Adventures In Candy Land Chapter 6

Adventures in Candy Land Chapter 6

Another clue in the candy house of clues

Be sure to read chapters 1-5 so you know what’s going on


“Ahh,” said Joe.  “Let’s hope that was automatic lights,” said Jake.  “Shh, Lord Licorice and his guards could find us if we are this loud,” said Mammoth.  “Let’s keep walking through the tunnel and find some clues,” said Joe.  They walked through the tunnel they kept walking and walking until they came to a wall then they pulled out their flashlights.


They found a loose stone and pulled it off from the wall, quickly they dodged the flying stones and found that there was another pathway that lead somewhere.  “This must be where something really valuable is hidden,” said Jake.  “Or the answer to the mystery,” said Joe.  Lord Licorice heard the sound of when the stones fell and he went to investigate. “Do you hear something,” said Mammoth.  “Oh no, there are guards coming after us,” said Jake.


“Run!!,” said Joe. They started running and running and running.  “I think we lost them,” said Jake.  “They’ll be back though,” said Jake.  “Let’s turn on our flashlights,” said Mammoth.  They kept walking until they came to a wall this time it had a lock on it.  They shined a flashlight on the lock and it opened and they went inside.  Just then the door behind them shut.


“We’re trapped!,” said Jake. “Oh no,” Said Joe.  “We should just keep walking because there was a lock on the door so there must be something secret inside here.  Just then they saw a security camera.  “Hide, quick,” said Mammoth.  They ran and hid behind a big rock.  Joe found a rock and threw it at the camera.  “We’re safe for now,”  said Joe.  They walked out and found lots of crystals.  They touched one and it broke. “Um wasn’t me,” said Jake.


Next thing they know they see a huge flash of light coming from a hole in the ceiling.  Then they heard voices from the hole.  “Let’s go investigate,”  said Mammoth.  They started to climb up and they snuck in without getting seen.  They saw that guards were working on something suspicious.  


Then they took it into another room.  “Should we follow them,” said Joe.  “Yes,” said Jake.  Once the coast was clear they ran into the room they went in and immediately the door shut.  They saw nothing.  “I feel something coming,” said Mammoth.  Then they saw guards come out on the distance and surround them.  “Uh Oh,” said Joe.  “We’re dead,” said Jake.  “You won’t escape this time,” said one of the guards,” said one of the guards.  “I think he’s right,” said Mammoth.  There was no escape.  

To be continued…

Adventures in Candy Land Chapter 5

              Adventures in Candy Land Chapter 5

The New Recruit

If you haven’t read chapter’s 1-4 you should read them before you read this chapter.


I don’t know about that because it’s too dangerous,” said Mammoth.  “He’ll keep attacking us until we’re not alive but dead, so we might as well keep looking for clues,” said Joe.  “Fine,” said Mammoth.  Then they started running to the candy house of clues but when they were halfway there they saw something moving in the distance suddenly they stopped.


They started creeping up on it until they saw the gigantic thing.  Then Joe accidently stepped on it’s tail and it turned around.  “DRAGON!,” yelled Joe, and they were off in a jiffy.  The Dragon started chasing them, and they were running as fast as could but the dragon was also running as fast as it could too they noticed they were ahead of the dragon by a lot.  Then they heard it making a loud noise.  They stopped and noticed that the dragon was bleeding.  They went back to help it and they noticed he got shot they pulled the bullet out and saw a symbol that had a piece of Licorice.  “Lord Licorice must have shot him,” said Joe.  They healed him by finding pieces of sticky candy because he is made out of candy and put it in the cut and  then they saw a gem on its head and they found a necklace and Mammoth  sent him off but what they didn’t notice was Lord Licorice in a tree in the distance.  


When they got to the candy house of clues they opened the door and saw somebody just standing there.  (Lord Licorice didn’t know about this person).  “Hi, what’s your name,” said Joe.  “My name is Jake.”  “Hi Jake, what are you doing here?”  Said Mammoth.  “I’m looking for clues and trying to defeat Lord Licorice,” said Jake.  “We are too,” said Joe.  “Do you want to help us,” said Mammoth.  “Sure,” said Jake.  “ I found a flashlight that has a symbol on it it looks like a door,” said Jake.  “Maybe we could shine all of the flashlights in 1 place and it will give us a big clue.


