Week 10 Blog Challenge Leila’s Blog

By Leila

I have written Twenty  great and amazing stories for you to read. Some stories are long and others are not. I have eleven stories that are based on school. I have two that I made up and seven from the blogging challenge.  This would be the 7th story.

I have eleven overseas students that have commented on my blog. I have twenty classmates that have commented on my blog, and I have nine teachers that have commented on my blog. The post that received the most comments was “My Trip to Florida.” Here is the link to the story:


I have no idea why this post got the most comments, but I think it’s because a lot of people like Florida!

My favorite post to write was “Lick’n Limericks,” because it was fun and easy and I liked making up our own limericks. Here is the link to the story and my partner’s blog who helped write the story:  http://blog.elanco.org/eby41b/2016/11/08/lickin-limericks-2/  

Here is his blog:


I did not change blog themes because I liked mine already. I have Ten widgets and think I have enough, but I wish I had more.  It would make my blog more popular and I would get more visitors.

I have two overseas students on my blog roll. Please come visit my blog to visit theirs.  I did not use any tools on my blog because I thought it already looked good without them. I am really looking forward to the next blog challenge.

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The End.

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