December 5

My School Community

My School Community



My L.A Class

In L.A or Reading we are doing some pretty cool stuff!!! We are going to get Virtual Reality glasses soon in about a week or two. We also have rotations in our class. The stations are Independent, Collaboration and Direct. During Independent we usually do something like this Read 1) Thursday’s PowerPoint 2) Classwork 3) Watch Links Below 4) Work on Week 8 Blog Challenge 5) Homework. In collaboration we do things like a writing prompt and the blog challenge. In Direct we either read and answer questions about the story or we do the blog challenge.

My Content Class


In Content we learn about Science,Social Studies and Second Step. We learn about showing compassion and empathy at this time because it is related to our Second Step program. In science we are learning about Rocks and Minerals. In Social Studies we are learning about Landforms and Biomes. A Biome is just another name for a habitat. We also have resses straight from Content then from resses we go to lunch. That is a little bit about my content class.


My Math Class

In Math we are learning about fractions. We do centers in Math class. During Collaborative we do something like this 1. Division worksheet (if I have given you one)Click the link below. You and a partner can work through these problems together to help practice step-by-step. Use your notebooks and your McDonalds saying to help you remember each step!! In Direct we do things on our whiteboards a lot or we do a work sheet. Last we have Independent, during Independent we do something like this 1. Finish watching anything on EdPuzzle that you haven’t finished ABOUT DIVISION. The link below is NOT a video. 2. Xtra Math 3. iXL. That is a little about my math class.




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