They shined all of the flashlights on a flat wall and there came a huge map.  “I wonder what it means,” said Joe.  “Whatever it means we should figure it out because there will be a good clue on where it leads,” said Mammoth. “Look the symbols on the flashlights are on the map and they lead to certain destinations.” Said Jake.  “They are in order in which we found them,” said Mammoth.  “Yeah, first we found a piece of licorice.  Joe was interrupted by Mammoth saying, we already found the destination of the piece of licorice, and we already used the other flashlight but we didn’t use the flashlight with the door on it so the map must lead to a door, but where is the door that the map is trying to lead us to?”  Said Mammoth. “We’re on the maps path right now,” said Jake.


They kept following the map until they were so close to the door that they thought it was right in front of them.  “Look, there is a lever on the wall,”said Mammoth.  They knocked on the door and there was no answer so they went in and immediately the door shuts behind them and it was locked and a millisecond later lights turn on and they jumped to their feet.
To be continued…

Digital Footprint #STUBC17 Week 7 Activity 2

Digital footprint



What is a digital footprint?  A Digital footprint is the information about a particular person that exists on the internet as a result of their online activity.  Whatever you do on the internet can be, seen by everyone and I mean everyone they can be seen by strangers, can be found and seen by other people, it can be copied and seen on paper, it can be passed on and known by other people. People’s digital footprint is private property.  Everybody has a digital footprint.  Facebook, and other things like that is a great way for people to learn more about you, so other people  can do things to try to learn more about you, and learn more about your digital footprint.


To learn more about digital footprint check out these videos from the blog challenge:



Adventures In Candy Land Chapter 4

Adventures in candy land chapter 4

The Lucky Escape

If you haven’t read parts 1,2, and 3 you won’t know what’s going on.


“This is terrible,” said Joe.   “Look,” said Mammoth.  They found a rock boat floating on the lava.  They were heading straight towards it.  Then they fell into it.  “At least we’re not dead,” said Mammoth.  Then they heard something from behind them and looked around to see rope falling behind them.  “That must’ve been the rope that was going to fall with us,” said Joe.  Meanwhile where Lord Licorice was he heard a bell.  “Oh, they must have fallen into the lava, but if they didn’t I’m going to send some guards after those chumps, and get them once and for all,” said Lord Licorice.  


When the guards came back they reported an empty cage stuck on the point, and the hungry gun missing, and guards lying on the floor dead of starvation.  “No, they probably escaped,” said Lord Licorice.  He checked the spy cameras.   “No, they’re on the rock boat close to escaping me,” said Lord Licorice.  He sent about 20 guards after them, and he sent 10 guards in the secret tunnel in case they get in there.  Meanwhile Joe and Mammoth were about to crash into a wooden wall.  When they did it was hollow, and Joe pushed it and part of the wall fell down. “A secret tunnel!, said Joe.


“Guards!, said Mammoth.  They escaped the guards by going into the tunnel and closed the door.  Then they got to a fork.  They heard guards coming both ways.  They quickly snuck into the left tunnel and pretended they were a statue.  When the guards passed by they started running the opposite direction.  Then Mammoth stepped onto a stick and it broke in half.  One guard said, “what was that?  The guards quickly came over to where they were so they pretended they were statues again.  They stopped right where they were and the guards were looking around, and 1 guard saw them and said, “I don’t remember this statue here.”  Just then both of them knew they were in trouble.


They took them and started carrying them back to Lord Licorice to see if he recognized them.   Mammoth saw a rock so he picked it up and put it where the guard was holding him and slipped out, and he did the same for Joe too.  They started running the opposite direction the guards did.  Until they got to another fork.  They went right this time.  While they were walking they heard guards say, “they escaped.  So they started running.  They saw a doorknob and they opened it. They knew the guards were getting closer because their voices were getting louder.


