we get to sleep in like, 2 extra hours, you have to love that! And we can just do school right at home on our couches. Also, it only takes only about 1-2 hours because we are supposed to do ELA: 30 mins, Math: 30 mins, and Special: 20 mins. So it should only take you 1-2 hours to do everything. (unless there is something that you really want to get done, so you take more time to do it) But I’m finding ways to keep myself busy. We own 7 acres, so there is a lot to do outside, for example, riding four-wheeler, taking dogs on a walk, helping my dad build stone steps going down to the barn, help my mom with gardens, play football with the boys, play basketball, volleyball, baseball, basically any sports! (I usually play all of those with my brothers) The list still goes on, I just don’t feel like listing everything.😋 Also, I have been helping my mom make dinner, so I became her sue chef. Anyway, that is how I survive being stuck at home all day.





March 11

Antelope Canyon


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After going to Antelope Canyon last summer, I am eager to tell you about all the wonderful sights they have to offer!

Antelope Canyon is a beautiful place located east of Page, Arizona. It is open every day of the week, they open up at 8:00 am and close at 4:00 pm, but the tours start at around 8:45 am. In the off-seasons, which is mid-October-mid March, there are no light beams in the canyon, but it is still very beautiful. It is a lot less busy during November-February.


There are many different tour options. The prices range from $40-$263; it all depends on what month you are planning to go, what time of day, and what kind of tour you are looking for. But then there is an additional $8 for the Navajo permit that is paid in cash. For example, the upper Canyon tour is  $63, but the Upper antelope canyon night photography tour is $263. 

While in Antelope Canyon, be sure to wear clothes according to the weather. If its summer, wear sneakers, a T-shirt, and shorts. During the colder months, wear sweatpants or leggings, a hoodie, sweatshirt, and sneakers. I would not recommend wearing flipflops or sandals, the floor of the canyon is very dusty.  If you are concerned about where to park, don’t worry! There is a parking lot right by the exhibit.


Just remember, there are no backpacks allowed in the canyon, everything that you take into the canyon must be carried. The Canyon has some tight spaces, so having a backpack would not go very well. It is sunny, so you should plan to bring sunglasses, sunscreen, a hat to protect your head, a camera/phone and any other gear that you need to take pictures.


Upper Antelope Canyon is absolutely breathtaking with all of the light beams that shine through, so I would highly suggest taking that tour. That tour takes about 1 hour 30 min. The Antelope Canyon photo tour is also very beautiful and all of the tour guides are very helpful and kind. They will help you get the best pictures you could possibly get, and make your experience a lot better.

I hope you decide to go there, and when you do, have a great time!

May 15

Self Driving Cars

~Self driving cars~


Hello, My name is Kierra and I am going to be informing you about self driving cars and if we are ready for them or not. I will also be telling you about the authors opinions. First of all, a self driving car is basically a car that you do not need to drive. They can drive all on their own. They can do that because they have little sensors that are attached to the car and that will be able to tell how close or far away something is from the car.


Here are some of the reasons why we the first person thinks we  should have self driving cars. One of the reasons they think we are ready for self driving cars is because they have little sensors that are attached to the car and that will be able to tell how close or far away something is from the car, and that will prevent accidents, (or at least decrease the number of accidents. The author also stated that 32,000 people die each year in car accidents in the United States. Another 2.5 million people get hurt each year. The author stated that 95 out of every 100 of the car accidents are human mistakes. She mentioned that you can do many other things while the car is driving itself. For example, you could text, work or just relax. That author thought that we are ready for self driving cars.


Here are the CONS  that the author stated about self driving cars. The author thinks it is a bad idea to have self driving cars because some self driving cars have a computer that takes all of the control of the car, taking all control of a car is terrible, The driver should always have some control over the car. Because what if the car has a malfunction and it just stops? What would you do then? You should be able to take control of the car somehow. Because if the car just stops and the car behind you is going really fast, then they might not be able to stop fast enough to prevent a crash, so the person has to be able to take over if you are about to get crashed into.


