Disney Vacation 2018!!!


This week I was at DISNEY WORLD! I was there for 6 days and I went to Hollywood Studios, Epcot, Magic Kingdom, and the water park Typhoon Lagoon. I going to tell you about my trip!

Wednesday we got out of school at 2:30 and drove to the baltimore airport. I took two hours to get there. Our flight took off at 6:30 and landed at 8:15. I felt like forever but I got some of my homework done. When we arrived in the orlando airport we slept overnight in there hotel because the next day we were going to Disney!

Thursday we woke up and walked to the Disney express bus to get to our resort. We were staying at the yacht club. It took 45 minutes to get there from the airport. I was facetiming my friends and watching tv. When we arrived we checked in and gave our bags to the bellhop. They were gonna text us when our room is ready. We decided to walk to epcot because it was within walking distance. The first ride we went on was test track we tried getting there first but, we didn’t we waited 45 minutes! We went on soarin’ my favorite at epcot and living with the land. We didn’t understand why we didn’t get a text yet it was almost 2 so, we decided to head back to see. Right when we left the park we got a text. We think that they track where you are by your wristband that lets you have fastpass+, the dining plan, and other things. We got to our room and swam for a bit. The pool was so amazing it had sand in the bottom and had a really cool slide. We went back to epcot so we could ride more rides and see the show! We went on mission space. It was so amazing but Addie didn’t like it. At 8 the show illuminations reflections of Earth was starting. It was amazing and the fireworks were so bright and colorful, I was really thankful to be there.

Friday we got to sleep in because we were going to there water park Typhoon Lagoon! It only opened at 10 but we arrived at 9. For the first time we took the minnie van. It’s a minivan but it looks like minnie mouse and is for disney transportation.  When we first got there we went to the Crushin’ Gusher! It had three slides, me and my brother went down together we had got stuck a couple times because we hardly weighed enough as one person. Finally we were waiting for the last slide. She sent us down it but the water stopped right before we reached the end. Me and my brother got stuck before so we tried scooting but couldn’t get anywhere. The lifeguard had to walk down the slide and push us. Then he told us to get out and walk out an exit while he pushed the tube the rest of the way out. He asked us if we wanted to go again but we headed for a different slide. My siblings favorite slide was the single rider slides with no tubes. They were fun but not my favorite. I REALLY wanted to head to the wave pool so we did. It was amazing!!!!! Some of the waves got up to 12 feet high!!!!! We had a really fun day and I would definitely plan to go there again!

Saturday we went to Hollywood Studios. We actually met up with our friends and went on a ride or two with them. Slinky Dog Dash is there new rollercoaster at there new Toy Story Land. There are HUGE waits for it, even disneys with fastpass+! Me, Landon, Jake, and Ryan ditched the parents and ran to it. We actually ended up waiting like 5 minutes since we kept on cutting!!!! Since there is only 3 rides in Toy Story Land we did them all with no wait since the other one didn’t have a wait and the other we had a fastpass for. We left our friends and went to the star wars ride. I really enjoyed the pre-show because it’s just like your in a airport but, headed to space. Hollywood Studios isn’t a very big park so, it doesn’t have as much rides but it has a lot of shows. We had a fastpass for rockin’ rollercoaster so we headed over to that. The wait for the ride was over an hour so I was happy we had a fastpass! My seven year old sister went on it and loved it!!!!!!!!!! Next was the tower of terror! It was soooo scary and fast and I never wanted it to end. We had some extra time so we decided to watch Beauty and the Beast. It was great and they were so talented! We headed back to our resort to swim. We swam just for a little while then headed back to the park for the show fantasmic and some shopping. We only shopped for a little while since we arrived later than we thought. The show started at eight and it was magical. I’d suggest watching a video of it or actually seeing it in real life! It was so amazing I don’t even have the words to describe it. Then we got really lucky there was a boat with hardly any wait so we didn’t have to walk back.