Then they came to 4 paths.  They went on 1 path and saw a door they opened and saw that they were back home.  The only problem was that they were stuck in the hole and heard the guards getting closer.  They jumped from the doorknob to the top of the hole and then hid so if the guards opened the door they wouldn’t see them. When the guards came they didn’t see them so they went back.  The guards went back and told Lord Licorice that they escaped.  “Don’t worry, I have a plan, said Lord Licorice.  Meanwhile it was nighttime when Mammoth and Joe got back to their house.  When they woke up in the morning Joe said to Mammoth,” we have to go back to the candy house of clues!


See, Think, Wonder, Machu Picchu


Name:  Ryder H.


Expedition Name Text Title
Machu Picchu Lost City


What do you SEE?

(Describe what you see using WOW words)

I saw lots of enormous, steep, turquoise, and really tall mountains.  I saw Maya religions, and how they made things in their country.  I saw houses made completely out of stone.  I saw Granite walls that fit perfectly together like puzzle pieces.  I saw tons of green trees with beautiful plants.

What do you THINK?

(As you are experiencing VR tell your audience in detail what you are thinking using sequence words. First, Next, Last)

First I thought that the Maya country was only certain colors because all I saw outside was green, white, blue, and light brown.  Next I thought how long it took them to build the walls.  Last I thought that the Maya people were creative with their country, and made it unique.

What do you WONDER?

(During your expedition what are you wondering about? What questions come to your mind?)

How long did it take to complete that granite wall?  Did the granite wall stand to bad storms and strong winds?  How many mountains are in the Maya country?

Adapted from Veronica Vox Mansilla @ProjectZeroHGSE


Text Connections


What did you SEE in the Expedition that you can CONNECT to the text?

(Be sure to cite specific examples from the expedition and the text)

I saw Granite walls that fit perfectly together in the expedition, that I can connect to the text because in the text it specifically says, “ But right here was the most beautiful stonework he had ever seen-huge stones cut so perfectly that not even a razor blade could be slipped between them.”

How do you THINK the Expedition enhanced your understanding of the text?

(Be sure to use evidence from the text to support your response)

The expedition enhanced my understanding of the text because in the expedition I learned a lot about the Maya country and in the text the

Maya country was the lost city.

What do you still WONDER after experiencing the Expedition and reading the text?

(Write a reflection to extend your thinking i.e. What are you still curious about? What more do you want to know?)

Did the Granite walls stand during floods, hurricanes, and high winds?


Adventures In Candy Land Chapter 3

Adventures In Candy Land Chapter 3

The Close Survival

If you haven’t read parts 1 and 2 you should read them before reading this chapter.  Enjoy!


“Oh, no,” said Mammoth.  “We have to hide,” said Joe.  They started running, but then they got cornered by a wall.  “We’re done for,” said Mammoth. They started climbing the wall over

to the key.  They got it, and climbed over to the cage.  They opened the cage but then fell down into a deep hole.  Then they heard them put 5 layers of metal on top of them, and they saw a bomb drop into the hole.


The bomb was set for 10 minutes.  “We have to get out of here,” said Joe.  “Here’s your little friend too,”  said Lord Licorice.  “They’ll never know,”  said Lord Licorice.  “Never know what?”   Joe said in confusement.  “This mystery just keeps getting weirder, and weirder,” said Mammoth.  The bomb was now set for 9 min.  “I think I hear guards above us,” said Mammoth.  “I have an idea, we can dig a hole up to where the guards do then dig a hole and go inside and cover it up when the bomb explodes it will go up the whole, and knock down the guards then we escape,” said Joe.


They did Joe’s plan.  When the bomb exploded it knocked down the guards, and they escaped.  “Wow that was awesome,” said Mammoth as they were running.  Just then Joe tripped and tripped Mammoth.  The other person didn’t notice and kept running till they escaped.  Then Lord Licorice came, and captured them.  He put them in a cage and threw the key in the lava.  Then he put them hanging on a rope above lava and took a timer and when it ringed a knife would cut the rope and they would fall into the lava.


