April 5

Online Learning

Online Learning?? I’m not so sure how I feel about all of this… I mean, it’s cool that we get to sleep in like, 2 extra hours, you have to love that! And we can just do school right at home on our couches. Also, it only takes only about 1-2 hours because we are supposed to do ELA: 30 mins, Math: 30 mins, and Special: 20 mins. So it should only take you 1-2 hours to do everything. (unless there is something that you really want to get done, so you take more time to do it) But I’m finding ways to keep myself busy. We own 7 acres, so there is a lot to do outside, for example, riding four-wheeler, taking dogs on a walk, helping my dad build stone steps going down to the barn, help my mom with gardens, play football with the boys, play basketball, volleyball, baseball, basically any sports! (I usually play all of those with my brothers) The list still goes on, I just don’t feel like listing everything.😋 Also, I have been helping my mom make dinner, so I became her sue chef. Anyway, that is how I survive being stuck at home all day.





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