However, I have an opinion too. My opinion is kind of a mix of both of them. First i will tell you my reasons why I think that we are  ready for self driving cars. I think we are ready for self driving cars because if you are on a long trip and you are the one driving the whole time and everyone else is sleeping, then you just want to sleep too. So a solution for that problem is that you could get a self driving car! Another reason I think that we are ready for self driving cars is because 95 out of every 100 car accidents are human mistakes. Also, computers don’t get panicky. For example, if there was a deer on the road, then the computer would just do its  job. But with humans, if they are not paying attention to the road, then they would be like ahhh! A deer! And they would turn sharp and they might go off the road.


Now I will tell you my opinion about the CONS of having self driving cars. One of the CONS about having self driving cars is that people won’t be able to take control. You shouldn’t take the control away from the driver! Because if the car does something wrong, then you have to be able to take control. Another reason I think that we are not ready for self driving cars is because kids could just steal a car and say where they want to go and it would just take them there. The car wouldn’t know if the kid is a grown up or not. The laws might have to change too, because kids should be allowed to have a car because they are not even driving them. And if someone gets into a car crash, then they shouldn’t have to pay for the other person’s medical bills if they get hurt because it is not their fault, it is the car’s fault. So as you can see, I have mixed opinions for self driving cars.

April 26

opinion writing

Our class is writing an opinion piece on if we think kids are having too much screen time and you think that kids should be limited on screens, or if everything is ok and you think it should stay the same, or if you think that kids should have more screen time.

My opinion on this topic is i think kids have too much screen time and they should be limited on screens. I think they should be limited on screens because if you are always just on your tablet or phone or tv, then you could be missing out on other things that are fun or important. for example, if your parents ask you if you wanted to stay home while they go to a meeting, or if you wanted to go along, and if you pick to stay home and be on screens when they are gone then they could do something fun without you when they are done with the meeting.

Another reason why you should be limited on screens is because if you be on screens for a very long time, say a couple of hours like 2 or 3, it could mess up your eyesight. Kind of like when you go outside and it is really sunny, (not that this would mess up your eyesight) and then when you come inside after a while, then it seems like the house is really dark. And if you stay on screens for a long time, then if you look away, then your eyes feel really weird, and they kind of hurt.

Another reason why you should be limited on screens is because if you are on screens all the time, then you would miss all the other things that are going on in life. Sometimes it is a good thing to miss other things in life, but sometimes it is a bad thing. Like if something really terrible just happened it is better not to know about it. But if something very good just happened, then you would probably want to know about it. That is my opinion.

April 26


Hi, my name is Kierra, our group is reading a myth about maui. I will be telling you my opinion on Maui and if he is more good then bad, or if he is more bad than good.


I think that he is more good than bad because he did more good things for the people than bad thing. for example, he lifted the sky up so mankind could walk freely without having to crawl. But there was something that was bad that came out of this. Since Maui pushed up the sky the sun had freedom to move very fast, so the sun was having fun and he was playing a game that he has to run faster every day. So nobody could get their work done.


Another reason I think Maui is more good than bad is because he lifted up the islands so people could live there. but he is not perfect, he is also bad. He is bad because whenever he goes fishing with his brothers, he always tricks his brothers. And he is also bad because he when his brothers had enough of his tricks, they said he can’t go fishing with them. But he wanted to prove himself so he could go. So he turned himself into a beetle so that his brothers couldn’t see him. And he snuck onto the boat. Once he was on the boat, he turned back into himself. So he is not all perfect


I also think that he is good because he snared the sun so that all the people could finish their work in the day, for example, his mother. In the other paragraph i talked about how he made something bad come out of pushing up the sky, the sun always moved very fast. Maui realized that the people had trouble getting their work done. So Maui decided that he would fix that.  His mother gave him fifteen different ropes, and his grandmother gave him a strong war axe and one more strong rope. Then she told him to hide under a tree top at the top of a mountain. She told him that when the sun comes up, Maui has to throw the rope around one of the sun’s legs. And then once the sun’s other legs came up over the mountain, he had to throw the other ropes on it’s legs. Once Maui did all that to the sun, he threatened it with his war axe. The sun was terrified and begged Maui to release him. Maui made a deal with the sun, he said that if he would release the sun, then the sun would have to run slow in the summer so everyone could get their work done, and he could only run very fast when it is winter.


So as you can see Maui did some bad things, and a lot of good things. That is my opinion on Maui.