He set the timer for 48 hours.  “If you want to escape you should stop thinking about it, you are in the middle of a circle with no way to get out, but if somehow you do escape the lava there are guards surrounding you, but if you want to escape good luck you have 2 days,” said Lord Licorice.  Then he was off.  “We’ll have to think of a plan,” said Mammoth.  Then Joe looked up and saw all Lord Licorces creations, he hated Lord Licorice so he threw a stone at 1 of his inventions, but he accidently threw it too hard and it knocked it over, and it fell into his hands.


It said,” The hungry gun.” He read the instructions and they said,” Shoot somebody with it and they will get so hungry they can’t help it.”  Just then an idea went to Mammoth’s mind.  “ I Have an idea, we can shoot all the guards with the hungry gun and they will go away to try to get something to eat then we will shake the cage and it will break on that point and we will fall out and escape,” said Joe.  “Let’s wait til midnight,”  said Mammoth.  Mammoth said this because he knew guards would switch, and the guards on duty in the day would be asleep, so if they escaped and the guards saw them they wouldn’t have much help and it would be easier to escape.


They looked up the clock.  “Hey Mammoth, we only have 20 hours left,” said Joe.  “Don’t worry we have 3 hours til midnight.  3 hours passed by and Mammoth saw the guards switching.  “Ok, let’s wait til they’re all in position, then we’ll escape,” said Mammoth.  When all the guards were in position Joe began shooting them with the hungry gun.  They heard complaints saying, “Why do we have to starve just because of these stupid kids?”  “I’m so hungry.”  Then they all ran to eat.  “Now,” said Mammoth. They started shaking the cage, until it reached the point and it broke the cage, but they didn’t jump out in time and they started falling down to the lava.


To be continued…


2 Legendary Legends

How The Zebra Got Its Stripes

There once was a zebra.  He was really colorful.  All the other Zebra’s liked him.  He painted himself different colors everyday.  He invited his friend tiger over to his house.  When Tiger got to his house, Zebra noticed tiger has stripes.  He thought he could have stripes because he wanted to be like his friend Tiger, so he asked Tiger If he could put stripes on him.  Tiger said yes.  He grabbed the paint and painted stripes on Zebra.  Zebra was so excited he went outside to show all the other Zebra’s.  None of them liked it.  That night Zebra planned to trick all the other Zebra’s.


He invited them to a party.  When everybody came he got the non washable paint and hid in a tree.  When all the zebra’s came over to his house he dumped the non washable on them and some of it came off so they had stripes.  The other zebra’s hated that they had stripes, so they stole the non washable paint from Zebra, and they were going to dump the paint on him the next day.  The next day they knocked on Zebra’s door but nobody was there.  Then they saw something walking into zebra’s house.  It looked like a tiger, but it was actually zebra he wanted to be a tiger.  All the other Zebra’s ran away with stripes on them and Zebra never was a Zebra again.  He was now a tiger.  That is how the other Zebras got their stripes.


How The Cheetah Got To Be So Fast

There once was a cheetah.  He was just like every other Cheetah.  The only thing that was different from him and all the other cheetahs was that he was smarter than all the rest of them.  One day Cheetah was walking in the wild when he saw this mysterious box with a brick thing sticking up on the top of it(somebody’s house)  Then he saw another box but this was smaller, and he saw something weird thing inside(somebody’s garage).  He went to investigate.  When he got inside he found a treadmill.  He started running on it all day and all night.
When cheetah got off he could run really fast.  Just then somebody came into the garage.  He decided to jump into the car.  He didn’t know what to do and accidently started it up.  He put it on full speed and drove back to his house.  Then he challenged the other Cheetahs to a race.  He won by a lot.  He told them to go to the treadmill so they did and and they drove back on somebody’s car.  Then they were all really fast. That is how the cheetah got so fast.

The Adventures In Candy Land Part 2

            Adventure in Candy Land Chapter 2

Candy House Of Clues


If you haven’t read part 1 of the story, please do before you read                             Part 2 you won’t know what’s going on.  We want you to enjoy

The story, so enjoy!


