Annie B. Catherian


“ABCD.” My teacher said over and over again so that we would know what letters there are. I mean Kindergarten is so easy and it’s the end of the year. Last week my teacher Miss.Maryland left because she had family in Florida she needed to visit. How rude she left us with this preschool substitute. “ Floriana Floriana  F-L-O-R-I-A-N-A.” I called across the room I was so bored I just needed to talk to someone. “ Miss.B.” Called the Sub “NO taking when the teacher is talking.” I hated having her I mean when miss.Maryland was here she let us leave the room with a buddy if we needed to talk.

“ Uh ma’am.” Said Floriana “ Miss.Maryland-” “ Never mind what miss maryland saids I’m am your teacher til she gets back understood class.” Said mrs oh whatever her name is. “UNDERSTOOD.” yelled the class, Then she turned around with a stern look on her face. “Class can you tell me what the first three letters of the alphabet are.” I raised my hand and so did the whole class Miss.Maryland asked us this same question on the 1st week of school. I knew it all along my initials are A.B.C. “ Miss Annie could you tell us.” She asked “ A B C and also the last three letters are Z Y X.” I said trying to make her understand that we knew the whole alphabet. “ Wow Someones a smarty pants.” She said

All the sudden the bell rang school was over only the next day we would come back to school learning the same thing. “ Welcome home sweetie how was your day?” My mom asked She asked that question everyday “Good.” I replided “ Well I got an email for a teacher named Mrs.Communicator saying you were constintly talking dering class is this true?”  “ I guess she is to easy I mean she taught us the alphebet the thing that we already know!” I said  “ Well she is just trying to do her job.” Mom said  The next day miss Maryland was back and everyone was so happy until she told us somthing very important. “ Class I’m afraid that another school wants me to teach there 2nd grade class and this a very important job especialy because I need money to pay for my house and thing ok.” She said

“ How is going to be our teacher for the rest of the year?” I asked  “ His name is Mr. Marlined almost the same as mine.” What wait is my ears hearing this a boy kindergaren teacher I’m so what. “Miss.MARYLAND we will miss you Goodbye.” Said everyone except for me. A few weeks later Mr. Marlined had gotten comfertable. “ Alright class there is going to be a big big test coming up and it’s going to determain what class you are in next year if you do good I will give you extra recess.” he said  “Un sir we don’t get recess because the teachers think we need to learn more.” I said  “ Well this will be the first.” Said Floriana excitedly  “ Someday you will all thank me.” She said “ For What?” I asked  There was 15 seconds of silence.

“ Class Get on your computers.” He said happily  “ UH sir we don’t have computers either.” I said  “HMMM.” he thought outloud  “ Let me call the the tech department.” he said “ Hello, Ah Hello um the kindergardeners need to take a test on there computers for the end of the year oh okay oh goodbye.” He said “So class you are going to take the test on paper.” He said  “ Well sir when we take the test we go in this room and eat snacks and sit in certain seats were we won’t talk to our friend.” I said I was fun telling this guy what to do and what not to do.

On the last day of school Mr.Marlined gave us gifts and threw a party and Miss.Maryland never did that. 1 minute til school is over and 1st grade would be coming my way but I didn’t want to leave mr.Marelined taught us a lot these past few weeks I didn’t want to leave a really awesome teacher but Ringggggg schools out.

Read the next part of the story when it comes out!!!

By Leila E.

Dude Men and Dude Man First!!!

This is the very first video we ever made it has no editing or credits or anything. We made this video a very long time ago and we are going to be posting way better ones very soon but if you want to watch them now then go to youtube and search Summer and Leila’s Education and you will find our channel but it will soon become Dude men and Dude man!! We hope you like the video.😃

Week 10 #SBC Information



How many post did I write?

I wrote 50 post 19 of them were my own that I just made up or posted for fun and 12 set from the challenge and 28 post that I was supposed to do for my teacher.

How many comments did I get?

I got 17 from My family members and 2 from my teacher and also counting.

The post that got the most comments on my blog was My Family SBC  please go visit the post and leave a comment. I think this post got the comments because a lot of my family members comment on my blog and they were in my post so that’s probably why, also my mentor commented on a lot of my SBC posts.I also get back to anyone who comments. The amount of comment that I got on that post was 12 comments.

The post that I enjoyed writing the most was Dude men and Dude man because Me and my friend Summer have our own Youtube channel and we make videos to post and we write stories about it and we also write some fun questions.Here is the link to the post and to summers blog. Our Youtube Channel is called Summer and Leila’s Education But it will soon be called Dude Men and Dude Man.


I did change Blog themes because When I got my pet named Nelly She would always get cut off. So I changed it to something else.Over the summer I might change it again.

I have 13 wigets and I think it’s enough but I still might add more. I have 2 over sea students on my blogroll because there is one named Ella she is from Austraila and then there is Molly and she is from Austraila too. please go visit the blogs and leave a comment!

I used puzzles and I used Google slides and I used piktochart and I also used a padlet. These things were really fun to make.

I can’t wait til next years student blog challenge it’s going to be super fun. Remember to keep commenting!! By Leila E.    

SoMe ThInGs AbOuT Me !!

By: Leila E.

One thing about me Is that my favorite thing to do write now is to act. Acting has many different things like singing and dancing and moving sets, but it’s still one of my favorite things to do. I have a show coming up soon and this week is tech week. Monday we ran through the whole show with all the props and sets. Tuesday we ran through the show with our costumes on Wednesday we are going to do makeup and Thursday were going to put all the things together. Friday, Saturday And Sunday We have the show. Everyone is very excited. We have been working on this since January.

Another  thing i like to do is play the flute. I just started this year It’s super fun. In May we had a tour and we went to all 3 schools in are district. I got to see some of my friends watching. We played 4 songs Creature Feature, Viking, Union March, Rock your Bones. My favorite was Rock your bones. It was the last song that we played.

Those are some things that I like.

#SBC week 8


First I went to summer’s blog and then from there I went to Sydney’s blog then from there I went to Karah’s blog and left a comment. Here is the link to her blog  The post that I read was How to make warm Honey Lemon. I thought that it added a lot of detail into how to make it.



First I went to Kathryn’s Great Blog and then I went to Oliver’s blog and then I went to Lily’s Fantastic Fun Blog and left a comment. Here is the link to her blog  The post that I read was  A B C  all about me.  I thought that it was a cool idea but i didn’t get much information about her.



First I went to Emilee’s bubble bear blog and then form there I went to Mrs. Wissler’s blog and then I went to Sarah’s dounut Blog. Here is the link  Her story was about unicorns. It was very cool.

Week 7 #SBC Foot prints

By: Leila E.

I liked the first video better because it gave me more details about one thing. I could also understand it better. The first video was also shorter and I could remember it. The second video was taking about something that I did not understand or know and in the second video it just kept going on and on about different things at once. In the first video it was slow so that I could read what it was saying. Foot prints can easily be created and I think that video one helped me understand what that was. 

A Wun

By: Leila E.

This is the wun side of A wogs story. Wun could only run and walk but he mainly walked because he never really went outside. One day he noticed some wog catchers chasing after wog he new that wog was going to run into his house and lock the door tight so wun opened the door and slammed it shut as soon as wog got inside. Wun went over to his kitchen to make supper for himself and wog. When wun was making supper wog was going on about how someday he wants to travel the would and see the Mississippi river. Then wog smashed his face on the window and looked at the wog catchers. They were crying there heads off. Wog started laughing wun couldn’t live with this forever so he gave wog his soup and sent him home. Wun was happy but sad because his brother and him were both alone so he invited wog over and the next night he sent him home. The end.