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What is My One of my Favorite things to do?


I really Love to play this game called Dutch Blitz.  Dutch Blitz is a card game. It is my favorite card game. I like Dutch Blitz because it is a really fast card game that calls for skill, strategy, and smartness but Dutch Blitz is kind of frustrating too.  Dutch Blitz is like no other card game it is unique.  I like to play it with my family they really like it too.  


Heres how you play Dutch Blitz:  First you take 3 cards out of your 40 cards and lay them face up to the right of you.  Then you take 10 cards and lay them face down except for the top one lay that face up this is your Blitz pile you are trying to get rid of them.  Next your remaining cards that are left you hold face down.  When the person says go then you turn 3 over you can only use the 3rd card this is your Dutch pile.  Your Dutch pile helps you get rid of your Blitz pile. The point of the game is to get rid of your Blitz pile.  The numbers go all the way to 10 so say if a person has and 3 and someone just layed down a 2 then that person can put their 3 down.  The 4 team names are Green plows,  Yellow buckets,  blue pumps, and red wagons.  There are 4 colors red, yellow, green, and blue.  You are only allowed to put 1 card down at a time.  Say you have a red 9 and a red 10 you can only put the 9 down first with 1 hand you can’t use 2 hands, and put down both the 9 and 10 at the same time it has to be 1 card at a time.


Dutch Blitz is frustrating because say if you have a yellow 8 and your opponent does too and someone is about to put down a yellow and your opponent gets the 8 down before you or if you drop your cards and everyone is still playing.  I think you should play Dutch Blitz it is really Stellar!!

This is how to play Dutch Blitz and some information about my opinion about it!!!


Google Expeditions: Amazon Rainforest!!!!


 In the VR I went to the Amazon and saw lots of interesting sights and saw lots of wildlife like trees and plants and lots of animals.  I also saw a big river running through the middle that had lots of pariahs in it.  The Amazon was a lot bigger than I thought. I thought The experience was stellar, and I learned lots of interesting facts about plants and animals. I hope we keep doing V.R  the rest of the year!!

The Big But Not So Bad Wolf

The Big Not So Bad Wolf

By Leila and Ryder

Grandson I am going to tell you about something very important. Never ever ever go to the 3 little pigs house they are very mean. Here I will tell you what happened to me.

Once upon a time there lived 3 little pigs. They were very mean to me. They locked me out of their house I just wanted to eat with them because my mother had made the most delicious soup and I just wanted to share it. So they let me come in.

They sat down to eat and the pigs did something I did not like at all. The scooted chairs to the far end of the table away from me then they ate all the soup. I got so mad that I went  outside and huffed and I puffed and I blew there house down.

Then two little pigs survived and ran over to the second little pig’s house, but the one that   couldn’t get out I ate him.  They ran to this stick house but I huffed and puffed and blew the house down. The third little pig ran to his house, but the second little pig got stuck and I ate him. I felt really good after that, but I was still hungry.

He ran to the third little pig’s house I huffed and puffed but this time it didn’t come down I tried again and again but the house was too mighty.  Finally I took my biggest blow I ever took this I blew so hard that 2 little pigs flew out of me. Then the other pig opened the door and they quickly ran into the house and locked the door.

There was only 1 more entrance the chimney I decided to make a disguise I had to get a red suit, and some holiday cheer.  I was going to be santa.  The little pigs heard Ho ho ho and then they saw santa.  What said the 2nd pig Christmas is 2 months away. That’s not true it is in the middle of the summer said the 3rd little pig.

Well we are doing an early arrival this year just then his suit fell off it’s not santa it’s the big bad wolf!!  Then I charged them they moved and I went right into their soup and burned myself and I never came back again and the 3 little pigs lived happily ever after. That’s the end. They got to live happily ever after and I did not. Never go to the three little pig home because the same thing will happen to you because of the way we look. The End.

About My Blog

About My Blog week 10 #STUBC16

About my stories My blog has 16 stories for people to read or watch.  My stories are 700 words to 3 poems.  I have 5 stories from the Student blog challenge, 11 school based, and 2 of my own stories.  My favorite story is who I nominated I enjoyed writing it the most because… I wrote the 6 traits of writing and ranked his blog.

About my comments  I received 5 comments in my classroom, 7 comments in my grade, 4 comments overseas,  and 26 comments total in including replies.  The post that received the most comments was our school day with 9 comments.  I think this post had the most comments because I wrote about my school day, and people want to tell me what is different about their school day and what is the same. I have left about an average of about 2 comments per day.

About my widgets I had to change my blog theme because I could not put widgets on my blog.  I have 8 widgets and I think I have too many I should have 7 but I accidently put my class blog twice.  I have all 5 people on my blogroll overseas 4 from Australia and 1 from India

Other I put in a padlet and I have a couple videos for people to watch.  I have not read the flipboard magazine but some students from my class are on it.

About the amazing student blog challenge(2016).  My favorite challenge was week 5 free choice I liked it because no other blog challenge has free choice where you can write whatever you want.  I learned how to be a better writer in the student blog challenge.  I really like having the student blog challenge and I think they should keep doing it.