They saw nothing.  “ I swear I heard something,”  said Mammoth.  “Me too,” said Joe.  “Wait, I still have the flashlight,” said Mammoth.  He shined it in the bushes.  “Nothing, he must have gotten away somehow,” said Mammoth.  “But how, there is no way out,” said Joe.  “Let’s go to bed,” said Mammoth.  The next day Joe, and Mammoth woke up, and kept exploring.  They climbed a hill, and Joe saw this weird house.  “Let’s go,” said Joe.  “Yeah,” said Mammoth.


When they got to the house it was locked.  “Wait, it has the same symbol the flashlight does,” Said Joe. They shined the flashlight at the lock, and the door opened.  They went inside, and saw lots of candies.  They looked behind a candy, and they saw a clue.  It was another symbol, different from the one they already found.  “There must be something else to this,”  said Mammoth.  “There could be another flashlight,”  said Joe.


They looked behind another piece of candy, and found the flashlight.  “There it is,”  said Mammoth.  They took it and turned shined it on the symbol.  Then a door opened, and they went down the stairs and heard a creepy sound. When they were going down they both took a flashlight that they had out to help them see.  All around them was just candy and more candy and even more candy. They saw a piece of paper.


            It said, Leo Licorices Will.  They grabbed the will, but then they heard an earthquake.  “Run!” said Mammoth.  They escaped just in time.  “Let’s get out of this place,” fast!”  Said Joe.  “Wait, we found a flashlight, and a symbol, there has to be something else,”said Mammoth.  Just then they heard the sound they heard last night.  It sounded like help.  “Remember last night when we heard someone calling help,”  said Joe.  “Yeah,” said Mammoth.  “When we looked inside we found a doorknob,” said Joe.  “Let’s follow the sound and see if we can find a secret door,” said Mammoth.  

They followed the sound, and it kept getting louder and louder till they were close enough. It seemed like it was right next to them.  Then it suddenly stopped.  “What,” said Joe.  “Look, there’s a doorknob on the wall,”  said Mammoth.  Let’s open it and see what’s inside shall we,” said Joe.  “Yeah,” said Mammoth in a worried way.  The door was locked. “Is there someone in here?,” Asked Joe.  There was no answer.  Just then the door opened by itself, and nobody came out.  They went in as quietly as they could.  They snuck in and hid behind the door.


They saw a sign that said,“ home of Lord Licorice”.  “This must be Lord Licorices kingdom,” said Joe.  They snuck closer to his guards, and saw somebody trapped inside.  “So that was who was calling help,” said Mammoth.  They saw a key right next to Lord Licorices.  “The key!”  said Joe in a loud voice.  They heard feet rushing towards them.

To be continued…

My Family #STUBC17 Week 5 Activity 1

My Family


My Family is Awesome!  Here are some reasons why they are:


The first reason is: My dad goes to work everyday to pay for what we need.  One of the best things about his work is that he works at a food company, so he brings home candies, and soft pretzels that I love!  My Uncle works with like steel, and other stuff too


Another reason is:  My mom always makes the house look so beautiful, and people always like what she does to the house. My Aunt has a really good house too, and she makes it look beautiful too.

The final reason is:  My brothers always seem to agree on what to play,  so like whatever I ask them if they wanna play with me the pretty much always agree.  I always want to play with my cousins, but they always beat me because they are much older.


Everyone in my Family has a place!  Here is all my family members and what they do to make me, and my family happy, and also some facts about them too!


My Grandpa : My Grandpa is 72.  He is a really good grandfather.  Every Time I visit his house, he is really happy to see me.  Once he was walking, and he tripped on ice, and hit his head, and got a concussion.  My Grandpa is very nice.


My Dad:  If it weren’t for my Dad we wouldn’t be alive because he is the reason we get money to pay for stuff we need.  My dad is the tallest person I’ve ever met at 6ft 11in, 1 inch away from 7 feet! He plays with me like everyday, and also he is my baseball coach.  He is a very good worker, he built a bathroom all by himself.  He is very nice, funny, and athletic.


My Uncle:  My Uncle works with metals and steel.  One day he was driving on his motorcycle with my cousin, and he crashed, and cut his body all up and I think he broke like 5 bones.  The next time I came over to his house, he was laying on the couch with a cast all around him.  He is very funny.


