Oh No!!!!!! Halloween Edition

One day Jacob went trick or treating on Halloween night when this guy started to follow him. Then Jacob said Who are you and What’s your name. The person underneath the costume kept quiet Jacob said it again he still remained silent. Then Jacob ran as fast as he could still the person under the costume ran after him. Then the person under the cloak said I know who you are but you don’t know who I am. Jacob thought who could it be then he remembered I know who you are your Liam then the person under the costume said no I’m not Liam but I know who Liam is. Jacob gasped your the bully, then the person under the cloak revealed himself it was the bully. Jacob screamed and then ran to his house. Then Jacob heard a knocking on the door he thought it was the bully so he yelled go away from me. But then the door opened it was Liam Jacob said why are you here I thought we weren’t friends anymore there was a long pause then Liam said I need your help come then Liam walked out the door. Jacob was confused but then he followed Liam but when Jacob saw that Liam walked into that creepy house he hesitated but then walked in still following Liam Jacob saw a sword in the stone I already tried you try then Jacob tried and he pulled it out of the stone. And he did he pulled it right out of the stone then Liam said c’mon it’s time to fight the demon. Jacob hesitated but then went to fight the demon when they got to the basement the demon wasn’t their. They didn’t know but the demon was creeping up behind them , then the demon shot out a hand and grabbed Jacob and threw him across the room and the Liam took the sword that Jacob dropped and sliced the demons arm off , the demon screeched and picked up Liam and threw him. But Jacob had the sword again and ran toward the demon and sliced him in half. And then he dropped the sword and ran to Liam to see if he was ok , Liam said he was ok so they ran back to their houses and promised never to go back to that house again.


THE END!!!!!!!

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