November 8

Chapter 1: Super Heroes In Training #16STUBC


                                  Week 5 Blog Challenge  #16STUBC

Once there was four Super Heroes and their names were Jackson, Owen, Jake and Tank. They are Rookies for being Super Heroes!!! There Master was Sensei Kevin!!! At `first they didn’t get along because they didn’t know each other very well. But after a few days they were starting to get to know each other and worked as a team. But when their first challenge came they got demolished because they didn’t know each other’s powers yet. So when they got back to their base they told Sensei Kevin what happened in the fight.

And sensei Kevin said “ Ok my warrior’s I will tell you your powers “ Your powers are… “Jackson your power is Teleportation. Owen yours is Super Speed. Jake yours is Invisibility and Tank yours is Super Strength!!!”

“Now get along. There is an emergency in the city!!! Go get them.” On the way there they stopped for hot dogs because they were hungry.(If you are a Superhero never do that.) So then when they got there they didn’t see him at first but then he came in sight and started to attack them.                Will they come out on top?

                     To Be Continued…


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7 thoughts on “Chapter 1: Super Heroes In Training #16STUBC

  1. custer547 (Post author)

    Thanks for the nice comment Aunt Debby!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 What do you mean can’t wait to read if they come out on top? Please read more of my stories!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. custer547 (Post author)

    Sorry I re-read the comment and I know what you mean now!!! I just realized I spelled your name wrong. Sorry!!!

  3. larmie8pb

    Hi Jackson it’s Kohl. I liked The way you said that the Eagles will always beat the Steelers. Go Eagles! Ha Ha Ha.

  4. Miss W.

    Great start to your story Jackson!!!

    One thing though, you seem to like using exclamation marks!!! You have 12 of them in your story so far!!! Might be better to use a fullstop or period instead.


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