See, Think, Wonder!!

I thought that going into VR was amazing. I was up above one of the Pyramids. All around the pyramids was a giant city and it was circling all around it. I saw many different things there. I am so excited for the next time that I go into VR.

My Code

By Leila


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26


9   1215225   1325   3120


In World War 2 the navajo code talkers used codes in the army. I wrote my own code

Can you guess my code?

Biography About Trevor Eby!!

By Leila

Early life

Trevor Eby was born on February 3rd, 1982, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He has two brothers, Mike (the oldest) and Doug (the middle child). He also had a mother named Jean and a father named Richard. Trevor was the youngest child but the tallest. He was homeschooled for 2 years and went to a private school for the rest of elementary school and high school.


He graduated after 3 ½ years at Houghton College in NY.  When he was in college he played soccer and was an all-american  twice.  He married Jessica Eby and has 3 children (Leila, Landon, Adeline). He started a construction business called Ironstone Homes (Here is the link ) and works for Kingsway Realty (Here is the link ).


He takes care of his wife and kids.  He enjoys spending time with his family and likes teaching them things like skiing and soccer.  He builds homes for people to live in and gives a lot of other people jobs to support their families.  

The Pepper Man Chapter 1

By Leila

Once upon a time there lived a man who lived on a hill and never came outside his home. Nobody knows what the old man has been up to because he never ever came out of his home.


One day two kids thought they could scared the old man out of his house but they thought wrong. When they walked up to the old house and they ran home because the smell of the pepper  was so strong that they thought he was trying to scare them away. But the old man would never do a thing like that.


The old man just wanted a friend to talk to and to sell his pepper. One day the old man put a sign out that said peppers for 2 dollars. Every time when somebody walked up to buy something they ran away because of the smell.


The man felted bad because of the smell. The man said,”I feel so bad nobody wants to buy my peppers, and the smell of my house stinks.”  Then the man saw somebody walking up the hill with their money out ready to buy some of the man’s peppers.


The man started to say welcome would you like some of my peppers? The woman looked at the man in a strange way. She said “what do you mean?” The man said “some of my peppers, are you going to buy them?”


Then the woman said “ no i am not but i am going to the store right behind your house to get something to eat.” then the man felt so sad that he had taken down the sign and sprayed his house with good smell spray and he felt a little better.


Then the lady that had passed him knocked on the door and the man said “ come in.” Then the lady opened the door and said “ I have some soup for you that I bought with my money.” Then the man said “ thank you and you may sit with me if you want and i am sorry about the smell.” So the both of them sat down and ate.


A few weeks past on and the old man started getting people to buy his peppers and the smell of the house was not too bad because the lady that had came gave him some spray to use. So he said to the next person that walk up to him “ what ma’am why are you getting out your money you do not need to pay these peppers are for free.”
That is why he got so many people that wanted to buy the peppers. The next few years past by it started to get colder and colder by the minute. The pepper man did not have much protection. Soon the pepper man became sad because it was getting cold outside and nobody visited him.

See, Think, Wonder

I got to see world war II in VR .It was so much fun. I thought that it was cool to see Pearl Harbor and where they bomb Japan. I am really excited for our next trip in VR. I wonder what amazing things we will be able to see next it is going to be fun. My favorite part was when we saw the planes. I love doing VR.

Animal Knights Chapter 1

Chapter 1

The Old Widow

By:  Leila, and Kate

One day four friends were walking in the woods.  Amanda, Twyla, Caitlin, and Hannah were their names.  They saw a little cottage.  They all wanted to go in, except for Twyla, who thought they may get in trouble.  They all walked into the cottage, only to see an old widow.  The widow said, “I was expecting you.”  The four quivered for a moment, but then they stood still.  “Come closer, Twyla.”  Said the widow in a crackling voice.  Twyla shuttered, ”h-how do you know my name?”  “I know everyone’s name, now com closer!”  Crackled the widow.  “Twyla, you have the power of the owl.”  Then, suddenly, Twyla turned into an owl.  “What the!  How do I turn back?”  She shouted as she fluttered around the room.  “Just imagine yourself as a human again.”  Answered the widow.  Then Twyla turned back into her normal self.