Sunday was my favorite day by far.  We went magic kingdom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I walked into main street and saw the castle I almost fainted. I was so beautiful and I actually got lost from just staring at it. We went on the jungle cruise first. Well they actually called it the jingle cruise because it’s christmas time! We were the first people on the boat! Then we went to pirates of the caribbean and splash mountain with NO wait!! We got soaked and we stayed that way the whole day! We had a fastpass for Big Thunder Mountain and the wait was already 75 minutes long and the park had just opened. Now that we had just covered Adventureland and Frontierland we needed to head to our next fastpass in Tomorrowland called space mountain. It’s all in the dark and has unexpected drops and turns. We didn’t really wanna do anything else in tomorrowland so off to my favorite land fantasyland! We didn’t do to many rides because the park was unusually full. We had a fastpass for the seven dwarfs mine train. It was my favorite ride there, it was fast and fun!

Monday we went back to Epcot to ride frozen ever after! We had a fastpass for it and the standby line was 70 minutes long!  We went to meet Mickey and Minnie and take pictures with them. They were so nice and Minnie was so cute!After that ended we went to the world showcase. ( The world showcase is a bunch of countries and you can visit them(( We came during the food and wine festival so we got to try there different special food!)) We were in Belgium but me and Addie wanted soft pretzels so we ran the America! There pretzel bar wasn’t open so we got funnel cake. Then in morocco we got coke! We didn’t get to stay in Epcot very long because we paid extra to go to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party! The party was awesome because everywhere we turned they gave us free cookies and they were delicious!! There was hardly any wait for any of the rides. We went on Winnie the Pooh my favorite. We even found the Hidden Mickey inside it. By Far my favorite ride that night was peter pan. I don’t know why it just gave me this magical feeling. ( Also it was the last ride of the night) We watched the fireworks and they were so bright and beautiful! Then for the last thing of the night it was the Christmas party parade! It was magical and some characters there aren’t normally at the parks!

I had the best time at Disney and i’m really excited to go again. Please leave a comment if you have ever been to disney and tell me about your experience!

Cheesy Poems


By: Leila 


Rocks are like scissors, they can hurt you

Rocks are solid

They make you feel weird too

Rocks don’t have feelings

They are very blank

Some are smooth and some are ruf

Rocks can stand anything they are tuf

Rocks make people sad

They also make people mad

So beware

Of the dangers of the




By: Leila 

Petey the pencil pooped the party

Petey the pencil yelled at marty

Petey the pencil knows it all

Petey the pencil tries to love all

Petey the pencil is really mean

Wow petey the pencil Is really mean

When the party is over

Petey the pencil never wants to clean………….

My Family Traditions ( Christmas)

Some of the Christmas traditions that I do with my family are…

Every Christmas Eve we go to my nana’s house and open one gift early. Everyone always picks their biggest but I pick my smallest. Then on Christmas day we open all our gifts and go back to my nana’s to open the gifts from her. This year it is going to be different. The sunday before Christmas we are going to open all the presents at my nana’s. Then on Christmas Eve and Christmas day we will be alone. Two days after Christmas we will go to my Grammy’s house to meet with our cousins from New York and open gifts.On Christmas day my mom likes to make the BIGGEST, YUMMIEST breakfast ever! She always had pancakes or waffles and sausage and bacon and sticky buns. It is a real treat and I am so lucky that she does that!

My Favorite Holiday!

My favorite holiday is Christmas. I love Christmas time because everywhere you go it is cozy and warm. The houses are decorated with lights and Christmas trees! One of my family traditions is that on Christmas eve we sleep down by our Christmas tree then in the morning, we can be near all the presents. After we open all our gifts we have a huge breakfast with all the breakfast foods in the world!!!!! Every year we go back and forth between going to my grammy and pop-pops house for Christmas and my nana and papa’s house. I also love Christmas because it celebrates Jesus’ birthday. We always read the story on Christmas day at my grandparent’s house.

My Thanksgiving

Last week we had off for six days because of Thanksgiving break! On Tuesday after school I went over to babysit my cousin Violet. We played games, ate pizza, and watched a movie. Then in the morning we went outside in there forest. We were walking back and then all of the sudden these scary messed up cows started running towards us! ( There was a fence) We were so scared we dropped the wagon and ran back to the house. After we got enough courage to go back we grabbed the wagon and the cows were still staring at us. One cow was so angry he dug his face in the ground.