My Grandma:  My Grandma is very nice.  She is a very good cook.  Her food that she cooks is amazing.  She is 69.  She always gives us snacks.  She is very nice.  My Grandma, and Grandpa take us out to eat a lot.


My mom:  My mom is very good at cooking.  She blogs about my dad’s work, and she takes pictures of the foods that she makes, and puts it on her posts.  My mom blogs everyday for like an hour.  She makes the best foods.  She is funny, and nice.


My Aunt:  My Aunt is really good at cooking.  She is like my mom.  She is very nice to me.  She makes lots of snacks for us, and she is nice to everyone.  She is very nice.


My Cousin:  My cousin’s name is Kylie.  She is very athletic.  She plays fast pitch softball, and basketball.  She is about 17.  She is very nice to me, and when I ask her to play with me, she does.  She is very nice.


My Other Cousin:  My other cousin’s name is Cole.  He is very athletic too.  He is about 15.  He plays so many sports, that I don’t even know what he plays, but he is very good at all of them.  My cousin is very nice.


My Brother: My brother’s name is Bryce.  He is always talking. He is 7.  He is funny.  He has lots of friends.  He isn’t that athletic, but he likes puzzles, and that kind of stuff.  He is funny, and nice.


My Other Brother:  My other brother’s name is Finn.  He is very athletic.  He is very good at Baseball, and especially Hockey.  He is more athletic than Bryce.  He is very funny.
Me:  My name is Ryder.  I am 9 years old.  I am in 4th grade.  I skipped preschool, and went right to kindergarten, so I am supposed to be in 3rd grade.  I think I am smart, athletic, and good at drawing.  I think I am nice.

The Mystery Of Chocolate Fudge Mountain

            The Mystery of Chocolate Fudge Mountain


Once upon a time there was a poor family, Robert, Brooke, Samantha, and Jeff.  They were a very nice family.  Since they were poor they only had enough money to pay for everything they needed to survive.  Then, one morning the family heard that there is a treasure on a mountain called Mount Everest.  They found out Mount Everest is the biggest mountain on earth.  Lots of people have gone to the mountain searching for the treasure and never returned.  Somebody found the treasure back in 1983 but when they were coming back they dropped the treasure and it fell into the core of the mountain.  After that people were scared to go find the treasure.  The treasure remains in the core of the mountain to this day.  The mountain is 89,623 meters high.


The family decided they would try to find the treasure because they were poor and hungry.  They got as much food as possible for the trip and headed off.  They lived 526 miles from Mount Everest, so they found a stray horse and decided to take it so it would help carry all the materials.  It took them about 1 and a half years to get there, but they did get there.   When they got to the mountain they got off their horse and walked toward the mountain.  They saw a sign that said, “Danger do not enter,” but they entered anyway.  They found a path and decided to follow it, but when Robert stepped on, it felt like it was sticky so he touched it and said, “this is Fudge and Chocolate”. “What no way that’s impossible,” said Samantha. “See for yourself”. Then the whole family touched it and said , “this is fudge I don’t believe it?”  “I told you” said Robert.  “Let’s keep walking and see what we can find”,  said Robert.


As they were walking Jeff said, “this is cool, right Mom” “ Mom?”  “Dad, Mom’s gone.”  Said Jeff.  Then they all started calling, “Mom, where are you?” They went where Mom was then they fell into a deep hole in the mountain.  Jeff said, “this probably leads to the treasure!” “I’m not sure about that Said Robert.  When they stopped falling they saw a big scoop of chocolate ice cream with hot fudge on top.  Then behind the giant scoop of ice cream came a king.  He said “I rule this mountain, and soon the rest of the world, HAHAHA!”  “Now my servants shall take care of you.”  They were all Chocolate Bars, and were 3 times bigger than us! They ran as fast as they could.  “A cherry”, said Jeff.”  He took it and said “See ya” Then he threw it at them.  “Bullseye”  He said, but more chocolate servants were coming and they didn’t find any other Cherries.  The guards were coming from behind the giant scoop of ice cream.  They found a huge sprinkle they all heaved.  They picked it up, and threw it at the giant ice cream cone.  “No”, yelled the king.  That is the only source of living.  All the guards and the king started to shrink and then they all disappeared.