Who I Nominated

Who I Nominated

I would like to Nominate Ryan’s blog for his great work and excellent writing.  He has lots of great writing for people to enjoy! It is all about Jesus. And I Believe in Jesus

Reasons why I voted for his blog:

  1.  He doesn’t go crazy with widgets like other people.  Some people have so many widgets all their blog is is widgets.
  1. He has lots of stories he doesn’t have 1 or 2 pieces of writing.  A lot of blogs don’t have many pieces of writing so people don’t visit their blog.
  1. He doesn’t have a lot of mistakes he might have a little mistakes but not many.   

Here is the rank for each of the 6 traits of writing for his blog  Here is the URL come and visit it.

4 3 2 1 0

Ideas There is 1 clear well-focused topic. Main Idea stands out and is supported by detailed info. Main Idea is clear but the supporting info is general Main idea is somewhat clear but there is a need for more supporting info The main idea is not clear but there is a seemingly random collection of information Ideas do not answer question
Sentence Fluency

All sentences sound natural and are easy-on-the-

Ear when read aloud Each sentence is clear and obvious emphasis

Almost all sentences sound natural and are easy-on-the-

Ear when read aloud but 1 or 2 are awkward or difficult to understand

Most sentences sound natural and are easy- on-the-ear when read aloud, but several are awkward or difficult to understand The sentences are difficult to read aloud because they sound awkward, are distractingly repetitive, or difficult to understand. First Draft Quality
Word choice 4 (or more) strong descriptive words used correctly At least 3 strong descriptive words used correctly At least 2 strong descriptive words used correctly At least 1 strong descriptive word used correctly Missing strong descriptive words or not used correctly
Conventions No Errors spelling, grammar, punctuation, caps, and paragraphs Very few errors: spelling, grammar, Punctuation, caps and Paragraph Some errors spelling, grammar, Punctuation, caps, and paragraphs

Many errors

Spelling, grammar, Punctuation, caps and paragraph.

Rough Draft quality
organization Main idea 4 supporting details Conclusion Main idea, 3 supporting details Main idea, 2 supporting details Main Idea 1 supporting detail Missing Main Idea and/or Supporting Detail
Voice Very strong convincing Writer’s voice heard, Passion, Wit, humor, unique Strong, Convincing writer’s voice heard, Passion, Wit, Humor, unique Is Convincing Writer’s voice,  heard, Passion, Wit, Humor, unique Mildly Convincing Writer’s voice heard, Passion, Wit, Humor, unique Rough Draft quality

Ideas: 3  Sentence Fluency:4 Word Choice: 3 Conventions: 4 Organization: 3 Voice: 3 Total:20

This is why I voted for Ryan’s blog.

Christmas Eve Party

You are invited to a Christmas eve party

When: 12/24/16

Where: 7534 Old Philadelphia Pike

What time:  3:45 – 7:45

You are welcome to bring anything you want and a gift it is optional we will have some if you do not bring one there is going to be a gift extange. If you are unable to make it please call this number:

(717)- 193- 4816  Please call before December 21st if you can not make it.

  Steve Miller via Compfightchristmas_lights_rr_5Div0477

Journey Across The Arctic

Journey Across The Arctic

Once Upon a time there were 2 people named Ryan and Bob riding a plane in the middle of the winter all of a sudden it started hailing.  The hail broke their windshield and got into their motor they began to fall to the ground. They landed on a big pile of snow Ryan looked up on his phone to find someone or something then he spotted a house right when the phone died.

It said 15 miles to it they only had 3 candy bars and 2 bottles of water. They started on their trip when they were walking all of a sudden he saw a polar bear. They started running AAAAAAA then Bob tripped Ryan dived to try to get him they were buried in snow then Bob fell down even farther he landed in this weird ice room all of a sudden he heard hahahahaha he and Ryan turned around to see two huge polar bears one of them was the same one that was chasing them. Well well they said looks like we have ourselves some guests.  Get them!  They jumped up to try to get out Ryan got up but Bob was still in the air Ryan reached and got him.

They walked 5 miles so far Ryan was feeling hot the ice was starting to feel soft they stopped for the night.  They were 7 miles away.  The next morning they woke up and started walking.  Then he saw something in the distance it was white, and there was 2 of them they started running towards them they realized it was the two polar bears we left and hid they couldn’t find them.  The ice started to crack they ran to where it wasn’t cracking they saw an airplane they jumped on a pile of snow so they wouldn’t be on the cracking ice all of a sudden they fell into the snow and they were in a tunnel sliding down then they on grass wait grass they were at their house and they lived happily ever after.

Luke Howard Peoms

Luke Howard poems

By: Leila and Ryder

He liked to daydream

He did it all the way

The clouds Gleamed

He got worried when they turned gray


Luke looked at the sky

Some were blue

Some were high

It was an amazing view


Luke liked the weather

There were some clouds in sky

Some looked feathery

Floating by.    


Someone tried to take his spot.

But they were not as great

He was always right on the dot.

He was never late


Soon he died

It was so sad

Everybody cried

Especially his dad.

Here is a link to find more about Luke Howard

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