The next day was Thanksgiving. We all went over to my Nana and Papa’s house. We had all the basic Thanksgiving food and COOKIE PUDDING! It was very delicious and filling. Then after lunch we made gingerbread houses! They were mini so we could each do our own. It was a really fun time. Landon, Addie, Lydia, and Weston ran off and were doing something upstairs while me and my little baby cousin who I babysit a lot, went to my nana’s bed and watched a show. It was really fun because my nana’s bed moves up and down so we would roll down the higher side and off of the bed.

Friday we went to get our Christmas tree and Elizabeth Farms. It is normally a tradition to go there because you get to cut your own tree. When we arrived we hopped on the wagon that took us to the trees. Finally we found the perfect tree for us! It was really cold outside so my mom took us to get hot chocolate! Then my sister got to see santa. We ran back to the car and the tree was loaded up. As soon as we got home we set up the tree. Sadly we couldn’t decorate it because we were going to the cabin. After driving 3 hours we made it there and spent time with our family.

On Saturday it was raining the whole day so we couldn’t go on our annual walk. We stayed inside playing a ton of games and watched all the Christmas movies in the world. The day went by really quickly. The kids room has a lot of bunk beds and a loft were two people can sleep. There was just enough beds for everyone and we called it the “CAVE”! Sunday was almost the same we played games and watched movies but we walked down to the creek. The roads were so icy that we could slide down the road to get there. My aunt Jen hid treasure for us and had to find it. Then we got to eat the treasure and then as soon as we got back we had to leave. We drove 3 hours back home and had panera bread for dinner.

Monday we decorated our tree! My brother went to skyzone with his friend which was nice. We played Christmas music and decorated. I went down to the basement and decorated! It was so much fun. My cat kept messing with all the decorations though. The we watched the Polar Express together. Leave a comment and tell me what you did this Thanksgiving!

Global Goal #8 Decent Work and Economic Growth!

In my class each week we focus on a different global goal. There are 17 global goals and they are to be accomplished by 2030. This week we could pick which goal to write about. I picked global goal #8 Decent Work and Economic Growth. I chose this goal because I want to know more about what it means. Leave a comment if you have visited the global goals website yet.

On the global goals website there is a cartoon giving information. Here is the link http://cdn.worldslargestlesson.globalgoals.org/2016/06/A-To-Do-List-for-the-Planet_Page_09_Image_0001.jpg! It’s a to-do list for the global goal. It says that decent work means that we can be sure that everyone can freely choose their own safe, fairly paid, fulfilling job. It means that they can be sure that businesses us natural resources properly and that nobody is left out from job opportunities! Those are just a few.

There are eight targets for this global goal. My favorite target is PROMOTE YOUTH EMPLOYMENT, EDUCATION, AND TRAINING. It means they want to reduce the number of youth not in employment, education, and training. I like this target because its the most important out of all the targets.

Go to the global goals website and learn more about how you can help support this global goal and learn about other global goals. Here is the website for the global goals.  Also I get almost all my pictures from pixabay. It is a free easy to use free picture website. 

Global Goal #4 Quality Education!

Every week my class focuses on a different global goal. This week we are aloud to pick a topic we haven’t already discussed. I picked global goal #4 quality education. If you do not know what the global goals are they are issues all around the world that people are trying to fix by 2030.

People all around the world can’t get an education which makes it harder to find jobs to support their family. The global goals website has eight targets for this global goal. One of them is having a free primary and secondary education. I think that this target is important to me because some people might not have the money to pay to go to school or they may not be able to pay for school supplies.

If we achieve this goal I bet that the number of people in poverty will go down. With education they will be able to get jobs and get money to buy this to get back up on their feet. Achieving this goal would help the world a lot!

What you can do to achieve this goal is donate used books and find foundations that support goal #4 and donate to them. You can also teach someone younger than you who needs an education.

I hope that you will help support the global goals. Here is the link to there website where you can learn more about other goals and how you can support this goal. Global goals website