Global Goal #2 No Hunger

Global goals are world wide problems that are to be fixed by 2030. There are 17 global goals and each week my class focuses on a different goal. This week we are focused on two global goals. Global goal #2 No Hunger and global goal #3 Good Health and Well Being. In this post I will be working on goal #2 No Hunger.

Did you know that hunger is the world’s No. 1 leading cause of death and did you also know that 25000 people die from hunger each day!  The Global Goals Website  has eight targets for this goal. One of the most important to me is Universal Access to Safe and Nutritious Food. This is important to me because they could have food but it might not be healthy or safe to eat. Just imagine it’s only monday and you know your not gonna be able to until monday. 8 million people in the world don’t know where their next meal is going to come from. What if you were so poor that you couldn’t even buy your school lunch. In Memphis Tenn., 70% of students in the public school can’t pay for there school meal. The school is eligible for free school meals.

If you think that the global issue hunger is a big problem the Global Goals website has helped me think of ways to help!  First you can donate to a charity. The global goals website says that you can save your food instead of wasting it by freezing it or saving it for leftovers before they go bad. They also say to buy funny fruit. A lot of foods are thrown out because of the way they look. What if they are actually better you will never know unless you try it.

Go to the Global Goals Website and learn about the other global goals. Learn what you can do to help and learn a little bit more about no hunger.FOOD!

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