“Next up is Hannah, come closer.”  Hannah came closer without flinching, she loved animals, and she wanted to be one.  “You have the power of the lion.”  Hannah turned into a lion, and roared.  She turned back the same way Twyla did.  “Next up, Caitlin.”  Caitlin stepped forward.  “You have the power of the wolf.”  Caitlin turned into a wolf, and howled.  Then turned back into her normal self.  “And last, but not least, Amanda, you have the power of the panda.”  Amanda turned into a panda, and jumped up, and down, which shook the whole cottage.  She stopped and turned back into herself.

“Now you have to go and save the world from the dark creatures.”  Said the widow.  The four looked questioned.  “Never heard of it, did you?”  Questioned the widow.  All four shook their heads.  “I see,” said the widow, “Long, long ago, in ancient times, there were four friends.  Like you four.  Who had pets.  Wolf, lion, owl, and panda.  They had to fight of the dark creatures, all of the same kind.  And after they defeated them, they started back to their normal life.  But there was a legend that the dark creatures will rise once more, and four new people will be chosen to fight them off.  But since the animals aren’t there anymore, the people will have to turn into them.  But the dark creatures have magic, only elements can fight them off.  You will each have to find your element, so you can fight them off.  The closest one to this old cottage that I actually saw was the dark owl, you can tell him apart from a normal owl because he is a purple, gray, and black.  But I must warn you, the owl can fly as fast as a cheetah, so only greater speed can win, also known as the element of wind.”

“We got it.”  Said Amanda.  “Then go!”  Shouted the widow, and the four set of into the woods, and just in case, turned into the animals.


“Let’s split up, but if you see it, don’t attack.  We will meet at the Great Tree in ten minutes, tell the group if you saw it.”  Said Hannah.  “Ok, ten minutes starting… NOW!”  Shouted Caitlin.
They all went in different directions, Amanda North, Caitlin East, Twyla South, and Hannah West.  All ready for the journey ahead of them.

See, Think, Wonder

I think that VR was so fun because I got to go to the Amazon without even leaving my seat.  I could see snakes right at my feet.  The water color was brown and some was blue.  I could see trees that were tall and close together.  I think that VR is the best!  By Leila

The Big Not So Bad Wolf

By Leila and Ryder

Grandson I am going to tell you about something very important. Never ever ever go to the 3 little pigs house. I will tell you what happened to me.

Once upon a time there lived 3 little pigs. I wanted to eat with them because my mother had made the most delicious soup and I just wanted to share it. So they let me come in.

They sat down to eat and the pigs did something I did not like at all. The scooted chairs to the far end of the table away from me then they ate all the soup. I got so mad that I went outside and huffed and I puffed and I blew the one little pig’s house down.

Then two little pigs survived and ran over to the second little pig’s house, but the one that   couldn’t get out I ate him.  They ran to this stick house but I huffed and puffed and blew the house down. The third little pig ran to his house, but the second little pig got stuck and I ate him. I felt really good after that, but I was still hungry.

He ran to the third little pig’s house I huffed and puffed but this time it didn’t come down I tried again and again but the house was too mighty.  Finally I took my biggest blow I ever took this I blew so hard that 2 little pigs flew out of me. Then the other pig opened the door and they quickly ran into the house and locked the door.

There was only 1 more entrance the chimney I decided to make a disguise I had to get a red suit, and some holiday cheer.  I was going to be Santa.  The little pigs heard Ho ho ho and then they saw Santa.  What said the 2nd pig Christmas is 2 months away. That’s not true it is in the middle of the summer said the 3rd little pig.

Well we are doing an early arrival this year just then his suit fell off it’s not Santa it’s the big bad wolf!!  Then I charged them they moved and I went right into their soup and burned myself and I never came back again and the 3 little pigs lived happily ever after. They got to live happily ever after and I did not. Never go to the three little pig home. The End.