The king turned into a scroll.  They picked it up.  It said:  “1 down 2 to go, to get your treasure, don’t go slow.  Or you will go.  You’ve got a while yet, 2 days to be exact.  If you don’t make it, you can’t take it. You’ll still be poor, or poor no more.”  “What does it mean?” Said Samantha.  “It means we don’t have much time.”  Said Robert.  “Mom”, said Jeff.  “Hi guys”, said, Brooke.  “We defeated a king and his servants, and found this note,”  said Robert.  “We have to keep going,”  said Jeff. They kept going up fudge mountain.  When they got ¼ up the mountain, they stopped for a break.


They took a 20 minute break.  Then they kept going up Fudge mountain. The trip up the mountain was smooth at first, but the higher they went  the more fudge there is.  All of a sudden they heard a big boom.  “Avalanche!!”  Said Jeff.  They all ran as fast as they could, but the avalanche was getting bigger and closer.  Samantha said, “ there’s a cave.”  They all went into the cave.  “That was close.”  Said Samantha.  After the avalanche passed, they kept going up the mountain.  When they got halfway up the mountain they saw a bridge. It was a shortcut up the mountain.  When they were about to get on the bridge.  An evil chocolate angel appeared.  “You have to answer 3 questions correctly.” Said the evil angel. “If you get 1 wrong I will throw all of you into the fudge, chocolate hole, and you will be stuck in the hole forever.  The 1st question he asked them was:  “How big is Chocolate, fudge mountain?  “89,623 meters high” Said Jeff.   “1st question correct”  The evil angel said in an annoyed voice.  “What do people call this mountain even though they don’t know what it’s real name is?”  “Mount Everest.”  Said Brooke.  “Yes”, said the evil angel.  “If you get this question right then I will disappear for a long time”   “This isn’t a question it’s a task, you have to find a scroll that has a poem on it.”  “We have that scroll!”  Said Robert.  He gave the angel the scroll.  “NO!!!”  “You haven’t seen the last of me!”


They took the shortcut that lead them ¾ up the mountain.  “Look”, Said Jeff.  “There’s a trampoline and lots of trampolines following it, we can bounce up the mountain.”  “Wait a minute.” Said Robert.  “This looks like a trap”  “Let’s just walk the rest of the way.”  20 minutes later they found a timer it said how long they had.  They had 5 hours they were so close to the top of the mountain.  They kept walking up the mountain.  Then they finally reached the top of the mountain.  There was this huge hole.  There was a rope on the top of the hole.  They climbed down the rope.  When they reached the bottom they found a huge chocolate bear that was 40 times the size of them.


“Who do we have here.”  Said the bear.  “So you’re after the treasure.” “I devoured that fool in 1983.”  “If you beat me you get the treasure, but you won’t.”  “Rest in peace.”  Then he dropped a bomb.  That was set for a minute.  HAHAHA.  Then he started to climb up the hole.  We need something to handle the bomb.  “Cherry”  Said Jeff.  They got the cherry, and put the bomb inside.  “Cherry bomb”  Said Robert.  They threw it at the monster with 2 seconds left it exploded, and exploded the monster.  The treasure fell in the hole.  They got it and climbed up the rope.  They saw the trampolines that were all over the mountain.  “Oh” said Jeff. “The trampolines weren’t for going up the mountain, they are for going down.”  “That’s why the guy in 1983 got devoured, he didn’t use the trampolines,”  said Jeff.  They bounced down the mountain.  When they got back to their house, their adventure was all over the news.  The news person asked them, “you can name the mountain anything you want.”  “Chocolate, fudge, mountain,” said Jeff.  Why, “Chocolate, fudge, mountain.” “It’s made out of chocolate, and fudge” “See for yourself.”  Said Jeff with a smile on his face.  They were never poor again, and give some of the treasure to other people that are poor.  And they lived happily ever after.


                                                       The End


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